Flipboard: News For Any Topic

Flipboard: News For Any Topic v4.1.3 b4275

Flipboard: News For Any Topic

Overview: Flipboard brings together world news and social news in a beautiful magazine.

The all-new Flipboard organizes the world's stories, so you can get the best news for all your passions in one place.

Used by millions of people every day, the award-winning Flipboard has been completely redesigned to bring together news, popular stories and conversations around any interest or passion.

Therea??s something for everyonea??from photography to productivity, travel to technology, fashion to food. And with everything in one place, reading, collecting, and sharing stories has never been easiera?¦or more beautiful.

Download the app, pick your passions, and Flipboard creates a Smart Magazine for each. Automatically filled with articles from across Flipboard, Smart Magazines blend expert voices, curated sources, and recommended stories to create a beautiful, easy way to keep up on all the news around your interests and passions.

You can also make Custom Magazines. Create a personal or group magazine where you add all your favorite stories or make a Smart Magazine thata??s customized to include the best content from any source, person, publication, or even hashtag.

As you discover people who share your passions, follow them on Flipboard to see more of what they like or share. All your comments, shares, and likes make Flipboard better for everyone.

Download Flipboard and get started todaya??ita??s free!


  • NEW: Get quick access your top 9 Smart Magazines in the redesigned Home carousel.
  • NEW: Create custom Smart Magazines by bundling together sources, people, and even hashtags.
  • NEW: Read topically related tweets from top Twitter influencers directly from your Smart Magazines.
  • Read, like, and share stories about thousands of topics.
  • Keep up with the news every day with a roundup of important stories hand-picked by our editorial team.
  • Engage with other Flipboard community members that share your passions.
  • Collect stories around specific themes and add them to personal magazines.
  • Read stories from The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Forbes, Wired, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, and many more top publications from around the world.
    *Enjoy Flipboard in 25 local editions, including versions for Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India, and China.

Your favorite publishers are included on Flipboard across a variety of categories like:

News & Politics: The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, POLITICO
Technology & Science: TechCrunch, Wired, Fast Company, Popular Science, National Geographic, ReCode
Business & Entrepreneurship: The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur
Wellness & Lifestyle: Brit + Co., Self, Greatist, Prevention, Women's Health, Men's Health
Entertainment: People, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, PopSugar, Refinery29, Hollywood Reporter, Variety
Food & Cooking: Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Food52, Serious Eats, Eater
Travel: National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, CondÃ(C) Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, Budget Travel
Sports: ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, SB Nation, Bleacher Report
Home & Gardening: ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, Dwell, Remodelista, Gardenista
Style: Vogue, W Magazine, GQ, Elle, Glamour, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar
Outdoor Adventure: Outside, Bicycling Magazine, Runner's World, Snowboarder Magazine, Powder Magazine, Canoe & Kayak

And many, many more...

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What's New:

-Bug fixes and performance improvements. Feedback is always welcome. Please message us inside the app under Settings, Help & Feedback, or email support@flipboard.com with any issues or suggestions. Thank you for using Flipboard.

  • Flipboard: News For Any Topic
  • Flipboard: News For Any Topic
  • Flipboard: News For Any Topic
  • Flipboard: News For Any Topic
  • Flipboard: News For Any Topic
  • Flipboard: News For Any Topic
Developer Flipboard Last Updated October 12, 2017
Number of Downloads 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone 10+ OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.4
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beth corson

What's up with the widget?!

The widget never updates anymore even though I have it set to push hourly. It's a five-star app when the widget works properly.

Diaconescu Tiberiu

No issue

Since last upgrade all is working alright


Not the same

I remember you guys had this feature that you could keep your phone screen on all Night and It would just flip threw all the news that it offered. What hapoen to it ? Do your guys still have that or did you guys take that away.... charging... I had it on my old Samsung s5 sport. I have a s6 edge

Leslie Johnson

Good information

Initially, I didn't use this app. But I went on a trip and had little access to the news. Now, I really enjoy it. I'd have given it 5 stars, except, sometimes some off the news is left up for a long time. I'd rather have a list of links -- no photos or headlines -- with dates of aged stories. If there's not much news, fine. Please don't fill the headlines with old stuff!

Kirby Bruce

Gets stuck "Loading..."

Used to be a great app. For the past few weeks it won't load content. Everything else on my phone is fine, so it's definitely a flipboard issue. Cleared cache and still nothing...

