Flowx: long range weather forecast

Flowx v2.108 [Pro]

Flowx: long range weather forecast

Overview: Flowx is a unique weather app designed for easy understanding of weather forecasts.

Flowx is a unique weather app designed for easy understanding of weather forecasts.

Visualize weather with unique smooth swiping, and easy to read graphs for forecast at a glance. With a selection of data choices and customizable widgets, Flowx is perfect for outdoor adventure, pilots, photographers, sailors or just your daily activities.

Understand how weather systems move to plan ahead and use Flowx alongside your current conditions app for your complete weather needs.

Flowx, captivating forecast at your fingertips.

a? Wind Streamlines (beta): animated streamlines indicate wind speed and direction.
a? Unique Swipe Action: you control a smooth animation of the weather forecast.
a? Weather at a Glance: see a weeks' weather on one screen.
a? Data Galore: with 30+ data types from two data sources (NOAAa??s GFS and Canadian GDPS).
a? DeltaTemp graph: compare temperature between days to easily see warm and cold changes.
a? Resizeable Widgets: customize your widget to show multiple graphs.
a? Multiple Layers: view wind on top of rain on top of any other data type.
a? Travel Mode: forecast updates wherever you go in the world.
a? Save Locations: with global weather data you can add any location in the world.
a? Design: native Android with Material Design, plus light and dark themes.
a? Pro Version: up to 10 days forecast, graph editor and more map styles.

Try Flowx Today - The smart way to plan around the weather.

  • Flowx was formerly known as WeatherBomb.

What's New:

24 Sep 2017: Version 2.106

  • Smoother loading of streamlines and other data.
  • Fixed the "crazy streamlines" bug.
  • Smashed many bugs.
  • Flowx: long range weather forecast
  • Flowx: long range weather forecast
  • Flowx: long range weather forecast
  • Flowx: long range weather forecast
  • Flowx: long range weather forecast
  • Flowx: long range weather forecast
Developer Enzure Digital Last Updated September 26, 2017
Number of Downloads 100,000 - 500,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.5
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Brandon Smith

Love It

Has been my go-to WX application, but crashes without hesitation each time I try to open it. I will send another report for assurance. Don't want to lose a great app like this.

Elio Campitelli


One of the better weather apps for weather enthusiasts. A simple interface with easy controls and very useful information. It needs some improvement, though. I would love to have pressure data showed with isobars rather than color scales, and the wind arrows are not very clear. Being able to show multiple variables in the same map (e.g. precipitation in colour, pressure in lines) would also be incredibly useful.

Drasko Divic

Excellent app! After using a lot of weather apps this one is on the first rank! One minor observation: when TOUCHING THE DIAGRAM on the left (Landscape) maybe it will be good that the map on the right also change? But, maybe I will get to use it. THANKS FOR REPLY! YES THE FIRST DIAGRAM IS TRIPLE IN INFO SO IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THE RIGHT PICTURE IN SINGLE VIEW! (PREC. CLOUD AND WIND) IT MUST STAY ON THIS WAY! BEST REGARDS! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ANSWERING!!!

Kevin Facchin

This is the weather app you're probably looking for...

Seriously this app is a gem. There are only a handful of apps that I can easily recommend to everyone and WeatherBomb is one of them... It's the kind of app that sits on your main home screen and that you happily update even on a mobile network. (Pretty stoked with the Christmas update!)

John van Kints


Nice app. Question: what does the purple and reddish tint indicate on the temperature bar in the app?

Peter Thomson

Awesome weather app

Not sure what they sell inside the app but at first glance I love it. I also have the weather time line app which is great too but I find sometimes jot perfectly accurate. This is an impressive app.

Sidd Gould

What a mess

All you want is the weather fast and simple. What's with all these graphs what a mess! And there's no weather warnings what good is weather app without warnings so you can do something about the weather like run.?

George Achkar

Great Map

One of the best weather app

Soo Goh

Innovative data presentation

This app presents weather data in an innovative way. Just wish there's some kind of tutorial at the initial run of the app to teach users how to read the graph.

Ian Sells

Weather Bomb

Been using the app for over a year and for the Subscription price is well worth having over the stock installed app. Fabulous!!!. Well done Devs.

Derek Batterbee

Just what I've been looking for

Fantastic app that does not drain the battery or data. As a wish I would like to zoom in a bit closer on the map and would appreciate a 4 x 2 widget as light rain is not easy to see. Nonetheless I am delighted I have found this! Thanks

Ich Me


I love the idea and the user interface. Perfect usability!! I have one little problem though: as soon as I activate the advanced mode, the temp icon and temp graphics disappear. Is that normal?

jack Saab

Grear app, can't wait for new features

Great and useful application for tracking weather and palnning activities . Can't wait for material design and new graoh features. T-up

Krzysztof Karakin


But color coding is somewhat unnatural, difficult to read

Dan Mullaney

Best app on my phone

Thomas Giehr

Good app but...

Temperature is always wrong.There is a difference of 10c to 12c.

Alexandru Matache

Cheers guys

Great animation!

xav dol

Unique. Edit: Cheers. Your work is amazing.

Bill Myers

Great App!

Zy Yz

Amazing app.