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Hola Free VPN Proxy

Overview: Unlimited FREE VPN | Unblock websites, apps and content | Stream media content | Keep your activities safe, secure and private.

Unlimited FREE VPN | Open the web and browse safely

a?¢ The only VPN that gives you simple access to your favorite content
a?¢ Freedom to view applications and websites from around the world
a?¢ Browse the web privately & anonymously
a?¢ 100% Free
a?¢ Switch countries with ease

Welcome to a Better Internet!
a?¢ Hola is a free peer-to-peer VPN service, that works by sharing idle resources of its users to create a more open Web.
a?¢ Hola keeps its service free by providing a paid-for, commercial version of the VPN service to businesses.
a?¢ Access sites blocked in your country through an innovative peer to peer network
a?¢ Accelerates browsing
a?¢ Reduces data costs
More info at https://hola.org/faq

If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free and send them to help_android@hola.org
We love to hear from you :-)

Hola Free VPN contains Lightning Browser and is used under Lightning Browser Mozilla Public Licence, Version 2.0. A copy of this license is available at: https://github.com/anthonycr/Lightning-Browser

  • Your use of Hola Free VPN Proxy is free of charge in exchange for safely using
    some of your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only
    when you are not using your device. You may turn this off by becoming a premium user. Please see our TOS for further information. http://hola.org/legal/sla/#automatic_route

What's New:

  • Hola Free VPN Proxy
  • Hola Free VPN Proxy
  • Hola Free VPN Proxy
  • Hola Free VPN Proxy
  • Hola Free VPN Proxy
  • Hola Free VPN Proxy
Developer Hola Last Updated February 13, 2018
Number of Downloads 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 Current Version None
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.5
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heather baker

I think its great. Its got movies that i havent seen in so long from different counrtys on netflix

James Ward

Nothing better

Not only on my phone but Google Chrome on any device, can access other countries content on Netflix now without restrictions.

Neil Biso

It does exactly what I want it to do.

People who have ZERO tech savvy and rate things 1 star because they are frustrated children anger me. This app works perfectly and I love it

Kyle Germuth

Works perfect everytime before Feb 4th

Ever since Feb 4th netflix realizes in using an unblocked and cannot watch my shows anymore :(. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Adhien Redfox

F*k updates

every updates make it worse, it said united state but when i oprn it in new tab, it get to other country, and the force close...not fixed yet, THE BUG NOT FIXED YET!!! if you have the older version of hola, dont update it, it'll better that way

Alicia Dodd

Good, however...

Slow at peak times. Sort of expected, but speeding up your service would make it better (obviously).

Abigail Brown

It's really good

I love it but sometimes it keeps crashing it gets annoying. But it's really good

Josh Kraan

Great app

This app does exactly what I wanted it to do, allow me to watch American netflix in australia without any anoyances

B Hudson

Enough with rate me!

I gave you 5 stars at the first rating. Now you keep asking everytime i start the program. So each time you ask you get 1 star.........

Patrick Dupuis

Used to work great

Recently I have to restart Hola & Netflix over and over again before it'll finally load the American version.

Georgia Mangano

World wide access!

Finally! An awesome app that allows me to watch youtube videos that are 'not available in your country'! I live in Australia, not Antarctica! This app allows me to access that I have never had before!

Stephen Montgomery


Just open the app, click on whatever app you want to use (Netflix) and choose your flag (USA), even if you are in the UK. It is AWESOME and why people are giving it bad reviews I've no clue.. maybe they're clueless. Learn how to use it (YouTube) and it will be one of the best apps that you will not live without. Thanks.. now I'm keeping Netflix since I can watch whatever I want :) o and this is the only app I have reviewed, well worth it. Thanks.

Helen Watson

Need a little longer to decide

Need to play with it. Its an easy app to use but still can't watch BBC iPlayer from Spain .....

Ampoy Garcia

5 stars

i've already using it to my pc's chrome. so there's no doubt it'll not work on my phone. thanks dev!

Steven Santos

Amazing App

The best VPN app out there. I use it with my browser on my PC and also with my smartphone. Works great in both! Highly recommended.

Ahmed Zakaria

Does the job

More connection speed will be appreciated. But being free, I can't say but thanks.

Diana Delwo

Not as sketchy as you think

Seriously it's almost too good to be true. Canadian Netflix is disappointing sometimes, so American Netflix is always nice.

Ambikka Williams

Really doesn't work

It may unlocks website but it's not private. German Government still can block whatever website your trying to use though this app. So that why I say it doesn't work!

Estefania Diaz


The app works just fine, doesn't make your cell slower or has annoying ads. It does what it has to do. I absolutely reccomend it.

Sugi Smiley

Easy to use

Nice and good VVN i can get trough all blocked site...thanks