ProShot v5.6.2 [Patched]


Overview: Leave the heavy DSLR at home, ProShot's got your back.

+ Auto, Program, Manual, and two fully configurable Custom modes, just like a DSLR
+ Manual, semi-manual, or automatic control over exposure, flash, focus, ISO, shutter speed, torch, and white balance

+ Shoot in JPEG, RAW or RAW + JPEG (RAW = .DNG file)
+ Light Painting mode with infinite shutter and live preview. Watch as your photos develop right before your eyes!
+ Shoot full resolution in 16:9, 4:3, and 1:1
+ Custom Aspect Ratio Mode: shoot in any aspect ratio you want, 21:9, 17:10, 50:3, it's all possible!
+ Burst, Timer, and Timelapse modes, all with full manual controls
+ Zero-lag bracket exposure up to ±3, in 1/3 stop increments

+ Robust bracketing options, choose from exposure compensation, ISO, and shutter
+ HDR, Night, and Action scene modes

+ Auto ISO option, turns Manual mode into Shutter Priority
+ Manual focus assist

+ Live histogram
+ Front-facing camera with exposure control
+ Zoom with just one finger
+ Fully featured Camera Roll integrated into the viewfinder. View EXIF, support for video playback, media sharing, and delete
+ Grid overlay
+ Level with 3 different modes
+ Adjust JPEG quality, Noise Reduction quality, photo location
+ Shortcuts for GPS, screen brightness, camera shutter, and more
+ Most innovative camera UI ever created

+ Up to 4K (3840x2160)
+ Manual or automatic control

+ Adjustable resolution, frame rate, and bitrate
+ Industry-standard options for 180 degree rule
+ Zoom and change any camera parameter, even during video recording
+ Real-time audio input levels
+ Timelapse video, with full manual control
+ Video light

Leave the heavy DSLR at home, ProShot's got your back.

*not available on all hardware

What's New:


  • Fixed a bug where viewfinder stopped working after taking a photo
  • UI fix v5.6.1
  • Fixes for focus (should be good now! Thank you all for your reports!)
  • Fixes for dual lens devices
  • Fixes for popular devices from Sony, Samsung and LG
  • Various small fixes based on feedback
  • ProShot
  • ProShot
  • ProShot
  • ProShot
  • ProShot
  • ProShot
Developer Rise Up Games Last Updated February 13, 2018
Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000 Current Version 5.6.2
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 6.0 and up
File Size None Score 3.7
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Savvas Salpistis

Last update seems to have messed up the preview on Program Mode on the LG G4. Even though by checking on the EXIF information of the pictures taken, ISO appears to be the same as the one set while taking the photo (50 in this case), the preview changes both the ISO and the exposure time. This can be seen on the top part of the display (continuously fluctuating ISO/Exposure values) and on the preview picture itself. One would expect that since the ISO is fixed, the preview should only reflect changes in exposure time up to the point that the image would be 'stuttering' in lower light due to the higher exposure values. The fact that both ISO and exposure are changing makes it impossible to calculate the steadiness of the phone as well as wether a higher ISO value should be chosen due to low light conditions. In other words, the preview is showing exactly the same thing wether on Auto Mode or Program Mode which kind of defeats the purpose of having a preview. EDIT: I have just read in an earlier comment that this issue might be due to a limitation of the camera api. Please verify if this the case (and maybe find a solution for it?), thanks.

Mario Kreutzfeldt

Great on LG G4

The built in dng profile and great layout makes this my favorite camera app. the new update finally added real-time exposure information. Unfortunately, in program mode when the camera is set to a specific ISO, the ISO value still changes according to the new exposure info. AE-lock is not functional. Separate focus and exposure works, though.

Fanando Su

Some things need to fix

I love everything in this app except two things... 1.i can manual ISO on galaxy S4 but i can't in pro app.. 2. Thumbail navigation on gallery was all green but the photo itself is fine... please fix it and i will rate this 5 star

Matt Alexander

Very buggy, seems to crash a lot. If i take pictures in portrait they come out landscape with a black Bart on the side. On a n6 running latest. Really wanted this to work.

Juan Jimenez

Needs work.

I really like the UI and the fact that I can turn off noise reduction, but it's annoying how the aspect ratio settings won't function if they're something other than the default of the camera sensor. For my Nexus 6, using anything other than the 4:3 mode results in a incomplete pictures for the back camera, and for the front, anything other than 16:9 results in the same issue. I'd be okay with this if I could set default ratios for the front and back cameras, but I have to constantly switch them.

wasim reza ali

Not working properly

Whenever I try to capture in HDR app suddenly closes, no iso option. Please fix it I really like the appMy phone is Sony m4 AQUA

David Goemans

Works great on the LG G4

I decided to install cyanogenmod instead of LG's terrible buggy version of Android, and I needed a decent camera replacement. This is great!

