4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.

4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test (OpenSignal) v5.18 build 1505170

4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.

Overview: With OpenSignal you can map cellular coverage, find Wi-Fi hotspots, test and improve your reception & get faster data.

OpenSignal app is a powerful and free network signal & wifi tool.

Run a speed test to check connection quality to your ISP or cell network, monitor data usage, compare coverage, view connection history e.g. how much 4G you get. OpenSignal does it all.

With free wifi maps & cell tower maps, you can see where to go to improve your wireless experience. Use coverage maps to compare networks & data speed in your area.

Download now to find high speed data and strong signal for cell calls.

a?? Cell tower direction - follow our signal compass to stronger signal
a?? Download, upload and latency tests - for 2G, 3G, LTE and wifi
a?? Database of your speed test results so you can view test history - stored in app, so see results offline
a?? Compare coverage and connection quality on a map
a?? History of your mobile connection - see stats on your connection to 4G and 3G and your data usage
a?? Find fast wifi with our interactive wifi map
a?? Free and no ads

Easy, Fast Speed Test
a?¢ Test download speed, upload speed and ping performance on your ISP or mobile network
a?¢ High speed test - runs fast using a network of CDNs to show realistic measurements
a?¢ Units in mbps and ms
a?¢ History of results saved to a database - speed test history on a map
a?¢ Speedometer style interface
a?¢ Save to sd card as a CSV
a?¢ Works for mobile and cable broadband (ADSL)

Signal dashboard
a?¢ Shows direction of your connected cell tower - walking towards it, or out of the way of obstructions, can improve cellular connection
a?¢ Ping test for quick speed check
a?¢ Signal strength in dB
a?¢ Become a network master: get notifications when you have no data or can't make phone calls

Cell and Wifi Maps
a?¢ Where we have data, see the cell towers on your network - including, Verizon wireless, T Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular + more
a?¢ Wifi hotspots map and list - find free wifi nearby
a?¢ Unique network tools: signal compass, signal strength in dBm
a?¢ Uses Google Maps
a?¢ By using the app you help crowdsource data - automatically adding networks and wifis

View history and stats
a?¢ View data usage on wifi and cellular
a?¢ How long have you had access to 4G (LTE), 3G or 2G, or spent in signal notspots? See your stats for network availability
a?¢ Save to SD Card as a CSV - see your history of LTE, 3G measurements and more

Compare networks with our coverage map
a?¢ Interactive maps covering mobile networks worldwide
a?¢ Compare performance on Verizon wireless, T Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular and many more
a?¢ Coverage checker for if you're moving home or going abroad, see if you can make calls or get fast data
a?¢ View average speeds for download, upload and latency and network strength
a?¢ 100% independent, our data is based on real measurements from app users

Since launching in 2010, OpenSignal has built the largest global database on mobile performance.

With hundreds of billions of readings of mobile network signal strength and speed tests, OpenSignal shows the performance where you live. Download the app to automatically contribute data on speed and 2G, 3G and LTE signal, or you can choose to turn off data collection settings.

Want to check app performance - know if you can get fast video on Youtube, or if WhatsApp will send messages - check our sister app Meteor which is powered by OpenSignal technology.

LOCATION so we can show you nearby wifi and antennas
PHONE SETTINGS allows network reset on some Android OSs
SMS required to count the number of SMS sent to track your usage, SMS are never read (use a packet sniffer to check!)

