Maxthon Browser - Fast & Safe Cloud Web Browser

Maxthon5 Browser - Fast & Private v5.1.3.3120

Maxthon Browser - Fast & Safe Cloud Web Browser

Overview: Do you want to save mobile data and save money on your monthly bill? Try Maxthon5 Cloud Browser!

Do you want to save mobile data and save money on your monthly bill? Try Maxthon5 Cloud Browser! You can save required kinds of stuff and read them offline in your browser at any time. Smart image display could also help you control mobile data consumption effectively. This browser is made just for mobile.

As the the 5th generation web browser developed by Maxthon USA Inc., which was once awarded "Best Browser" on For 3 Consecutive Years, MX5 Cloud Browser is created for those who spend much time on the web every day, especially for iOS users because of its iDevice features like Touch ID, 3D Toucha?¦

Ita??s time to switch to this faster and lighter browser to improve the efficiency and save data now!

*BUILT-IN NOTE-TAKING TOOL- You can make notes easily while browsing the web. Collect and save any content you see on the web with one tap. Read, edit and organize your collection even offline.

*BUILT-IN PASSWORD MANAGER- It generates passwords to your liking, securely saves them and automatically fills them in next time you visit the site. Employing multiple encryption technologies, your passwords will never be safer.

*BUILT-IN EMAIL ADDRESSES MANAGER- No need to give your real email address out while registering for websites and services. Create unlimited shadow email address to block out junk, ads, and spam forever.

*BUILT-IN AD BLOCKER- The powerful ad-blocker is built in Maxthon5 natively. It blocks out most of the pop-ups and ads including YouTube video ads, giving you a clean mobile web and helping save data.

*MULTILANGUAGE SUPPORTED-Our app has supported more than 25 languages currently: en, zh, fr, bg, de, id, it, ko, noa?¦and more are coming soon.

*NIGHT MODE- Are you a night owl? Ita??s time to say time to sore eyes. Read more comfortably in the dark with MX5 now.

*INCOGNITO MODE- Turn on Incognito mode in Maxthon5 and browse the mobile web without a trace.

*SYNC ACROSS DEVICES- Access tabs, bookmarks & history from other devices, Pick up where you left off on your other devices and read offline.

*CUSTOMIZABLE SPEED DIAL- Add your favorite websites, apps or even search result to speed dial, to visit them on the go with one touch.

*SMART IMAGE DISPLAY- Help you control your mobile data usage and save money for you.

*EASY MULTI TABS MANAGEMENTS- You can open as many tabs as you like, and switch or close with only one touch.

Millions of people use MX5 and Maxthon browsers to watch videos, connect with friends, search on the web, and sync data across platforms. We hope MX5 Cloud Browser could help more and more people enjoy the Internet, while saving more data and money.

Download MX5 Cloud Browser and save your mobile data from now on!

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What's New:

Fixed some rare crash occurring on some devices

  • Maxthon Browser - Fast & Safe Cloud Web Browser
  • Maxthon Browser - Fast & Safe Cloud Web Browser
  • Maxthon Browser - Fast & Safe Cloud Web Browser
  • Maxthon Browser - Fast & Safe Cloud Web Browser
  • Maxthon Browser - Fast & Safe Cloud Web Browser
  • Maxthon Browser - Fast & Safe Cloud Web Browser
Developer Maxthon Browser Last Updated January 16, 2018
Number of Downloads 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 Current Version
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 2.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.4
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Mihai C

Unstable and restrictive

GOOD: It's rather fast and has a nice/user-friendly interface, especially for tabs managing. BAD: Lately it crashes too often, (stock Note 4) and i don't have many options in customizing it (like a default desktop view mode AND others)

Milan Djuric

No better for me

I use desktop version from 2010.(Maxthon3 to new now, lvl. 55 credits 6525) and mobile from the start. Didnt like that new premissions, get little mad, give 3 stars, install others. All are bad and lot of lag. Try test and give back 5 stars! There is no better browser for me. Hope you stay best for long time...

Jai Nitai Gauranga das

It's OK, but could be the best.

