Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) v8.1.18 [Unlocked]

Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Overview: Send Anywhere: Easy, quick, and unlimited file sharing

Send Anywhere: Easy, quick, and unlimited file sharing

a?¶ Features
a?¢ Transfer any file type without altering the original
a?¢ All you need is a one-time 6-digit key for an easy file transfer
a?¢ Wi-Fi Direct: transfer without using data or the Internet
a?¢ Easy link sharing via all Social Media and Messenger Apps
a?¢ Reinforced file encryption (256-bit)

a?¶ Wi-Fi Direct
- With nearby Android devices, you can use Wi-Fi Direct to send files
a?¢ WITHOUT using data or an Internet connection
a?¢ Via a 4-digit key or QR code OR
a?¢ Send to nearby devices directly via search functionality

a?¶ When to use Send Anywhere!
a?¢ When moving photos, videos, and music to your PC!
a?¢ When you need to send large files but you do not have mobile data or you have difficulty connecting to the internet
a?¢ Anytime you want to send files in an instant!

  • While using the application if an issue or error arises, please let us know by clicking a??Send Feedbacka? under Settings

APK File
a?¢ The copyright of applications sent through Send Anywhere belong to the applicationa??s developer. If sharing an APK file conflicts with current copyright laws then all responsibility falls upon the user.
a?¢ Typically, you will not be able to share APK files between OS and Android. First check with applicationa??s developer before cross-platform transfers.

Video Files
a?¢ Depending on the video type received, the video may not be pushed into the phonea??s gallery. In this case, using a file management application will play the video.
a?¢ If you cana??t play the videos received, download a different video player that is compatible with the video format.

To best use Send Anywherea??s convenient file sharing service, we ask usera??s permissions listed below
a?¢ Write External Storage : To store files that are received through Send Anywhere in external storage (SD Card).
a?¢ Read External Storage : To send files stored in external storage through Send Anywhere.
a?¢ Record Audio : To recognize a sound wave and receive files.
a?¢ Get Accounts : To set default profile name when using Send Anywhere for the first time.
a?¢ Read Contacts : To send contacts stored in your phone.
a?¢ Camera : For being able to receive files via a QR Code.

What's New:

Sick of ads? Now you can pay and remove them! Version 7.12.21 = NEW = â?¢ A brand-new Ad-free experience

  • Added an in-app purchase item (remove ad)
  • Once purchased, all ads within the app on this device will be removed, forever.
  • As of this release, support for the Quick Link Share feature, which allows you to create file sharing links from major messenger and email apps, will be terminated. If you have any questions please go to Menu > Send Feedback to contact us. Thanks! ð???
  • Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
  • Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
  • Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
  • Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
  • Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
  • Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
Developer Estmob Inc. Last Updated January 17, 2018
Number of Downloads 5,000,000 - 10,000,000 Current Version 7.12.21
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.2 and up
File Size None Score 4.7
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Joy Anne S

Unbelievably Awesome!

This is what I'm looking for! Thanks to the developers! You are so genius! Recommended app for having an android and ios gadget! Note 4 to ipadmini2! Great! Happy Chinese New Year! 2016 !

steve french

Great App

Transferred my 1500 photos from iPhone to new galaxy in about 10 minutes. However I have a question, the photos do not appear in the phones camera gallery. How can move them to the camera gallery so they'll appear there with new photos that I'll add?

Andrew Hoffman

Great app!

You can really send any file. This is great for sending videos of your kids to family and friends. Quick n easy

Isoyor Kubiti

Useful & Effective App

Great app, simple to use, efficient in delivery & my personal favorite, great data transmission speed.

PJ Richardson

Very Good

It does exactly what it says it does. That's all I look for in an app these days...

Devyn Allen

1000+ photos transfered

Took a little while to do but worth the wait to get them switched over!


Need an extra feature

If Sending files via WiFi or bluetooth within closed devices would be more interesting . Because I have been using ShareiT app to transfer large files via WiFi .. Please add this feature in future update as well.. Thank you.. :)

Robert Martin


Great, fast and the best I have ever used, I'd recommend it above all others.


Send eney ware except my PC it will not download it I get your app will be downloaded later and never is

Eseaer than the one I use looks like a touch

Noman Suny


Its A Terrific App... Must Have App To For Data Sharing Better Speed ...Poor Desighn...Keep It More Speedy Dev...

Kaung Tin


Simple and easy. Transferring photos and music between phones or from your computer wirelessly never been easier.

Conner Peden

Great app

This is one of the greatest apps for moving stuff between devices I've ever seen love it and it's easy and fast to use

Cash Kaneshiro

No navigation drawer

This version is way worse than before, why use navigation drawer instead of tab view? I like all recent records in one view, rather than categorized by different target devices.

Ehrü Mejil

Waoo super usefull

Who knew....this apps is super usefull. I was able to send videos without loosing the quality to my friends on the other side of the planet super fast.

Bernice Gallegos

Works great

Wanted to download my music Downloader on phone but couldn't so I transferred it with this and it worked

ajit parate

Awesome APP

Don't have words . Just amazinggggg. Uninstall shareit and download send anywhere. It also work furiously on Windows. Thanks send anywhere.

Danny Solares

Works well

does a great job send and receiving files from almost anywhere. still trying to figure out some odd menus

Sirikorn Klinfoong


I'm android mobile user (samsung note4) with MacBook Air for work. I have problems transferring data between these 2 items for years. And I found this app. The easiest and coolest app ever.

Joshua Anderson

Great app!

Very convenient & works very well. Occasionally fails transmission of data without explanation. It would be great, with this in mind, if there were an option to skip files with duplicate names rather than either renaming the new file or overwriting it.

Marek Carlisle

Almost perfect

Despite having a few glitches when sending large files, I'm amazed I've found an app that can do exactly what I want, in a simplistic manner. Now me and my girlfriend can freely exchange our favorite songs with ease!