Zombie Defense

Zombie Defense v12.0 (Mod Money)

Zombie Defense

Overview: Today, 7 billion humans live on our planet.

Today, 7 billion humans live on our planet.
Over 100 billion lived and died on it in the past.
What if just a tenth of them came back... for us?

A modern hybrid of the classic RTS and modern Tower Defense.
Recruit soldiers, place them on slots and let them shoot incoming waves of zombies by their own.
Manually move soldiers between slots, upgrade slots and soldiers, order supplies,
throw grenades and molotovs, order airstrikes and operate huge bulldozers.
Perfect mix of strategy, tactics and micromanagement.

Earn money on missions and spend them between missions to buy permanent technologies, upgrades, weapons ect.

- 46 missions.
- 4 difficulty modes regular, nightmare, 3 man challenge, TV challenge
- 22 types of recruits.
- 150 permanent upgrades between each mission.
- 8 basic enemy types, from shambling creatures, to crawling horrors, to fast predators.
- 2 types of giant mutant zombie bosses for extra action.
- Zombie birds
- Decoys
- A gun rack of weapons, from trusty .38s, to deadly shotguns, to ultra-accurate sniper rifles.
- High explosives to turn zombies into pink jelly.
- Molotov cocktails to stop zombies with a blazing inferno.
- Heavy vehicles to crush every zombie in their path.
- Laser-activated turrets.
- Devastating airstrikes.
- Tesla towers
- Supply deliveries.
- Real-time soldier upgrades, recruitment and trading.
- Infinite mode for hardcore players who crave endless excitement.
- Special challenge modes.
- High replayability allows you to complete each mission and return to it as you please, to earn more money and rise your score.
- Full 3D environment, highways, towns and deserts.
- leaderboards
- Regular free updates with more missions and upgrades.

What's New:

Version 12.0 changelog:

  • Small bug fixes.
  • Info about other games.
  • Zombie Defense
  • Zombie Defense
  • Zombie Defense
  • Zombie Defense
  • Zombie Defense
  • Zombie Defense
Developer Home Net Games Last Updated October 9, 2017
Number of Downloads 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 Current Version 12.0
Content Rating Teen OS Version 2.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.3
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havent gotone

great take on tower defence

fun game. need to scatter the big zombies through more levels. nice to see a company that isnt straight up asking for $ think these guys have worked out how ftp should be. game doesnt bug you to buy. after 10 levels i threw them a few bucks, hoping they keep it up.

D Bertrand

Good game

People say they are too many ads, they are barley any, the banner is the only constant add, but you can remove it with in game money, however, one glitch keeps getting me killed, the boss can hit the chainsaw guy but the crazy masked man with a chainsaw can't hit the boss back, and I need $20,000 to get 3 meters, and the +1 meter upgrade does not do anything, can you make the boss zombie have to go like 1.5 meters close to hit so that is fixed please. People are always like "fix and I will give 5 stars"

vinod kumar

I like this game

In this I like the way they designed and graphic.. Really awesome but one drawback the rings are fixed. There should be a chance of replacing or new ring can be added.. Every thing is good.


Endless Fun

I have had this game for quite some time now, and I keep still playing this game. I wonder why there is not any other game like this. If you like killing zombies then this is your game

Ryan Plummer

Best defense game I've ever played.

TONS of options for towers to suit your strategic preference. Uses both machines and humans, and the humans can be moved to control the flood of undead. Upgrades cost a lot of money, but money is easy to come by if you upgrade # of troops and # of upgrades early on. I am so hooked, I haven't put it down. No daily.missuons, but my daily mission games have become secondary to this.

KÅ?eník Lukáš


Very good game, bus boss mod...you know, you gain money for every killed zombie, but no eytra money for boss kill...same dogs and bird...no money gain...one or two buck each of them would be great

Matthew Ray

Gotta try it

Ability to buy 'no ads' with pretend money earnt in game is great. The game is fantastic. Played it for about a year and the way it has evolved is great. 6 months later i have 800K gold and nothing to spend it on. Doesn't matter i just do the boss challenges. Don't suppose you could add an 'Orbital Strike' purchase for a million bucks that is controlled by a placed 'Control Unit' in a green circle for 10K? Or something else anyways

Simmy Williams

BEST tower defense game I have EVER played In my life

I swear to the man above this game is the best out of AL of them I mean to buy the no ads with in game money is AWESOME and with all the voices and crap! The only negative to this game is each zombie kill gets u the same amount of money only negative challenge levels r freaking great they literally r challenging and the regular levels r awesome too so either way I see it this game is the BEST OF ALL OF THEM

Scott Wilkins

Best TD

I am SO happy that they brought back access to old Google cloud saves! That was the one thing that kept me from reinstalling the game because I didn't want to start all over. 5 star! My favorite TD game on Android!

David Milton

It's FREE?!!!

Amazing! Can't believe this game is free! Thanks developers! This has to be the greatest free TD game, if not the best free game out there. So many options, detailed upgrades, killer graphics, flawless gameplay, and no annoying ads. The only thing I would change about this game, would be to make it where you could zoom out a little further. And maybe another notch of speed, for when you are just mowing through zombie filth. Thanks again Home Net Games!!!

Andrew Perks

Absolutely love this game.

A great new take on a tired genre which has failed to catch me, but seriously if you wanna laugh and lots of zombie carnage it's for you......have you ever wondered how much fun you can have with a chainsaw,a bulldozer and 3 kickass drones give this game a try you will not be disappointed and a big thanks to the developers for making this much fun FREE.

Loren Van Fleet

Love it... But...

I have played many tower defense games, and this is the best ever. However, I am NOT able to sync the information from my phone to my laptop via the cloud. It will log me in on both devices but I cannot get the cloud data on my laptop.

branton maddox

Need more

I've maxed out game and millions of coins give me something 2 do with them and harder missions bigger maps new characters figure it out please I'm a very loyal player take my advice

Joey RC

Best Zombie defense game evah

The gold for nightmare upgrades are a pain to get though but once you download this its very hard to put your gadget down.

B Dean

Quit bc it got old

Missions too long and boring. Need more zombie variety. Same strategy every mission

Maria Umi


Acctually it looks cool, the grafic and stuff BUT when I try it from the tutorial I think they wony show up..so after I read all the information to win "Wave 1" The game doesn't start or show up..How freakin annoying is that bruh..the one who make this is freakin unbeliveable terrible and suck..if u cant make the game properly then dont waste ure time on makin one ! and stop putting a DUMB COMMERCIAL !

Dont Care


It doesn't let me use my upgrades and really adds u just make us hate this game more and pay to remove adds rippoff

Paul Tubbs


So all you guys know, ads can be removed through in game money, bottom left of regular screen. Fun game, not even pay to win unless you want to. Only a few issues I'm running into. Freezing guy, and police zombies. Idk why they can't be frozen.

Taylor Lemieux

Cloud isn't working

Very fun game. Got a new phone, and I can't log in to cloud. Lost my save. All that playing and my money spent, lost. Instant delete. Fix it or I will not blow any of my hard earned money here agian.

Wesly Thomason

Actually not a bad game.

Here's an issue, it said download a game for 10,000 money and I downloaded it. No cash, I got nothing from the offer and I would like you to fix that. Then I give 5 stars.