File Explorer

File Explorer v6.1.0.2 [Plus/Root]

File Explorer

Overview: FX: file explorer w/optional root, net (SSH,FTP,SMB,Google Drive) & media tools. FX File Explorer is a file manager / media manager with networking and cloud capabilities. FX is designed to let you quickly and easily manage all content on your phone or tablet.

FX File Explorer features a Material Design UI and new ways to transfer your files between devices and computers:

  • SMBv2 support.
  • New "FX Connect" transfers files from phone-to-phone with Wi-Fi Direct. Supports NFC to connect two phones by physically touching their backs together. (requires FX+)
  • New "Web Access" enables transfer and management of files and media from your computer's web browser. You can drag-and-drop entire folders to your phone from your computer, or stream your phone's music playlists to your computer over Wi-Fi. (requires FX+)

FX is a file explorer built to make working with files and media on your phone or tablet as easy as it is on your computer:

  • Productivity-oriented "Home Screen": Directly access your important folders, media, and cloud storage
  • Multiple window support, with dual-view mode to see two windows at once
  • "Usage View" mode shows the total size and content makeup of every folder, as you browse and manage files
  • Support for most file archive formats

FX protects your privacy:

  • No advertisements
  • No tracking of user activity: FX does not ever "phone home"
  • Built by NextApp, Inc., a US corporation founded in 2002; all proprietary code was developed in-house

The optional FX+ Add-On module enables more functionality:

  • Access networked computers, including FTP, SSH FTP, WebDAV, and Windows Networking (SMB1 and SMB2)
  • Connect to cloud storage including Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Box, SkyDrive, and OwnCloud
  • Manage installed applications, with support for browsing applications based on their required permissions
  • Create and explore inside AES-256/AES-128 encrypted zip files
  • Browse audio content by artist/album/playlist; manage and organize playlists
  • Directly browse photo and video folders
  • Encrypted password keyring (use one password to access network and cloud locations)

FX includes a number of built-in editing/viewing applets:

  • Text Editor (with undo/redo history, cut/paste, search, and pinch-to-zoom)
  • Binary (Hex) Viewer
  • Image Viewer
  • Media Player and pop-up Audio Player
  • Zip, Tar, GZip, Bzip2, 7zip archive creators and extractors
  • RAR file extractor
  • Shell Script Executor

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This permission is used only to lock the device's screen automatically when you press the "lock" button in the image viewer (to allow you to show a single picture on your device to another person without them swiping through your images).

What's New:

New Midnight Dark theme, Busybox/root access fixes, Bugfixes.

  • File Explorer
  • File Explorer
  • File Explorer
  • File Explorer
  • File Explorer
  • File Explorer
Developer NextApp, Inc. Last Updated September 1, 2017
Number of Downloads 5,000,000 - 10,000,000 Current Version
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 2.3.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.4
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Aren Anderton

Be careful out there

Was using this app to make a simple build.prop tweak. On attempting to save the change it gave me an error message. I figured I'd try again. Well, upon trying to reopen the file, I discovered that it didn't hesitate to delete the contents of build.prop, but failed to re save it. So now I have to reflash the ROM. And if my phone crashes before I get home, I'll be without a phone. To FX's credit, no other file utilities were able to paste a backup I found online, so it's likely a bug with systemless root.

Mad Ijet

The Best File Manager App

No ads and no limitation for free version. That's a reason I give 5 stars. For me this free version is already more than enough to manage file off the cloud. Since the vanilla Android don't have it's own file manager like Moto X for example (and I don't understand why Google or AOSP not include it at the first place). I definitely use it as tool to troubleshoot other people smartphone and recommend other people use it. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Edward Wang

A Must Have App!!! FX File Manager is by far the best file manager I have ever found on the Play Store. It is fast, easy, and simple. Unlike most free file managers, FX is AD-FREE! I would definitely recommend this app, along with FX+!

Brian Tran

Fully Connected

What I liked most about the free version was moving files around easy, andExplore (free version) wouldn't let me. I end up buying the Plus Add-On; so I can connect with my DropBox, though it keeps timing out. I was completely surprised by Window Host (SMB) I can connect to my laptop within my home network, no need to use a cord to transfer files back and forth. I like the image preview, text editor (dev style), view hidden files, and beautiful interface and customize the look (Dark Translucent is my fav).

Christin Abraham Alex


After my phone could use es file xplorer i tried this this is 10 times better

Frank Gualtier

It WAS awesome

This was one of my favorite apps til this latest update. Now it's glitchy in a way I can only describe as "temperamental". I'd write and give details but I am so tired of spending all my time under the hood with computer code. I want to use IT, not the other way around.

Sam NS'el

Android 5.1 Problem

Great app and sleek UI, but can't find Enable Write Access option in Lolipop 5.1, please fix it asap.

tigerstown Sky Dragon 4 life

Best hands down

Any other file explorers might as well shut down shop. This does all for root and regular users. Hands down blows out any other on Android

Tung Nan Kwong


You killed the best design you had out there! What happened to the good old design where icons were more than text? Bad bad bad. :3

mark thom

Great app

Very useful and easy to use, love it

Ishan Campbell


With just this update after so long, I think I've fallen for fx all over again! Love it!

Ben Jordan

Best in its class

Paid for plus on my phone and my wife's.

barry hannigan

doesnt work with nvidia shield tv

Kyle Lobberman


I have been looking for a good file explorer app, and I have tried many of them. But when I found this one,...well let me just say FX is now by far my favorite file browser. It would be my only file browser if had SMB discovery, but it looks like the devs are quite active, so they may be implementing this feature soon. Thx alot! Edit: Love the new Material UI makeover... you guys make it better every time! Also the File Sharing feature is superb! Well done!

Cenon Del Rosario

No reply from support email at all. But finally updated for Portable Storage in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

Léon Klaczynski

Gorgeous functionality

Good looking, functions well. Definitely worth the expansion upgrade if you ask me (and I did). However, the latest update(18-1) wasn't a necessity; I don't see big changes and it wasn't broke, so no need to fix it.

Mohammed Elnady


Just great and very useful explorer for files.. for me I consider it from the "must have" list.. I barely use the stock file explorer now on my Galaxy.. Love the theme and icons.. more work on speed stability of copy and past would be fantastic .. Thank u ð???


Still using it

2011 comment:The first 5 minutes playing with the app was very good. More feedback when I get more time. 2016 comment: Still using it!

Costin Bad

Perfect explorer

But lost root access after last update, even before it had, even I allowed it in SuperUser, even I reinstalled fx root add-on, even other apps (SDMaid and other) say root available. What's the problem?

Tom Devonport

Incredibly useful, always works for me - but the redesign is in no way material.