Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v3.3

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Overview: Capture the moment and make it your own with Adobe Lightroom. Powered by the magic of Adobe Photoshop technology, Lightroom brings you essential tools to craft incredible images everyday, everywhere — whether you’re a beginner or a pro. All in one place.

Make amazing photos, from anywhere.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for mobile is a free app that gives you a powerful, yet simple solution for capturing, editing and sharing your photos. And you can upgrade for premium features that give you precise control with seamless access across all your devices a?? mobile, desktop and web.

a?¢ With the Lightroom CC professional capture mode, you will never miss a shot, and get the most out of your phone's camera.
a?¢ Capture with the DNG raw format for more creative control.
a?¢ Use the High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode to automatically expand the range of exposure, letting you capture the brightest to the darkest tones, and recreate the scene exactly as you saw it.
a?¢ Apply Photoshop magic with five specially formulated presets, that allow you to see the effect while youa??re taking the shot, and fine tune the effect later. Non-destructive editing lets you always revert to your original.*

a?¢ Edit photos in seconds with tools that range from simple one-tap presets to powerful advanced adjustments and corrections.Â
a?¢ Make advanced edits with the tone curve to change color, exposure, tone, and contrast.
a?¢ Easily edit large albums and get consistent looks by copying your favorite edits across photos.
a?¢ Selectively adjust any part of a photo with your finger or stylus to apply enhancements with precision. (premium feature)

a?¢ Organize and manage your photos with tools like star ratings and flags.
a?¢ Search with ease. Adobe Sensei uses the power of artificial intelligence to auto-tag your photos based on whata??s in them and where they were taken. (premium feature)

a?¢ Use the Adobe Creative Cloud to back up your original photos and access them on other devices, as well as through Lightroom CC on the web (premium feature)
a?¢ Turn on Auto Add to automatically import your photos and synchronize them with Adobe Creative Cloud (premium feature)

a?¢ Share photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more with the hashtag #lightroom.
a?¢ Lightroom CC web galleries enable you to easily showcase your photos online. Edits sync seamlessly, so any changes you make are always up-to-date. (premium feature)

*Shoot-through presets require OpenGL ES 3.0 and later support. The in-app camera is supported on Android smartphones.
**In keeping with stringent Adobe requirements around product quality and stability, full raw HDR capture mode is currently supported on devices that contain advanced processing and memory including Samsung S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, Note 8, Google Pixel, Pixel XL and OnePlus 5.

What's New:

â??Geometry tab including Upright, Guided Upright & Geometry slidersâ??Capture the perfect perspective with tools that make it easy to straighten skewed horizontal and vertical linesâ??including in photos where the horizon is hidden (premium feature) â??Add watermarks during export â??Use â??Search Mountains in Lightroom CCâ? within Google Assistant to launch Lightroom & find matching photos (requires Android Marshmallow or later) â??Add photos to Lightroom from your favorite apps that support share capability

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
Developer Adobe Last Updated February 12, 2018
Number of Downloads 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 Current Version None
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.1 and up
File Size None Score 4.3
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Aaron Morgan

Impossible to find camera feature

I've searched online, I've searched the app, I've even signed up for the free trail and I can't find the camera feature for the life of me. My camera can take raw and I would love to use this app to take pictures if only I could find the camera button.

rizky pahleffi

You had one job

Overall it's nice, except when I'm trying to export my finished image, it didn't save it, instead it save the original unedited image, I should restart the app so it can export correctly, please fix

Yulian Ardiansyah

Feature request

Excellent raw photo editor on Android. The quality of the resulting edits is simply outstanding. Still, I would love to see the camera to utilize more features of the Android's camera 2 API, especially the ability to set manual exposure and manual ISO. Please consider to add those features in the next update, thank you.

Tapas Manna


So many Features present.

Timo Uimonen

Camera support

Seems that Lightroom camera feature is only for phones not tablets. Why is that?

naveen viswam

Crashing on Spice Dream Uno

I cannot export edited images on Spice dream uno, cos it keeps on crashing.

Robert Wells


Thanks for including raw file capability

Scott P

Much improved...

Over the old version, the camera is useful but on a nexus 6p you can't change it to be the default camera app and use the double tap of the power button to launch straight into camera mode... Also the exposure compensation button remains ghosted out no matter what settings I choose... And an option to delete a photo you have just taken from the image preview is a basic necessity that is sadly missing.

David Sikes

Getting so much better and better. The latest update added point curve and RAW cameraâ??amazing work, Adobe. Keep at it!

Benjamin Baker

Crop and Rotate very jerky

Not sure if it is intentional and attempting to snap to logical lines or just buggy, but crop and rotate are very imprecise and very difficult to achieve desired crop or rotation because the image will move slightly and then pause, and then jerk past intended position. Even using the extremely sensitive stylus on a Note 4 or very carefully trying to move finger, it is frustratingly difficult. Other than that, the app if pretty dang awesome.

Samuel Mendes

My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 with Android 4.4.2 and Lightroom 2.0 isn't able to shoot RAW, but only JPGs. Is there something wrong? :(

Hamza Khawaja

Awesome app for quick fixes

This app is simply Awesome, loads of presets to help you get the perfect look in very little time. Also a very good software to separate your best work from the rest of the snapshots.

Gerald Oskoboiny

This app shows promise but its odd nonstandard scroll behavior makes it unusable. (too slow/unresponsive)

Mehmet Kozal

New features are welcome and exciting.

Used it on my OnePlus 2. There is definitely a strong lag with raw editing. Not a smooth experience. A few times it stopped responding but managed to keep things working again. But results are impressive. 1st time ever I'm considering to take photos with my phone and share with others. (DSLR User)

Dustin Graffa

I did love it

Crashes when editing now. Was fine b4 last updates. Hopefully get a good fix. In phone raw would be nice. Samsung Galaxy s6 active....not exactly an uncommon phone to have tested with...

Travis Kelleher

Cool when it's working

It's LightRoom, so if you use the desktop app, you should be happy that you get most of the raw editing tools on your mobile device. The only issue I have is the new update with the camera is finicky, as it crashes at random on my Note 5.

John Carnell

Pathetic auto focus In 2.0

While the camera and raw support are welcome. the cameras auto focus is a joke not working properly on the galaxy s6 creates blurry images always slightly out of focus as the app keeps hunting slowly no af lock that I can see

Mithun Katti

Amazing app

Attention to details is very well designed. Liked 3 finger tap and temperature adjust feature very much

Hasanul Islam

Review updated

Add a option to open a picture directly from gallery app like all other Photo editing app. It will be great if we have the option to use brush based editing and also the spot healing tool. Overall, like this app now.

Curtis Zilar

Great app but...

I love this app, it helps me edit on the go! However, when I use the Nikon app with my D7200 to take pictures straight from my camera to my phone, I cannot see or add the photos into Lighroom Mobile when I try to add them into my albums on the app. They are normal JPEGs so I cannot figure out what the problem could be. Some help with this issue, or support on the app for this feature would be incredible.