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Smart Tool Box v15.5 [Pro]

Smart Tool Box

Overview: Smart Tool Box is a handy tool box app with 40 smart DIY and metering tools like bubble level, ruler, compass, distance meter, unit converter, DB meter, protractor, stopwatch, NFC, bar and QR reader...

Smart Tool Box is a handy tool box app with 40 smart DIY and metering tools like bubble level, ruler, compass, distance meter, unit converter, DB meter, protractor, stopwatch, NFC, bar and QR reader... Use device's in-built sensors in all in one tool box app, handy like a swiss army knife.

DIY tool list:
Ruler: Measure dimensions and angles. Ruler size can be calibrated;
Bubble level: Check horizontal and vertical surface level. Bubble level can be calibrated;
Light: Use it as a manual torch light, strobe light or a sound driven light show;
Protractor: Measure the slope and angle of any object using imaginary weight. Protractor can be calibrated;

Metering tool list:
DB meter: Measure the sound DB level and its spectrum. DB meter can be calibrated;
Location (map): Shows your location on map with GPS coordinates, address and the altitude;
Distance meter: Measure distance and height of different objects using device's sensors and smart algorithm. Distance meter can be calibrated;
Speed gun: Measure speed of moving objects using device's sensors and smart algorithm;
Stopwatch: Switch between regular type stopwatch and countdown type stopwatch;
Thermometer: Measure current temperature, humidity and air pressure. Thermometer sensor is required;
Magnetic field meter: With measuring magnetic field around nearby objects you can also use it as a metal detector;
Vibration meter: Richter scale based seismograph data. The algorithm is auto-calibrating;
Luminosity meter: Works better on device's with Lux sensor, otherwise uses front camera;
Color sensor: Measure the color of any object in RGB format through your camera;
Cardiograph: Measure your hearth rate using device's camera and smart algorithm;
Battery tester;
Drag Racing.

Other handy tool list:
Unit converter: Convert between physical units. Also includes currency converter with world's most used currencies;
Calculator: For doing basic calculations. It is not a scientific calculator;
Code scanner: Scanner is able to scan both QR code and bar code;
NFC scanner: NFC sensor is required in order to scan NFC tags;
Accelerometer: Displays device's accelerometer sensor data in real time on a chart;
Time zones: Displays current time at any location you choose on the map;
Night vision;
Dog whistle;
Pitch tuner;
Random generator;
Body mass index;
Period tracker;

Tools support both unit formats (metric unit/imperial unit) and several languages. The app supports all device brands (Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Toshiba and others). However, not all models have the appropriate sensors to support all the tools. It is tested mostly on Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo and Toshiba. Feel free to email me if you find any bugs or need any help with the tools.

Please note that this is a free app with ads.

What's New:

Some bugs fixed.

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Developer PC Mehanik Last Updated September 24, 2017
Number of Downloads 100,000 - 500,000 Current Version 15.5
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.1
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Russell Findlay

Lots of choices

Fun to play with and has real life applications

Tom Doddins

I really cool toy

This thing is really cool it's a lot of fun is enough on it we keep you busy for hours and the work

Jason Raymond Buckley

The Distance will cause malfunction after it gets reading in Nexus 6.

John Dailey

Good app.

Too many things require to be paid. Like compass, metal detector, and others. Amazon makes more money.

Curt Rexroat


Very cool

Ayomide Abejide

I am confused

How do you work the speed gun on this thing?

Gaming Guy

Good app

I like the app,but could have one thing adding a step counter to count your steps

Joshua Toad

Fun app to have and use.

Doug Coleman


bryan budzenski

d by god cptn


Smart tool box

Amazing App!!! Unbelievable functions. Got to try it out. Wont be disappointed...

William Marshall


Michael Brown


Love this app. Great versatility in selection. Just a little problem with sensors.

Paul Barbeau


This is a great app. I tried to buy the pro version, but it would not let me.

Jeffrey Dixon

Dog whistle still unusable

The dog whistle will not work right.once started you must force close app to make it stop,even muting column does nothing, other tools are sometimes fine but other times malfunction so you can't trust the results.

John Reeves

Flagged as a Trojan variant

ESET flagged this as really risky app. My friends phone flagged it the same too. What's up with that? Trying to steal info!?

Olatunde Baba


A lot of pop ups, too high tech for many devices, otherwise excellent.

Carl Olsen

Novelty junk

I loaded this on my S5 thinking it would be useful but most of it is just novelty junk that has no accuracy or real benefit

Sgh Horlick

Mostly useful

Could use some use documentation within app.

Josh Stacks

Good app.

I use the dog whistle the most.. I don't own a dog but it keeps the kids busy looking for that sound..