Live Storm Pro Wallpaper

Live Stream Player Pro v1.2.0 [Paid]

Live Storm Pro Wallpaper

Overview: This live wallpaper features a spectacular stormy sky with moving clouds, rain, and occasional lightning.

This live wallpaper features a spectacular thunderstorm sky with moving clouds, rain, and occasional lightning. With this Pro version, you can customize your scene fully, from choosing the sky color to the trees and windmills on the hill. When you swipe to change home screens, the scene moves with parallax effect to simulate 3D space. This is our latest addition to the Skies series, so if you have feedback or ideas, do send us an email!

Please try out the free version first (it's ad-free). If you like the app, support us by buying this Pro version. You only pay once to access all features - No hidden cost.

The Pro version offer many extra features and customization to truly personalize your experience:
a? Choose a sky color from a collection of themes that suits your taste. Currently available: silver, violet, and classy black & white. We are constantly adding other themes to the Pro version.
a? Choose from a variety of hill scenes: different trees and windmills
a? Touch the screen to create lightning
a? Make the phone vibrate when lightning
a? Use accelerometer to change the direction of the rain drop when you tilt your phone
a? Customize lightning and rain
a? Customize the trees, and the animals
a? Customize the windmills, or add interaction to them

=== Promotion for this Month ===
a? If you buy or have bought our Day & Night Live Wallpaper (our Master app), we have a limited number of Promotion Codes for you to download Live Storm Pro for free.

a? If you buy or have bought Live Storm Pro, we have a limited number of Promotion Codes for you to download our latest 3D wallpaper: Lumi Deluxe for free.

Just send us an email to using the email account that you used for your purchase of Day & Night or Live Storm Pro, and we will reply with a Promotion Code to download the Pro app that you want, for Free!

Refer to the FAQ below for more details.

=== Instruction ===
Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select Live Storm (Pro) from the list

=== FAQ ===
Q: Why is Live Storm not part of the Master app (Day & Night)?
A: The two apps work very differently, and it is not possible for us to come up with a good and consistent graphics style to switch between the skies in Day & Night and the skies in Live Storm seamlessly, without bloating Day & Night. Keeping Live Storm separate from Day & Night also allows us to enhance each one independently from each other, and keep adding creative features into each one without affecting the other.

That being said, Day & Night will still be our main focus and will include some weather options, with a subset of features from Live Storm that is carefully selected to protect overall style of Day & Night.

Q: Should I buy Live Storm Pro or wait for the Master app to have weather features?
A: It is up to you. There will be some features that are unique to Live Storm (eg. the color themes). We hope to make it easier for you to enjoy both apps, by offering a 1-for-1 promotion for March and April 2016: If you buy or have bought Day & Night, just send us an email, and we will give you a Promotion Code to download Live Storm Pro for free.

  • A note on Internet access:
    Our apps now need access to the Internet, for error notification purpose. This can help us to identify the cause of errors on different types of devices more effectively and fix it for you faster. Usage of the Internet is kept strictly to a minimum so that it does not consume your network bandwidth or battery. We do not collect any personal data. We follow strict privacy policies in our apps.

What's New:

Bug fixes. Our apps now need access to the Internet, for error notification purpose. This can help us to identify the cause of errors on different types of devices more effectively and fix it for you faster. Usage of the Internet is kept strictly to a minimum so that it does not consume your bandwidth or battery.

  • Live Storm Pro Wallpaper
  • Live Storm Pro Wallpaper
  • Live Storm Pro Wallpaper
  • Live Storm Pro Wallpaper
  • Live Storm Pro Wallpaper
Developer Teragon Last Updated January 14, 2018
Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000 Current Version 1.2.0
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0 and up
File Size None Score 4.7
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Aiden Masters


Mind blown love the live wallpaper its extremely smooth and absolutely no lag on my Nexus 6. Been looking for a good thunder lwp.

Anh Pham

Lovely stormy app

Stumbled upon this app and found something quite catching of my attention. The stormy mode does not look so sad but rather i find it quite a joy to play around, especially with the trees and random thunders. I like how detailed the trees are rendered.

User User

Its spectacular but...

Love the live wallpaper but it lacks one of the most important features, "sound". I would love the sound of rain and thunder. I give it 3 stars for now.

Anthony McCluskey

Much better free on Google play

Outdated, awesome 10yrs ago

Nigel bob


If you want a great background then download. It's worth paying for the pro version and get the other backgrounds too

Michelle Pugh

Motorola g

Bought straight away as soon as I heard about it lol

Deb Cheang

Beautiful work

ð??Thank you

steven winarso

Nice and cool

Thnx for the live wallpaper its best

Flora Lee


Awesome live wallpaper. Goes very well with the Day Night one. Both of them are well worth getting!

Barbara Cowan

Great winter

Another great app! Love it! It would be great if you could incorporate into one of them, day and night or storm or maybe one of its own a beautiful springtime, with flower's, birds, butterflies, all things spring, maybe a spring rain, it would be a feel good app, just saying. You do such beautiful apps.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Another really amazing lwp from this developer! This looks so realistic and I love all the ways you can customize it and change the color of the background! One suggestion request even on the heavy setting of the rain, it still looks like it's not raining that much, if possible would love to see it downpour more! Also on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I have to keep tapping several times and than it will lighting, when I have it set on tap lighting! Thank you to the developer for making another amazing lwp :)

Ashley Turner

Absolutely stunning!

This, along with everything from this developer is stunning, the visuals, the settings, perfect! The developer is also very talkative and actively helping people who need help with his apps! A must buy 5/5!

Bảo-Ngọc Trần

Love the customizations!

There's so much you can customize! I especially love the available colors, i.e. violet, silver, and black & white. It's also fun to be able to manipulate lightnings -- makes me feel more powerful than usual ;)

Devon Skylark

Cool for when I'm in a stormy mood, lol. Another great wallpaper from Teragon.

Pablo Brante

Awesome visual

It is really stunning, it would be nice to see it Incorporated in the master bundle. Would that be part of a future update ?

Brett Johnson

The best app of its kind. App developers are very kind and responsive.

Jens T.


Love thunderstorms. Very realistic. Thanks so much for complimentary copy of pro version! A suggestion for a future wallpaper would be a seasonal one with different themes for each season.

Kapil Adhikesavalu

Beautiful and stunning ð???

Will this be part of ALL version?

Tony Luong


Nice addition to the series! The storm scene is spectacular on its own, quite a nice break from the other apps in this collection.

niles toh


Very thoughtful