I've used this app since it was available. It is still a top android browser. The fact that I can "easily" sync it to my laptop and to any other device, gives it a huge advantage over other browsers. Negatives... It crashes if I use it in the "private mode", because the cache overloads. Tabs are gone and every move now takes an extra step. IMO it has become unnecessarily large and unwieldy. If Maxthon would create a lighter, streamlined version, with tabs, I would rate it a 5, like I did in the past.

Vlad King Vee Royalty

best of 4 browser

Very impressed last time I tried maxthon it was lacking in speed and stability compared to the pc version..maxthon along with uc browser, thunder browser, dolphin are great browers , maxthon doesn't take up too much space, u guys should release a maxthon mini, dont change the browser unless its to tune it to be faster and more stable, there's a couple shaky glitches especially when launching desktop quick links

jeaHAvee jGRight

Notifications advertising?

Notifications off, I see a unwanted notification, yet it's from an app that I've turned notifications off. Not how it goes... that's how it gets uninstalled. Keep in mind, does anyone "need" this app?

WhatMeWorry Jones

WE NEED THIS!! Quick Launch titles MUST be edit able!! ...NOW if we could edit the QUICK LAUNCH ICONS SO THEY MAKE SENSE!! Like the favorites, which can be modified!!, but QUICK LAUNCH on their Icons on the opening page all would be final, and done!! Then MX would have Dolphin beat all around !

Super!! Great!! They just keep getting better! The newest of 2015 with the favorites & first page icons after using is better. All just keeps improving!

Dustey Rose

Not so good

I originally tried Maxthon on my very old Apple Mac and loved it. I tried it on my android phone and hated it. I couldn't zoom Web pages or photos with gestures enabled or unenabled. When I touched the screen it jump to the next page even though I had the gestures and next page hold or whatever it's called turned off. I couldn't bookmark any sites unless I knew ant typed in the url. The list goes on and on.

Ivan B

Samsung Note 10.1

Can somebody explain me why I open Facebook online, this browser can't load any of pages I can't see any of photos, literally nothing, ONLY bar on the top. Please answer me, otherwise I'll have to uninstall it. Thanks.

peyosuss times

fast and furious

it has all the necesary and fast so stylish, good bookmarks and more!!!

Omg Xai

better avoid

phone permission? call log permission? do you know you're the only browser in the whole android store that needs SMS permission? why's that?

Suman Kaiti

Best But Slow App Response

Need to improve the browsing speed - 4 Star. Need to improve the browser response time in multi-tab browsing scenario - 1 Stars. Maintain low possible device memory cost - 5 Stars. Good downloading - 5 Stars

morglum necksnapper

Why the F do you need access to my mic?!?!!

Total F wads listening to everything I say?! Then listen to what I think of your mothers.

Yan Li

start force pushing Chinese ads

It was good for years, then it started force pushing Chinese ads. I don know what else it is doing at the back end. Haven't found option to turn ot off. If I cannot, I will uninstall it. I don't like people force me. I will report this to Google.

alex s

Chinese ads...

I've been receiving Chinese ads for automobile sales. In Chinese, so cannot read. Goes to my notifications and wakes me up at 1:30 am! Either fix or I uninstall...

Vito S.

Good browser

Used to be my favourite one. But unresponsive developer, no bug fixes and, what's worse, it suddenly started showing unwanted notification ads. So I have to search for an alternative.

Skye Heaven

Wouldn't let search on Google

Every time I like to use Google as search it keeps get "error time on Web search" plz fix that problem.. Thanks

Frans Kafka

Good, but something annoyed me.

Switching between tabs gives me a headache. I think it's better if you have it with the text mode selection in the Settings.

Nil Sadhu

worse experience

whenever i try to download something i dont get the option like save target as or as such...cant download anything through this browser

Michael G

I want to give 5 stars so bad but seriously, you make a superbar with combined url and search yet disable autocorrect or the ability to enable autocorrect in it? Please fix this! I love the browser and hate this missing part!


Its good.

But hanging my phone after upgrade.