Easy Voice Recorder Pro

Easy Voice Recorder Pro v2.4.5 build 11059 [Patched]

Easy Voice Recorder Pro

Overview: Easy Voice Recorder Pro is a simple, fun, and easy to use voice recorder.

Easy Voice Recorder Pro is your everyday companion to record important moments. Capture meetings, personal notes, classes, songs, and much more, without time limits or ads!

For students

Record your classes and lectures with clear quality, even when the teacher is not right in front of you. Listen to these notes as many times as you want to help you study for that next exam.

With no time limits and the option to choose a compressed format, it's easy to record even the longest classes and lectures.

For business

Capture interviews and meetings from your phone, tablet, or smart watch, then share them with your colleagues through email or your favourite messaging app. Take advantage of powerful widgets and shortcuts to start a new recording right from the home screen.

You can even enable cloud upload to record voice notes while commuting and have them automatically uploaded to your laptop.

For musicians and for everyone

With many options to fine-tune the recording, the app is great for rehearsals and for capturing melodies that pop in your head. Quickly try new ideas, hear the results and make adjustments on a new take.

You can quickly switch between voice notes, meetings & lectures, and music & raw sound with easy to use settings and presets.

Exclusive Pro features (available on supported devices):

a? Upload new recordings automatically to your Google Drive or Dropbox.
a? Manage and organize your recordings with folders, and save recordings to your SD card.
a? Record using a Bluetooth microphone.
a? Control the recorder from anywhere using the notifications bar, or through our Tasker and Locale plugins.
a? Many more options, including stereo, skip silence, volume boost, custom bitrates, and more.

Plus all the great features you find in the free version:

- Record to high-quality PCM and MP4, or use AMR to save space.
- Quick start a new recording with widgets and shortcuts, and record in the background.
- Share recordings easily through email or your favourite app, or set them as a ringtone.
- Android Wear support - record from your smartwatch.
- Light and dark themes, and many other cool features.

Easy Voice Recorder is exactly what the name says: an easy to use audio recorder and sound recorder. Reliable, fast and flexible, it adapts to your needs.

Need help?

Please note that Easy Voice Recorder Pro is not a call recorder and cana??t record phone calls on most phones. If there are any problems, please contact us at support@digipom.com. We are always happy to assist you.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use: http://www.digipom.com/end-user-license-agreement-for-applications/
Privacy Policy: http://www.digipom.com/privacy-policy-for-applications/

Permission details

Photos/Media/Files - Save recordings to your external storage.
Microphone - Record audio from your microphone.

What's New:

  • (pro) Trim files! WAV (PCM), MP4/M4A and AAC files can now be trimmed at the beginning or at the end.
  • (pro) Can now change playback speed on Android Marshmallow+.
  • On Android Marshmallow+, the app can now save to internal storage if the external storage permission is refused.
  • More flexible file name templates. Thank you for your continued support! If you like Easy Voice Recorder, please take the time to leave us a nice review; this really helps us out!
  • Easy Voice Recorder Pro
  • Easy Voice Recorder Pro
  • Easy Voice Recorder Pro
  • Easy Voice Recorder Pro
  • Easy Voice Recorder Pro
  • Easy Voice Recorder Pro
Developer Digipom Last Updated November 29, 2017
Number of Downloads 100,000 - 500,000 Current Version 2.4.3
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.1 and up
File Size None Score 4.7
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Prem Lee Barbosa

I like this program much, have used it for a few years, but as many I don't review until there's an issue. Most of my audio files do not show in the file explorer when I plug my phone to my PC. I have over a dozen files which i can see from my phone application, but not from my computer file browser. Very ODD.

Alan Sutherland


I cannot think of a way to improve this app

Annelise Ocanto

I have worked with this app for a couple of years and the sound quality is great. It's also easy to use. The only thing I wish it did was convert the files to mp3. If it does that, it will be the only app I use for recordings.

angela yun

Love it! + Recommendation

The sound quality is pretty nice and you can hear some small stuff that you didn't catch before. The interface is even more aesthetically pleasing now with the update. You can name recordings and export them. Best feature is the on the home screen that is not too eye-catching so you can discreetly record and stop. It's very simple and perfect. Honestly worth supporting this app. Only recommendation is to add a speed control for faster hearing or slower hearing:) similar to youtube's please

Mounir Dalati

Great app

Easy to use, simple interface but definitely not lacking style. Good work!

Badz Fontillas

Can record high-quality audio but...

when out of wifi/mobile data, can't save any recordings and it sucks. Keeps on prompting to purchase the PRO version which I already did. Regrets on purchasing the app. Recordr is better and it's FREE.

Kevin Francis

This is awesome!

I have loved this. I am easily recording a bunch. I record my 6 year olds playing games and being goofy and then email the recording to their gmail account (they don't know it exists) and save in Dropbox and Evernote. Note: Use only for good.

Joe Sanchez

Excellent app

Developer updates frequently. A very stable app. Records in several formats in high quality. Update: refreshed look is great. Thanks to the dev for keeping it fresh.

John B

Great app, well worth the upgrade to Pro. I recommend this to anyone looking for a voice/sound recorder app for their Android phone. One minor gripe since the update: using a Galaxy Note5, I could record in stereo before the update, but now, despite tinkering with the settings, the recordings are mono, but it seems, using both microphones. Fix this (if it isn't just user error!) and I'll up it to 5 in a flash!

J.R. Pagan

Better than stand-alone voice recorder

I have a high end dictation voice recorder from Olympus and this app beats it by miles. Easy to use, more features and you always have it handy.

Rick Thompson

My go to voice recorder

Terrific app. Works well, never had any issues.

Simon Boer

I love you guys

The user interface has just been improved tremendously. This app allows you to control a lot of things, while staying visually elegant and intuitive to use. Great work on this update!

Josh Robles

Just bought pro and a couple notes.

Anyway to get rid of the "backup before uninstall" icon? I set by storage to sd card and it is constantly there above the recordings list. Annoying. Also when I moved my recordings to the sd card all my dates changed! Now I have to go back and try and remember when they were recorded. This is on LG g4.

Mohammad S. Jalali

Only upgraded to manage file names... disappointed with the options. I need auto naming based on dates. Five star if that's added.

Becky Owens


The new update has made this app even better!

John Wilson

Had the free one

Well worth the upgrade to the pro version

Paul Hawkins

Great App

Works flawlessly, only thing I would like is an option to skip forward or backwards in 1 minute segments. Developer?

Michael Krebill


Efficient Customer Service? Check. Great UI? Check. Clean, material design? Check. I've been using the free version as a novice podcaster. Now, I connect my Blue Condenser USB Mic to my phone via a USB OTG cable and use the pro version. Thank you everyone! This is an awesome app!

Woobin Lee

The pro version is great

Stable and booster is great

Bill Kindle

Great recordings, still the best.

Best app on the market currently for recording audio notes.