Threema v3.3 build 8000394 [Patched]


Overview: Threema is a mobile messaging app that puts security and privacy first. With true end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that only you and the intended recipient can read your messages. You can use Threema completely anonymously, without giving away personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses. Your messages will be deleted from our servers immediately after being delivered. Therefore, you're perfectly protected against data abuse.

Threema is the worlda??s favorite secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations and governments. Threema can be used completely anonymously, allows to make end-to-end encrypted voice calls, and offers every feature one would expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger. With Threema Web, you can also use Threema from your Desktop.

Threema is designed to generate as little data on servers as possible a?? this is a core part of our concept. Group memberships and contact lists are managed on your device only, and never stored on our servers. Messages are immediately deleted after they have been delivered. Local files are stored encrypted on your mobile phone or tablet. All this effectively prevents the collection and misuse of your personal information, including meta data.

Threema end-to-end encrypts all your communication, including messages, voice calls, group chats, files and even status messages. Only the intended recipient, and nobody else, can read your messages. Threema uses the trusted open source NaCl cryptography library for encryption. The encryption keys are generated and safely stored on usera??sa?? devices to prevent backdoor access or copies.

Threema is not only an encrypted and private messenger but also versatile and feature-rich.

a?¢ write text and send voice messages
a?¢ make voice calls
a?¢ share videos, pictures and locations
a?¢ send any type of file (pdf, animated gif, mp3, doc, zip, etc.)
a?¢ use Threema Web to chat from your Desktop
a?¢ create groups
a?¢ conduct polls with the unique poll feature
a?¢ choose between a dark and a light theme
a?¢ quickly and silently reply with the unique agree/disagree feature
a?¢ verify the identity of a contact by scanning their personal QR code
a?¢ use Threema as anonymous instant messaging tool
a?¢ synchronize your contacts (optional)

Each Threema user receives a random Threema ID for identification. A phone number or email address is not required to use Threema. This unique feature allows you to use Threema completely anonymously a?? no need to give up private information or to open an account.

We let users confirm trusted contacts with a QR code or a key fingerprint to prevent man in the middle attacks.

We are a 100% independent and self-financed company in the heart of Switzerland with its own servers and in-house software development. Switzerland is a country with some of the most user friendly privacy laws in the world.

Threema is a private messenger, but it still requires the following permissions (only used if the corresponding functionality is requested).

a?¢ Read your contacts / modify your contacts: used for address book synchronization. When the synchronization is turned off, your contact data is not read or modified.
a?¢ Microphone: required for Threema calls and voice messages
a?¢ Precise location (GPS and network based): used for "send location" feature.
a?¢ Add or remove accounts, find accounts, create accounts: required for contact synchronization and integration in Android's account management.
a?¢ Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: required for reading and storing media files (images, videos, documents).
a?¢ Make and manage phone calls: required to reject incoming phone calls while a Threema call is ongoing

For questions or problems please consult our FAQs:

What's New:

More than 800 new emojis. Now supporting Unicode 10. Improved emoji picker: Remove items from recent emojis list with a long tap Setting to enable/disable auto download of pictures and voice messages depending on network type Various improvements and bug fixes

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Developer Threema GmbH Last Updated December 16, 2017
Number of Downloads 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.5
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A Google User

Messages are not being received or sent instantly. Turned from an awesome app to crap

Emil Doll


Only Problem, nobody has it. :( do some markrting!!

Daniel BP

Nice security messaging implementation, beautiful software. Wish the users could start up with a free light version to increase the adoption rate.

Johannes Meister

would be 5 stars if it were open source. great messenger!

Monika Semencova

Stable and secure, exactly as promised by the authors. Good work!


I like it

I think this app works well. The User interface isn't ugly either. I wish it had more customization. As well as more settings under notifications. I use it a lot. I recommend.

Greg Reznik

Recommend by Steve Gibson @SGGRC

Secure chat for people concerned with conversation privacy on the internet...

Billy Jones

Best App

I use this application more than any other. It is simple to use yet still secure. Great combo!!

Alex Patrenko

Notifications Delayed

After following all the steps in the FAQ, it has not resolved the issue. I am not getting notified of messages. It used to be fantastic. Now, I must manually check for messages. This can easily be overlooked thru the day.

Simon Cedergren


Awesome messaging app! Would love to see support for Direct Share (introduced in Marshmallow) though.

Walter S.

Location picker no longer broken

At last after months the location picker works again as expected.

Raphael Pohl

Stellt auch bei schlechter Verbindung wesentlich zuverlässiger zu als manch andere App. Am Design kann man sicherlich noch ein bisschen feilen, aber wenigstens kann ich die Apple-Fratzen ausschalten!

American Swan

Google stinks.

Threema is NOT in the best apps of 2015 in South Korea's Google play store.

Anja Evelyn

SGS4 - Privacy, Anonymity and Encryption, Great App!!

It has efficient Features, and Registration is simple, very user-friendly, I love this App, and the whole Concept, Recommended!! Thanks to the Developer(s) from the Land of the Milka � Cow! Well Done..

George Pagonis


I use Threema daily to communicate for business. Encryption is a human right. Support this company and protect yourself from those who wish to eliminate all semblance of privacy.

Günter RÅ?

Sehr schick im neuen Design

Das iPhone-like Icon ist nach wie vor hässlich... wenn schon material design, dann bitte ganz (oder wieder die alte bubble, ohne Rahmen)

Steve Berube

This used to be an outstanding replacement for WhatsApp, however in the last month or so messages are stuck in the sending state and takes days to reach the recipient. This is unfortunately as if it isn't reliable, its not useful. I'm not sure what happened as I can't see any message relating to this issue.

Ken McKee

Does not work on Android!

There's nowhere in the literature that says it won't work on Android and it doesn't detect that you have an Android phone. I tried to get a refund and they refused.

Tristan Hauser

A Swiss product with Swiss customer service. I am very happy with Threema and I already have a few friends who use it. It also looks like they are "secure" (I am no Pro, but what I've read and a few secure-sophisticated friends tell me). Not only their app is great, but also their customer support. I recently had to solve an issue with my ID and they answered pretty quick.

Steve Foster

Simply the Best

It's extremely fast, have to say stable too, never had a problem right from the beginning. It even works in China (on WiFi), my brother uses Threema to keep in touch with me when he is away working. Recommend this app ð?? Love the voice plug-in too.