EZ Notes - voice notes & listsð???

EZ Notes - voice notes & lists v2.85 [Paid]

EZ Notes - voice notes & listsð???

Overview: EZ Notes is the Ultimate Mobility voice notes organizer for note taking on-the-fly using lightning fast voice notes & more! Our niche "Hands-Free" voice notes are far easier and better suited for modern urban mobile note taking demands.

EZ Notes is the Ultimate Mobility voice notes organizer for note taking on-the-fly using lightning fast voice notes & more! Our niche "Hands-Free" voice notes are far easier and better suited for modern urban mobile note taking demands. EZ Notes is a feature-rich, device efficient, non-invasive, and cybersecurity oriented note taking app. We eliminate all privacy-threatening permissions (and gimmicky Sync features) used by "free" note taking organizers to profit off of their user's identity and privacy. EZ notes is also a voice notes organizer that provides complete control over which voice notes, how often, and which services, customers prefer using for Backup, Transfer, and Sharing of voice notes. EZ Notes is helping Thousands of worldwide note taking clients enjoy lightning-fast daily voice notes. Install EZ Notes today and benefit from our extremely useful, ultra-fast, and comprehensive (all-in-one) custom voice notes organizer.

voice notes demo: http://tinyurl.com/jmnncqe

voice notes benefits:

a?¢ Add voice notes, organize voice notes, set voice notes reminders & share voice notes using EZ Notes. Pressed for time? Record a voice memo using our on-the-fly voice notes.
a?¢ Easily plan meetings by sharing voice notes via powerful cross-app compatibilities: Email, Facebook, G+, Hangouts, etc. EZ Notes also provides S-pen note taking (courtesy of "Markers" by Daniel Sandler) for collaborating homework notes and sketched notes.
a?¢ Find voice notes easily. EZ Folders are a bonus for organizing voice notes. Search voice notes by "Priority Colors." Our "EZ Undo" instantly recovers up to 10 voice notes (not just 1 voice note). The Trash Bin stores all deleted voice notes.
a?¢ EZ Notes keeps voice notes under user control. We don't use syncing as it: Invites App instability, bloat, exposes notes to hackers, requires internet connection, and consumes resources. Use "EZ Export" to Backup / Transfer all voice notes or groups of voice notes.
a?¢ Cybersecurity & online privacy of voice notes. EZ voice notes is an extremely non-invasive voice notes organizer. Only the Sketching function requires READ / WRITE permission to LOAD / SAVE notes. a?¦ Cybersecurity experts prefer our voice notes organizer: http://tinyurl.com/j9rj8g9

a¤ EZ voice notes is made in USA a¤
EZ Notes voice notes awards
a?¦ http://daikonmedia.com/ez-notes-review/
a?¦ http://bit.ly/1ovhPXL
a?¦ http://tinyurl.com/jstwpfy
a?¦ http://tinyurl.com/znb5xfr

a?¦ We provide outstanding support for EZ voice notes
a?? EZ voice notes built-in product help notes
a?? EZ voice notes benefits and advantages
a?? EZ voice notes Facebook Group

What's New:

EZ Notes: Ver. 2.85 â?¢ Stability improvements for Android Oreo (8.0 - 8.1) & above â?¢ Fixed crash occurring on rapid multi-tapping of Notes â?¢ "EZ Export via any app" now the single EZ function for batch transfer/backup â?¢ "Send Message via any app" now the single EZ function to send & share notes â?¢ Head-Up display message now informs user swiped notes are Deleted and Archived â?¢ Head-Up display message informs user Editor is invoked â?¢ EZ Editor has reminder to SAVE data via back arrow

  • EZ Notes - voice notes & listsð???
  • EZ Notes - voice notes & listsð???
  • EZ Notes - voice notes & listsð???
  • EZ Notes - voice notes & listsð???
  • EZ Notes - voice notes & listsð???
  • EZ Notes - voice notes & listsð???
Developer Alexander Madani Last Updated February 14, 2018
Number of Downloads 50,000 - 100,000 Current Version 2.85
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0 and up
File Size None Score 4.4
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umazarbaa guest

Best App & Dev EVER !!!

Very nice and easy to use app. The Dev. responds personally & attentively to questions with wonderfully helpful information. I very highly recommend this to anyone who wants to dictate notes.

Lil Linh

Very good and user friendly, make my notes taking couldnt be easier. Run smooth on my phone. Keep up your good work

Wild White


To be honest this is the only note app I use. I never knew how much I needed EZ Notes but when my friend told me about this app... I installed it straight away! EZ Notes is the most useful App of its kind  I've seen so far. It provides the essentials and much more! EZ Folders, EZ To Do-Cards S-Pen + more!  It even backs up notes and tasks via private email, and itâ??s awesome cuz you don't have to use anything but your voice to write! EZ Notes guarantees you Keep your phone healthier + your data safe. Awesome

Mike Pavletic

Useful App

Love this app. It is a very useful tool. The author is also very attentive to support. You cannot go wrong with this application.

Ahmed Swilam

Fantastic application, it is simple & easy to use note manager. I really loved it. Buy it and you will never regret.

Sajed Haq

Works as said!

Easy to use, works flawlessly, many features and the voice transcription is perfect! This is an excellent app!

Shama Patel

Awesome Sketch Feature

I like the idea of the sketch feature since I'm an artist. This app will be great for note taking and sketching ideas.

Deepak Kumar

Awesome app by an awesome dev

After trying many note taking apps I finally come across ez notes app and this one works really well for me.By using ez to do cards I can easily manage daily works and adding notes by voice is ultimate. I will surely recommend it to my friends and finally don't hesitate to buy the app just go for it.

Dipak Ray

Awesome Note Taking App

This is the best note taking app I have ever come across. Love it

Phạm Minh Trí

Good for Medical Doctors

This app really helps me in learning Medical. It's very convenient and also very easy to use

Jaeson Kalmoni

Little App...Huge Potential

A unique note taking app for those concerned with speed and functionality. Speak your notes and hear them read back. Ordered lists on cards help keep items grouped and accessible. And sharing notes to other platforms like email, SMS, or even backing up to a cloud are options right at your fingertips. Check it out. Give it a serious run. This just might be the last notes app you'll ever need.

Hatim Chathiwala

Minimal design

Loved it

Timothy January

Gets better and Better every update.

Do yourself a favor. Download Today. Thank you This Developer rocks. I love this App so much I PUT MY MONEY WHERE MY MOUTH IS I purchased one for my tablet (kinmont limted) and one for my phone. I definitely reccommend this awesome App. BUY IT TODAY! Alexander I am a fan ;)

Aniket Bhattacharyea

Great app with a great dev

Words fail me to describe how useful this app is!! And the developer is the most friendly dev I've ever seen

Syed Abid

Flawless app

Thank you for this fantastic app.. This app has fully user friendly notes storing and saving works.. Fully customisable notes, the best feature is it has voice notes.. Loved it.. Thanks..

Mike Anderson

Great app and dev

Very nice app. Well thought out. Extremely easy to use. I'm a tattoo artist and I already see many uses for my work. Check this one out if you need a note app THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Debopriyo Basu

A productivity freak's best friend

This is really important to get things done-voice notes are really important and I would recommend one to download this app and try it out. It gets better everyday

Justin Hambleton-Jones

Works very well, and surprisingly accurate at converting voice to text without any training. Please just add a more intuitive way of deleting notes.

Rutwik Patel

Just Awesome !

Loved it's Design and yeah it's useful for me as i save tons on links and to-do work osum Work Keep it Up Alex ! :)

surya Kiran

Superb app

Every one should own this app. I loved it.