Advanced Notes
On CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint you will see fewer towers than on GSM networks such as T Mobile and AT&T.
Supported languages:
English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal), Indonesian, Thai

Help test and develop features! Join the OpenSignal beta http://opnsg.nl/beta-community to help us improve the app.
We're developing other advanced network tools - we'd love to hear from you

What's New:

  • Missing towers fix part 2
  • Fixed bug where the line to connected tower wasn't visible
  • New navigation icons
  • Quick action shortcuts for Android 7.1+
  • Updated French and Russian translations
  • Background performance improvements
  • Fixed memory leak (towers/speed test history screens should load much smoother now) Thanks! Team OpenSignal
  • 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.
  • 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.
  • 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.
  • 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.
  • 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.
  • 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.
Developer OpenSignal.com Last Updated August 3, 2017
Number of Downloads 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.2
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Richard Cadavas

App adds photo after i have tested my wifi/4g lte speed

Ok no doubt that the app is good but thats gets annoying if every time i test my network that it auto saves a puc of the results and puts it in my gallery fix that or update it so it wont do it all the time then i will 5 star it and reinstall it till then one star has i said b4 i dont like it when apps automatically put a pic in my gallery i would give this app no stats if it was a choice hope you fix this after all you guys are top developers

Renjith Rajan


Thanks.... easy to find what sim we can by for good internet but showing wifi speed wrongly

Fgogl Bs

What gives

I get faster readings when I lock my phone to 3g(ping/dl/ul 67/1946/785) as opposed to lte(37/909/1437), but downloading the same app is much quicker (2sec vs. 15sec) on the "slower" lte. So what gives? (Lg g3 boost mobile/Sprint 1.83mb app)

Vivekanandam S

very good application

I have tested so many applications. Now this application full filled all my expectations. very simple and support lattest android apps in my on5 Samsung phone. thanks for providing.

Andrew Ingraham

Not loading the towers

I've waited at the map screen for several minutes, and no towers are loading. The circle just keeps spinning. Any suggestions? Using LG V10

Si Ed

Great app

So this app is more useful than most. It works well finding wifi and cell info. It's an amazing piece of software and very handy / informative. I'd give it five stars if it had a tutorial to show you how to utilize it to the maximum effectiveness. Love the user friendly look though.

Mehboob Patel

Its a great app heartly thanks to developers and google play store.

Fantastic superb and very nice app Thanks a lot to all team your well wisher Mehboob Patel.

Iv Qaz

Does not show towers on the map for my us cellular note 4. Just says ping, signal and its compassion direction, and other stuff.

Brett Justin

It won't show where the cell towers are on the map... fix this and I will give another star! Otherwise it is great!!

Scott Foster

Great app I get fast download speeds for app's like Netflix, etc

Kelly Clubb

A little disappointed

Using CM 13 and this app cant read my sprint spark tower info. Other apps like this have no issue doing so but less people on the app. Please fix this or add root ability to read my modem correctly.

elang emas

Love it

Sangat membantu ane mencari arah sinyal terkuat. Walau speed yang didapat masih tergantung banyak faktor..

Richard Ball

This app says that I am connected to a tower in Saffron Walden. I am in Luton over 50km away. Other apps show me connected to a local tower - much more likely! The tower id and location on the map are both incorrect in this app.

Dustin Pelc


Love this app! I think it'd be cool if there was a way to see coverage of different radio frequencies for each network (700mhz, 850mhz, 1700mhz, etc.) on 2g, 3g and LTE bands.

pankaj sharma


Currently using LeECO le 1s dual sim. Only showing sim 2 details. When SW off the sim 2 then showing no network. Not supported sim 1. Pls upgrade to support for dual sim and atleast primary sim (sim 1)

Jake Bearden

Not as advertised

I found this app thru youtube they siad it will show u where ur tower is well it doesn't

Sam P

It shows where you are in the map, speedtest and other WiFi hot-spot. Who cares? Where are the 3G/4G towers are located? BS app.

David Rebar


Works great! Has helped me figure out my coverage.

Chip DeVoge


Where are the cell towers? Nothing yet. And shows 1 Wi-Fi - my own

Willard Pearson

Wish I couldn't give any stars this app fails every time I try to use it. Never tells the truth of where an active WI-FI always shows to the south when all the active WI-FIs are on the north side of where I am located. Even my home WI-FI is shown as several KMS away when in fact it is just 17 feet away. And showing the incorrect direction as well. In my eyes your app fails 100% of the time. Uninstalling a unless app.