Public Transport Simulator

Public Transport Simulator v1.31 (Mod Money/XP)

Public Transport Simulator

Overview: Bus Driving Games just got better! Being a Bus Driver in a Bus Game has never been this immersive and fun.

Bus Driving Games just got better! Being a Bus Driver in a Bus Game has never been this immersive and fun.
Drive around in detailed 3d city during daylight and night in this bus driving simulator
Switch cameras and look around in the fully modeled 3d cockpit with the free look feature like a real Bus Driver.
Enjoy the realistic physics that make this Bus Simulator stand out from other Bus Driving Games.
Drive your Bus and unlock other Buses and vehicles that allow you to enjoy different gamemodes,
including Taxi Driver and Checkpoint Racing with a selection of sporty cars.
Check the leaderboards to see how you measure up against other Bus Drivers.
Being a Bus Driver in this simulator is not an easy job! Be a careless Bus Driver or crash your Bus
and passengers will fall, resulting in you losing experience. The Driving continues, after a cool action replay.
Happy Driving everybody!

a?¢ Fully modeled 3D environments and vehicles
a?¢ Interior and exterior view with free look
a?¢ Realistic physics and ragdoll
a?¢ Accident replays with screenshot possibility
a?¢ Different control options
a?¢ Bus driving
a?¢ Taxi driving
a?¢ Van driving
a?¢ Bonus cars and races
a?¢ Leaderboards

What's New:

  • Added new bus!
  • Added lowering suspension!
  • Added parking brake!
  • Traffic rework!
  • Fixed traffic wheels!
  • Public Transport Simulator
  • Public Transport Simulator
  • Public Transport Simulator
  • Public Transport Simulator
  • Public Transport Simulator
  • Public Transport Simulator
Developer SkisoSoft Last Updated February 12, 2018
Number of Downloads 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 Current Version 1.31
Content Rating Everyone 10+ OS Version 4.1 and up
File Size None Score 4.3
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But the corners on the city map are too sharp. Please fix the english mistakes like : "yoo proo! Now you can be real bus driver!" To "You are a pro! Maybe you could be a real bus driver!". Also I request busses made by a Canadian bus company called Translink. It also points out every little accident. Please fix and I love this game!

Danielle Harrison

Best app

This is the best app on my phone and it is the best app I have ever had! I have been sort of addicted to it ! It has loads of different levels and types of buses, vans and cars! I would just like to see an Optare Solo SR, an ADL E200 and a BYD EBUS. It would be good if there could be a few Nottingham bus liveries on the buses as well! A subway would be great too as it is a public transport simulator! â?º

Shawn D Coleman

School Bus gone :(

I thought there were new buses but there aren't. They just took away the 1st city bus, school bus, and prison bus livery's and replaced them with some wack new design. So please bring those busses back guys. And I would love it if the cars would yield to the busses and not slam into me when the signal changes and I go to execute a turn. Also I feel like the school bus should have the appropriate lighting and stop sign usage. Other than that this game is Coleman Approved for it's outstanding performance,

Txema Astur

Best driving game

The game execution is very good. Great graphics. There is room for improvement however. Break lights on traffic cars. Maybe a gas station were to replenish gas tank... Despite those details on my opinion it is the best driving game so far. The only change could be to eliminate the speed limit on the busses.

terry isidore

Plz you need to put some more buses instead of cars and make a London map evn though it's better than bus sim

Rhys Brennan-Killick


Please add more cars and vans and busses and more levels like volcano or cave levels and make corners in the city a bit wider as it is hard to turn the long busses

John Hawkes

Public transport simulator

Bus driving game, it is great apart from vertualy no trafic an the cars/vans dont indicate where they are going

Doland Flight

Great, Awesome game!!

Almost flawless game. Would like a minimap or map of the city. An announcer and Street names would be cool too.

Zikry Leverkuzern04

Contender of World's Best Game 2016

This is probably the realistic bus simulator ever in the world! It has the real view of what a bus driver looks like and also some effects like pedestrians walking, cars moving and importantly is the day/ night view. Thumbs upð?? to them for creating a realistic game ever. This version also saw more improvement than the others.I would recommend this game for those who like transport games. G4 Beat user..

Anis Mosta

Epic game

Best game on phone. Could have more games like it though. It also could have more London buses, like: ALX (double decker) and enviro 400 like London route 109 and 78. The buses I would like to see would be the Optare Tempo, Boris bus (back door open outwards), Citaro (bendy), Gemini (2+3), and ADL E200. Could also have a handbrake and probably how ever many doors the bus has, that is how many door buttons there are. On E400+200 could rear door open out. Then it will be even better. Still the best game.

Nick Thomas

Broken piece of crap

Like apps that literally do nothing but crash? This is for you, otherwise avoid

shelly roberts


Wow love the game and can you add ALX300 and ALX400 buses stagecoach please please and with the real sound

Adam Bellows

Awesome very good game

Good I love it good graphics cool game brilliant best bus sim I've got ð???ð???ð???ð???ð???ð??? maybe add trains

Owen Johnson


Why dont you make it so the passengers can press the bell on the bus and add some door sounds and they have feedback at the end of the level and add it where you have to get petrol and drop passengers off at supermarkets

Dyllan Dinglasan

One of a kind

It's rare to see a REAL bus simulation game. I thank the devs for rolling out updates! Although the calibration is off to the left after the new update. May I suggest the ability to change the destination board?

daniel gibson

Best simulation game I've ever played excellent graphics good controls well worth 5 star plus

Suhasini N. S.

Easy to play

It feels like i am in the real wrold!!!! Thank you for making this game. I like these all!

Johnson Regi

Best game on Google play

Great work guys. Loved game a lot. Best game ever. Well please do consider my suggestions. It would be better if you make the door switch with a light in it so i could know if the door is closed or open. Also if u make a free right in the signals it would be easy to turn in the city. Then your game is the besssssssst. Expecting good results in next updates. Congratulations.

Ashleigh Murray

Its a great game but the corners are to sharp the bus won't go around them unless you harm the passengers.

Said Mia


It would be nice if you add people who cross the street.and .....its a good game I play it everyday.its easy and for me it never ends.thanks.:)