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BikeComputer Pro 7.6.2 [Patched]

BikeComputer Pro

Overview: With BikeComputer Pro you can cycle, do jogging or any gps-based movement using an offline or online OpenStreetMap!

BikeComputer Pro is one of the best apps for cycling or other outdoor activities. The Pro version contains all the features you need:

a?? New : Support for Ant+ and Bluetooth power meters

a?? Support for Ant+/Bluetooth 4 (BLE) heart-rate, cadence, speed and temperature(Ant+ only) sensors

a?? Easy route setup : create a route in a few steps

a?? Route recalculation when you leave it (BikeComputer Premium necessary)

a?? You can use multiple offline map files simultaneously

a?? Pause, resume or continue any session, also after a reboot / battery change

a?? Support for Android Wear

a?? No login, no account necessary. All data will remain on the device until you upload it. BikeComputer Pro is of course ad-free

a?? Synchronisation - plan a route on your tablet, synchronise and use it on your mobile

a?? Turn-by-turn instructions : the app indicates you when to make a turn on your route

a?? You can load turn-by-turn instructions also for imported GPX

a?? Rotating map : the map follows your direction to have the upcoming area always on top

a?? Audio Feedback a?? BikeComputer Pro informs you about your average speed, the current elevation, the remaining distance on trail, your climbing speed, your heart rate and training zone, when you have lost the actual trail and other information

a?? Import GPX tracks or POIs and follow the track of a friend on the map

a?? Take photos or set waypoints during your ride

a?? Use the barometric sensor to achieve exact elevation change data (if your devices features it)

a?? Modify the resolution of the offline map and the font size of the driving values

a?? Support for Polar Bluetooth 2.0 heart rate straps

a?? Plan your route! Touch the map where you want to go. BikeComputer Pro will calculate a route with distance, elevation and elevation profile for you and will save the route to follow it while riding

a?? Adjust the GPS sensitivity as you want, which means you can determine in which intervals the GPS values are refreshed

a?? Arrange and setup your session values as you want and the app saves this order

a?? Additional driving values as number of currently used satellites, accuracy of the GPS signal and the direction according to the GPS position

You can import your sessions from the free version as well.

If you change your phone, backup your session to SD card and restore them on the new phone or use the synchronisation!

What's New:

7.6.2 â?? Optimizations and bug fixes

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Developer RoProducts Last Updated October 10, 2017
Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000 Current Version 7.6.2
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0 and up
File Size None Score 4.7
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Mat Tomo

Good App

Works well but not sure about the calorie counter seems to be a bit optimistic.

Rhys Philp

Really good

Ray Miller

Best trip planner and bike computer app ever!

I've only been using this for a couple of weeks, but this app is great for planning routes. It finds the bike routes between the points you select automatically. Adding and moving waypoints is a breeze. You can download state maps from inside the app easily, which reduces your data usage to zero. Shows elevation changes on the routes. You can choose what you want to view, including speed, elevation, direction, battery usage, and lots more. Saves trips so you can view your stats later. Highly recommended!

Steve Hyham

highly recommend

I have been using this app for the last couple of months and have been very happy with it. after trying three or four other apps I have settled on this one as my go forward app. I highly recommend it for any recreational user.

O paulo

This app just keeps getting better

Antony Lipman

Best app and most reasonable I have found!

Excellent app with all the features I want. Great and regular updates to improve functionality even further with things I sometimes didn't realise that I needed. Please keep up the good work...

Robert Mills

Great App

Really good app

Frantisek Pouzar

Best bike computer ever

Great app, frequent updates, long battery life, perfect maps. Can't be more satisfied with it.

Brendan Lilley

Great app. Very accurate. Highly recommend.

Very pleased. Pro version worh a few quid.

liv zav

Foarte buna aplicatie.

Marc Pickersgill

Does it all cycling app

Incredibly comprehensive, the maker seems to have included everything you could wish for in a cycling app including off line mapping (so you don't need a signal, gpx import export, follow route (from gpx etc) & it supports Bluetooth heart rate strap too. Staggeringly in depth app making the price a real bargain. Couple of pop up click boxes in German which is only slight glitch i'v encountered, but nothing important happily.

Mike Rothbauer

Great apo for tracking bike rides

Michael Rosenzweig

This app is fantastic!

This app is fantastic in every way. Amazing map details, easy to setup for offline map use, and very accurate with speed and distance travel. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars on stand alone gps systems, I can use this app.

Alec Muir


Great app, everything works really well with my phone mount on my bike. Only problem is that turn by turn instructions for imported gpx that are saved as routes makes the route trail disappear. Would be great if a fix for this was done

Fergus Wilkie


Worth the money no problems yet i love that you can sync sessions from the free version onto the pro version

mohammadreza alvandnejad


Very good program

MichaÅ? Ulaski

Could you please add the zoom level setting saving?

With the new feature when there is no lockscreen I'm sometimes by mistake returning to homescreen and when I re-enter the app zoom level is set to 50km insted of 100m ;) Beside that grate app getting even better

Antonio Occhipinti

Great. Good job.

Keez vW

Best Bike & user friendly app!

Joe Kirchgassner

I (thought the turn by turn navigation would work), and with this app I can use my android phone instead of a far more expensive GPS unit. However it appears the distance measurement is off, really off. I verified through the gpx data the route I took was 7.85 through MapMyRide, yet BikeComputerPro measured it at 12.35! And when I uploaded the data to VeloHero through this app, which they connect to, that site measured it at an acceptable variance of 7.99. So I know it was 8 miles not 12! Another problem is if you import your gpx route, don't click 'get turn navigation' since that will override your route and change it up a bit! Update: If you want turn by turn navigation, which was the point I purchased this app, 1) the app does not provide it with your own gpx routes, 2) if you 'get turn navigation' it ridiculously changes the route: how about a 13 mile RT route being reduced to a route up and around the block!! This app is useless if you want navigation!