Texpand Plus - Abbreviation expansion typing aid

Texpand Plus - Abbreviation expansion typing aid v1.8.6

Texpand Plus - Abbreviation expansion typing aid

Overview: Texpand is a text expansion app that helps you save a lot of time by assigning shortcuts to your frequently used texts. Features include:

Texpand is an abbreviation expansion typing aid that assists you to quickly enter frequently used phrases simply by typing short abbreviations. By systematically specifying abbreviations to frequently used phrases Texpand can help you save thousands of keystrokes and several hours per week.

This app uses Accessibility services.


a­i¸ Works with any text input method whether it's a software keyboard, voice input, physical keyboards or alternative accessibility text input device
a­i¸ Works on most apps (for apps that doesn't work use Text Input Assistant. Watch how to user it here https://youtu.be/fNk_jDlwhlk)
a­i¸ Define any number abbreviations to your most used phrases with no limitation on the character count of phrases
a­i¸ Simple overlay UI that assist you with text insertion, choosing from multiple phrases, and undo expansion
a­i¸ Highly customizable abbreviation expansion options, you can also change expansion options on per-abbreviation basis
a­i¸ Suggestion window let's you choose between phrases that have similar abbreviations while helping your learn your abbreviations
a­i¸ Phrase lists allow you to choose from a range of phrases just by typing a few characters. Useful for quickly responding to texts
a­i¸ Variables make entering complex date formats or using clipboard content as simple as typing an abbreviation of few characters
a­i¸ Exclude apps from abbreviation expansion
a­i¸ Tasker integration allows you to create phrases than contain Tasker built-in variables

Introducing Text Input assistant (requires Nougat or later)

Text Input Assistant lets you drag and drop your Texpand phrases on apps that were previously incompatible with Texpand such as Google Docs, G-mail, Evernote and Google chrome. Simply long press a phrase or clipboard item to start dragging and drop it to a text field in the app beneath. Watch how it works here herehttps://youtu.be/fNk_jDlwhlk

Text Input Assistant Features

a­i¸ Can be easily launched through quick settings tile (need to be added manually) or through accessibility button (requires Oreo or later)
a­i¸ Includes clipboard manager that stores the last 15 copied items a?°
a­i¸ You can drag and drop phrases or clipboard history items to any app that supports drag and drop
a­i¸ Easily search your phrases or clipboard history
a­i¸ By swiping to left on a phrase or clipboard item you have options to share, launch (requires Oreo or later) or copy to clipboard

Permission Details

Our privacy policy covers our usage of the Accessibility API in detail. Read our privacy policy herehttp://texpandapp.com/privacy_policy.html or in Texpand's about section in settings

Darren Gabbert (a single switch user) fromAdaptive Computing Technology Center at University of Missouri demonstrates how Texpand helps users with limited mobility with text entry. Watch here https://youtu.be/9lLJiIGXr44

What's New:

v 1.8.6: ð?? Fixed issue where overlay UI remains on screen awkwardly for indefinite time, now it's removed after 5 seconds ⭐️ Smart case can now be applied to phrases that has "expand within words" option enabled but only if they are added at the start of a word

  • Texpand Plus - Abbreviation expansion typing aid
  • Texpand Plus - Abbreviation expansion typing aid
  • Texpand Plus - Abbreviation expansion typing aid
  • Texpand Plus - Abbreviation expansion typing aid
  • Texpand Plus - Abbreviation expansion typing aid
  • Texpand Plus - Abbreviation expansion typing aid
Developer Isaias Matewos Last Updated January 13, 2018
Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000 Current Version 1.8.6
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 5.0 and up
File Size None Score 4.5
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Darryl Gillespie

So handy!

I've looked for this app since I moved to Android from my BlackBerry Tour back in 2008. Really. This app is prefect and saves me so much time. Thank you very much for this app. Short cuts for common phrases. Also ability to incorporate current time and/or current date into these phrases. Such a time saver and productively amplifier. SO HANDY!

Gerry Hill


A1....apart from having to allow permissions every time I reboot my Huawei MediaPad X2, which is quiet often....please fix then I'll go back to 5 stars

alessandro gaboardi


Your app is very cool but you need a way to hide some entries from the suggestion bubble, like sensitive data

Martin Bengt Lee

Very helpful!

It's everything I've been needing!


closing the app results in retraction of accessibility permission

Grant Gardner

Practically perfect

Christian Simpson

Crashes constantly since update. Refund please.

Unfortunately it only works 10% of the time in Inbox by Gmail now, used to work all the time * dev not responding to emails, review our tweets * Inserting text in Inbox removes inline images

Augustine Williams Bruce

Needs automatic data backup, them it'll be a great app.

saud Alguwaie

Almost perfect

Very handy app.. I was able to copy some emoji that aren't on SwiftKey and use it through this app. Suggestions box, however, needs to include more than 3 shortcuts. Sometimes I use phrases that start with the same key phrase and the suggestion box shows only last 3 shortcut I've used. I'll give it 5 stars once this problem is solved.

Paul Thomas


Great app but be careful when upgrading from Free version. Pro app installs but text added in Free version doesn't auto import. I uninstalled Free version and lost them all. My fault, I know. Be careful!

Sheila J

I used to love it ð???

EDIT: Since 12.31.15 update, only works sporadically. ORIG REVIEW: After Google's 6.15 update of their keyboard removed shortcuts and dictionary editing, I tried no less than a dozen other keyboards. This app replaces the need. Wish I could import all shortcuts. Need to make the app easier to find in Play store (took me 3 days to stumble upon it).

Adam Law

So Good I Paid

Awesome! EDIT is anyone having a problem where exporting your expansions to the Google keyboard dictionary isn't working?

Dexter Groenink

This app is amazing. I only wish that I had found it sooner!

Pratik Thapekar

Type fast fast fast ð??

Makes typing super easy & time saving.

Amir All


I just adopted it in 3 minutes!

Patrick stokes

New favourite app

I gave this a try for a week and now I love it I've created tons of short cuts for all sorts of things. I wouldn't be without it now

George Beasley

Fantastic Time Saver

Just paid for the Pro version after using the free version for a couple of weeks. Totally worth it. Once you get it set up, it waits in the background for you to type an available sequence. Completely unobtrusive.

Carlo De la Rama

Please allow 1 letter shortcut. I usually type R on Google keyboard and it auto completes it to ARE. Unfortunately Textpand doesnt let you do that which sucks as I want to use it on swiftkey

S.K James

Bought it!

Never thought this would've been that useful! Just can't live without this, now.

Mohsin Ali Vakil


Very good but every time I reboot, I have to go to accessibility settings again and give permission. Please fix it and I will give 5 Stars.