Robbie Murray

Awful now

Used to be the greatest, now it's crazy slow to load (if at all) and your page doesn't get saved if you accidently go to main screen anymore. Disappointed.

Brian Lang

Becoming just a bunch of links...

The app itself works pretty well and I still like it, but I'm noticing more and more that stories within the app are just glorified links to outside websites that load very slowly. I can't flip the websites into my saved stories, so I end up with a bunch of "stories" that are actually just links to sites out of the app. Flipboard is becoming the middleman here, and it's really getting cumbersome. It makes me want to just go out onto the web instead of using the app most times now.

Austin Kramer


My commute would be unlivable without it. The best way to get more needs on interesting and obscure topics.

D. Hicks

Very good app.

This is one of the best media apps out there. You can get your tech news, mobile news or any other type of news information you want to keep track of. Last two updates is causing the app to freeze. I took 2 stars away until it's fixed!

Atif Khan

Amazing app!

I love this app!! It brings amazing information to me in beautiful style!!

Josh Renova

App Won't open

This app is totally unusable and won't even open. Has been this way now for more than a week, which is odd, because I've used Flipboard for years and have never had an issue. Not sure where the app support went?

Kareem Bryant

Update causes freezing and force close

Your update sucks..I can't even open the app w/o it freezing or force closing...please fix

Adil Zia

Beautiful, great experience but a serious data and power sucker.... There might be leakage...

While it has a beautiful and smooth interface which I really love using...but.. There are some serious issues with data usage... I only have 2 hrs worth of time that I actually used it on mobile data and it sucked close to 100MB... Proven by the fact that my monthly usage in Wi-Fi has it in 2 gigs!.... There's also a very heavy power consumption and this somehow overtook percentage wise in app power usage in 20hrs worth of time in using my browser while only 3 hrs have passed using FLIPBOARD....

S Rakius

Update broke flipboard

Since latest update flipboard will show loading then crashes. Tried reinstalling with no luck. There are no further details. The app freezes on startup then crashes! Update.. STILL BROKEN NO FIX FROM DEVS!!!!!

Žilvinas Žievys

Vert good

Only one very important thing, if possible in Facebook section include Interests List, as in Twitter section is Yours List. Will be perfect!

Andrew Rimar

Where to start...

When Flipboard works, it great. But it's not great at the moment. Painfully slow loading for articles? Force stop the app and clear the cache. Hey, it works again! Oops, just backed out of the article by accident. What!? It's loading the article at molasses speed, again. The same article I was just reading!? That and other articles are loading way too slow, again. OK, force stop, clear cache. Hey, it works again! Over and over, the same problem. The random crashes resulting in a closed article also makes the Flipboard experience annoying... and tedious. Please return the 5* experience. Thanks!

Kara L. Whitaker

Could Use More Variety For Offbeat Topics.

Love Flipboard overall but it could use more variety for more offbeat topics for us eccentric people. I also find that the widget lags and does not update properly to the point where I sometimes have to completely remove it from my screen and redo it. Minor things of course, four stars for an overall very informative, easy to navigate, esthetically pleasing app! Keep up the great work devs & I'll keep hoping for more offbeat topics and info!!

Travis Fleming

Used to work great ...

I used to love this app, but I am unable to load anything. It takes forever. I just wait and wait for it to barely work like the app used to. I guess at least now I have time to get the real newspaper. Deleting app probly.

Anna Melling

Unfortunately it came pre-installed. I tried it once, but noticed that as soon as I told it what I was interested in, it would start suggesting stories to me ALL THE TIME. So I rolled it back (can't uninstall without rooting phone, pity). Was fine for ages, and THEN It started saying "You haven't set up your flipboard, you should do that!" So I set up my flipboard again to get it to stop bugging me. Now I'm getting the stories again, but I figure I can find a setting and turn them off. Found the setting that is supposed to turn them off... Nope. Still get bugged by notifications about stories all the time. Why can't this be like all the other pre-installed apps that I never use and never hear from? Edit: Yep, contacted support through the annoying in-app support feature. Apparently it takes up to 48 hours for this app to stop sending notifications. I don't see any reason to change my review score. Needlessly annoying to people who don't want to use it.

Joan Mullen

Interesting and entertaining articles

Mostly informative; some articles are poorly written, though. Overall, decent app with enjoyable topics.