Phil Yee

Needs a bit of work

It's really nice but will close unexpectedly depending on what you're doing. The absolutely worst thing about this app is that some shots will not save(Raw mode). This has been mentioned by other reviewers as well, so use with caution.

Ramsey Khalaf

I no longer like it.. needs work

Needs normal rotation, very annoying!! It is lagging and freezing when rotating on LG G4. Picture gallery has been improved but it is very sluggish now. App opens a bit slow, I think it used to open faster in earlier updates. I love the picture quality and the ability to disable noise reduction. I'm not liking the app anymore though. Disappointed.

Fjordi Spahiu


I have a Note 5 and the native camera app is way better than this app. Missing/wrrong in proshot - 10s shutter. (Pro shot the lowest shutter is half a second) Lags while manipulating settings. Shot a video about 30 seconds on 4k. I go back to watch it and its all choppy. Frame rates are much better on native camera. This app is f****** useless. Do not waste your money. @developers upgrade this app please.

Nate Meyer

I love this app, but some things just don't work properly with a Nexus 6. This is on a fresh install of Android 6.0.1, and ProShot is freshly installed. - You can't take selfie pictures with front camera in portrait mode. It looks fine when taking the picture, but when viewing the picture, it shows you a landscape picture, with only your head in half of it, and the other half is black - When clicking RECORD, the camera is zoomed in about 3.5x, but when viewing the finished video, it's zoomed out to normal 1x - When clicking RECORD, the exposure stays bright for 1 second, then drops a few stops and is very dark. When clicking on the screen it flashes bright, then back down to dark. Same thing if you try and re-select the same shutter speed - When on the front camera, and in landscape mode (either left, or right), the photos are sideways. If you hold the camera up side down, on the front camera, then photos are right side up. The developer is great to reply to emails. But I think in order to fix the above issues, it will take some work.

A Campbell

Buggy On My 5x. Video Mode Needs Work

Crashes on video. Also when selecting video mode it starts recording. I just want to get into video mode to be ready. There are no stop/pause/resume controls visible when it's shooting. Lots of controls are too tiny and close together. Refund option too short to really evaluate.

sjs matrai

Finally; semi automatic mode for both pictures and video, love the program mode

I love it with my LG-G4, cause with this phone I only get full manual mode where i can use the lowest ISO for the cleanest night shots or fully automatic modes. With best app's semi-automatic program mode, I can force ISO=50 (my lowest ISO) and let everything else be auto

Nicholas Newbill

Slow Motion

Developer no longer responding, features missing you can find on other camera apps. Too bad because I liked the ui...

kevin avila

Still learning

I figured I'd leave a review because I would in fact love to see future upgrades and keep this app alive . first off, this app is insanely well developed. Easier and more "natural" feel for adjustments would be great. Controls don't feel fluid and natural when making adjustments( like we do with a DSLR ) however when you tune yourself right, this is an awesome camera app. I have a g4 so the RAW pictures this can help me achieve are SOOOO much more correctable through lightroom.

Konstantinos Ginis

After trying numerous pro-grade camera apps, I decided to stick with ProShot. It's reliable, flexible, visually appealing and it has great still photo capabilities, most importantly it's stable RAW capture. Understandably some users face problems and rate the app lower, but this is their device's / Android implementation issue and not the app's. Never had a single hiccup with Nexus 5, Android 5.0 - 6.0.1 versions. All and all, great app and great value!

Nimajus Bagdonavicius

Retarded programmers

The app is unusable if it can't connect to internet. I bought it specifically for a trip. Traveling in Africa had no local sim cards thus no internet. The app gives error or can't validate purchase and doesn't start. Couldn't make timelapses or photos. Totally wasted money, but more importantly missed shots from a big trip. Don't support such software with your money. A camera app that requires internet.

Ashwin Kumar

Ruined some of my best captures by corrupting the DNG files. Had chosen to write both jpg and DNG - the JPG is missing altogether and the DNG file is corrupt :( Lost some of the best moments of my travel because of this! (Using it on my Nexus 6p)

George Kougianos

Nice looking and Intuitive

I like the setup because it's sharp looking and easy to use. This app even takes great photos and videos so it's got the whole package imo. Similar apps can't get it all together like this one, even when a couple of others come very close. This one has been my favorite, dethroning Manual Camera as my go to shooter. The Google camera app still takes great HDR photos though so I still use that too but Pro Shot does a great job otherwise!

Bryan Ericson

Really wanted to like this one

Really cool ui, no menus to wade through, nice and responsive. However, the camera roll still doesn't work right - it won't show the most recent photo no matter what I do. Using manual focus and then switching back to auto focus occasionally causes auto focus to fail, requiring a restart. App occasionally crashes. All of this makes it inconvenient to use. Camera apps are some of the most difficult to write for Android and this has great potential, but it's not there yet.