Day Night Live Wallpaper (All)

Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) v1.7.0 [Paid]

Day Night Live Wallpaper (All)

Overview: This is the Ultimate version that contains all the Pro features of the four wallpapers at 50% the price:

A dreamy, and snowy, live wallpaper for your screen!

This is the Ultimate version that contains all the Pro features of the four wallpapers at 50% the price:
1. Sun Rise Pro --- for Morning
2. Blue Sky Pro --- for Afternoon
3. Sunset Hill Pro --- for Evening
4. Dream Night Pro --- for Night
5. (NEW) Aurora Pro --- another option for Night

=== Promotion ===

Thanks all for your support in the past 3 years! If you buy or have bought our Day & Night Live Wallpaper (our Master app), we have a limited number of Promotion Codes for you to download Live Storm Pro and Lumi Pro for free.

Just send us an email to using the email account that you used for your purchase of Day & Night, and we will reply with a Promotion Codes to download the apps for free as soon as we can (we apologize in advance for any delays in responding to your emails).

=== Summary of features ===
a? Turn on the aurora (northern lights) with each Day Night purchase.
a? Turn on the snow for this Christmas, together with interaction and advanced options such as using the accelerometer to change direction when phone is rotated.
a? Fireflies for evening and night skies.
a? A digital clock display with animation!
a? Automatically switches between the above skies throughout the day, using an algorithm to calculate the sun rise and sunset time using your GPS location.
a? You can set specific timings for each sky in the Settings, or you can choose to show only your favorite sky.
a? Adjust the color of each sky: sepia, neutral, brighter, dimmer
a? Contains an extra sky for pre-dawn.
a? Contains all settings for each sky (moon, stars, sky color, rainbow, etc.).
a? Bird sounds.
a? Touch interaction with the birds.
a? Parallax effect settings.
a? Various other settings for birds, deers, trees, etc.

=== Limitations ===
a? Large APK size (14.4 MB) since it contains all the 4 Pro versions and a DayDream.
a? This just switches among the skies. Sky color and sun position for each sky still do not change gradually.
a? As we continue to add features, enhancements and upgrades into the app, it may grow to consume a bit more battery on some devices. If this happens and you would like a refund, do not hesitate to email us. :)
a? If you experience lags, send us an email. We will refund to you the full amount. Don't hesitate to try the apps :)

=== Quick FAQ ===

a? Question: Why does the app need GPS permission?
We need rough GPS Location for calculating the sun rise and sunset time at your location. This information is only used by the algorithm and is not tracked or stored in any way.

What's New:

Turn on Interactive Snow by default for Christmas (you can go into Settings to turn this off). Add automatic calming parallax scrolling (for Pro apps). Bug fixes and rendering optimizations.

  • Day Night Live Wallpaper (All)
  • Day Night Live Wallpaper (All)
  • Day Night Live Wallpaper (All)
  • Day Night Live Wallpaper (All)
  • Day Night Live Wallpaper (All)
  • Day Night Live Wallpaper (All)
Developer Teragon Last Updated December 16, 2017
Number of Downloads 50,000 - 100,000 Current Version 1.4.8
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0 and up
File Size None Score 4.7
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Ramix Nudles

How can it

keep getting better? I don't know, but it does. This my all time favorite. I show it to everybody, and find myself constantly playing with the interactive features. I love it.

Bonnie Readinger

Woo!!! Hoo!!!

Just loved it! Hip replacement November 2nd and broke femur November 17th. It made recovery so much nicer to have something beautiful and interactive to look at and play with. That made my recovery so much faster. Thank you so very much.

Ajie Irawan

Day dream

Great animation ,good live wallpaper. I love it...but I want to know how using "Day dream" ?? Tks...

Devon Skylark

Beautiful wallpaper, very calming and relaxing, just love it, the interaction is great. It would be even better if the deer could be touched so that they ran in the opposite direction. All in all worth 5 stars.ð???ð???ð???ð???ð??? ð???

Anjuraj Rajan

It's cool but Day dream is not working

I brought All in one for day dream option. But it's not working. It's visible only for few seconds and then totally black screen if I am enabling it. Fix it I will give 5 stars. My device is Nexus6.

Carol McCann


All very realistic. Love the birdsong and the deer running past. Update : why won't it sync with my location...even tried setting the times individually...just won't sync. Annoying



No words to describe about the app. Just I could say it's really amazing wallpaper although I have been expecting that; the deers will get the touch sensitivity same like the birds. But now also I have disappointed even after so many updates of the app. By the by; The deers when will get the sense?

John Lester

Beautiful and peaceful and full of life

Simply wonderful. A beautiful and peaceful place full of life right on my phone.

B Rog

Amazing, truly unique, deserves six stars!!

This is such a cool background, I guarantee you will enjoy it! The birds spell nice phrases to you in the sky, the images are stunning, and it's just a whole new way to look at your phone... It's like looking through a window into a very peaceful world that exists just for you and lives in your pocket! Great app, totally worth the nominal price. If you like live backgrounds and beautiful sunsets, download this, you will thank yourself. Great job!

Shel Silver

Animated; aka 'Live', Tree on Hill

24/7 Relaxing, refreshing, (half controllable) naturalistically changing scene helps to smooth living only a wall & shaded window off a traffic-heavy corner. Especially, it eases staying/waking up too many retired nights to read, write, & listen--most often while using & exploring my phone.

James Duncan

Day and Night live wallpaper Targon

Fantastic. (and I haven't seen most of this art yet. This I really back maybe the child in me. Try this out. Thanks. Jim Duncan.

idle RAT

I was using Dream Night Free before this and the different wallpapers showing at different times of day is much more interesting, but daydream is where it's really impressed me, it's so pretty. Well worth the price if your phone works with the Daydream feature.

Reba Dyar

Day/Night wall paper

I love this wallpaper. It changes from dawn to nighttime, birds chirp, deer run, lightening bugs flitter among the trees. It is almost like a summer night in the South.

Mhajan Kikon

Very Nice!!

Please make option for the background clouds to move too, along with the existing one...

Savoera Pahladsingh

Love it!

Amazing wallpaper app! Truly beautiful! Well done! :)

Kate Gough

Best wallpaper anywhere!

I will never need another wallpaper. It's dynamic and natural, the settings are smooth and easy to personalise - and best of all it doesn't drain your battery! The detail, beauty and reliability of this background is immense and totally worth the price for a little outdoors indoors to make you smile :)

charles spiteri

Very nice app. could be better with more updates like ex ..rain,.to be more realistic . otherwise great App s

Ian Macdonald

This really is a gorgeous piece of work. I never thought I'd see the day that I was happy to hand over money for desktop wallpaper, but this app convinced me, and did so within seconds of installing it. I actually enjoy looking at this every day.

Billy Bob

Keep on adding new stuff

Wish you could play hunting on the screen by touching the birds making them fall and also the deer. Other then that this app is worth buying

Gagan Dhunna


Thanks for making a wonderful wallpaper. Can you update the pro version with rain and storm weather at random which could appear at random times.