Awesome Pop-up Video

Awesome Pop-up Video v1.1.9 build 1010956 [Premium]

Awesome Pop-up Video

Overview: Some even call it "Picture-in-Picture mode".

Awesome Pop-up Video is awesome video player unlike others. It can play the video in a pop-up window, floating above other applications, just like on your computer, a.k.a. "Picture in Picture" mode.

Multi-task! Why stop watching your TV show if someone sends you message, or get new email?

Open videos in pop-up from your device or open videos from the Internet without downloading.

Why Awesome Pop-up Video is special?
If you have installed Xposed Framework, the application will have extra powers.

a? Playlist support + special eye candy for Xposed Framework users
a? Awesome Search - easy way to find videos
a? "First row" tab. One stop hub to get the trending videos around you. Saves you a click :)
a? Chromecasta?¢ support, currently available for external videos. Happy chromecasting.
a? THEMES, customize the player colors to match your phone theme. It's Android, right?
a? Hide videos, except YouTubea?¢ videos :\
a? Snap to edges. When the player is near screen edge, it snaps right to it. No more trying to align the player with the edges.
a? Multi Windowa?¢ ready = Maximum multitasking (only for devices that support Multi Windowa?¢)

Must have for tablets, so much white space on the websites, why not to use it?

But this is not just pop-up player. When finished with multi-tasking, you can enjoy your videos in full-screen, no distractions.

What's New:

â?¢ Performance improvements If you have issues please contact me at

  • Awesome Pop-up Video
  • Awesome Pop-up Video
  • Awesome Pop-up Video
  • Awesome Pop-up Video
  • Awesome Pop-up Video
Developer Dragan Atanasov Last Updated February 14, 2018
Number of Downloads 500,000 - 1,000,000 Current Version None
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0.3 and up
File Size None Score 3.8
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Dee Reynolds

It is a great app; it allows you to rezise the window of the video, customize its color scheme, and queue videos in a playlist to automatically be played. I love the app and it does exactly what it says it does - with a few minor issues such as not supporting YouTube background playing when the screen is off. However it also has a HUGE issue with regards to freezing when trying to fast forward or rewind, at least for me. Every time I try to skip parts of a video it freezes the video visually but the audio keeps going! If they were to fix this issue I'd give it five stars. Oh and PSA: it costs $2 to have full access. Totally worth it. Just please fix the freezing issue!!

Vlad Belov

Why does it only play first 5 minutes of any video?

Is it a limitation of non-paid version? It just stops and won't go any further at 5:00 with ANY video

Jeffrey Chinhong

It's works.

Everything works, but it doesn't let me log into my youtube account. It keeps saying "I need to have at least 1 channel in my account."

Allyster Raven

Just not what I was looking for

I've been looking for an app that allows me to listen to music while doing another things or turning off the screen, but the only one app I found was MetroTube and it only works for Windows Phone... I'm not really interested on having a video window shoved up my face that doesn't let me see anything else, and that it gets worse when you try to move it to get it off the way and instantly pauses.

dio Kai

Its lightweight, and faster than gplayer, but has flaw

The app doesnt support login for those with a Youtube account linked with old Google/Gmail account.

Andrew Cote

Full version crashes, freezes, waste of money

Running an LG G3. I purchased full version. App pauses every video after 2:30 playtime, then crashes and freezes if I close the video window. This app sucks and there's better ones for free, like "floating youtube". Save your money and buy a coffee, your enjoyment of it will last longer than my enjoyment of this app.

Tomas Kuli

It's Good

Use is limited then you have to purchase a golden ticket. It's not clear if that is permanent or you have to pay again. Calling it a ticket sure make it sound like it.

Anupam Gupta


Good luck with your purchases.. Donated the amount equal to your purchase amount, to Mozilla... Firefox allows me to play YouTube video in the background


Nice .. but! I have problom.

Make the video mp3 in background we can look to other apps and listen to music thanx

Jonathan Fowler

An excellent app. I wish there were search options for youtube videos though. (like show only recent videos etc.)

Ignacio Morales

Works great!

But I want to play Youtube in background :( HTC One M8 Android 6.0

Nikolai Schmid

Its good..

.. Until they just cut off mid video and want u to go premium and don't let u use it anymore..

Ajay P

Ads ads ads

Not a decent app no more, its more peddling and ads, than anything else

Roman Javed


What's the point? They demand sensitive information without providing any meaningful service. Stay clear. It is a waste of space.

Muhammad Arslan

Add a functionality that waits a specific time after download. I send it to my friends on group and it gets delivered but they see it later. So my effort goes to waste. Do something for this issue and i might give 5 stars rating

Jeremy Booth

WTF - Golden ticket for 1 full Video!!

At least let me try it out before I commit to buying! Uninstalled...

Garrison Dunn


Hmm how do I put this gently... If you would have asked for donations or just price the app at $0.99 I would have bought it. Instead, I get to watch half a video and then I am told that I need to buy "tickets." No thanks, keep this poor business model to yourself.

Mike Stone

wont use correct google account

it always uses the wrong google account no matter how many times i sign out and log back in with the correct one

Cullen Simmons


Does exactly what I want it to. Only £1.99 for full usage. Worth it!

S. Sepehr

Playback on screen off doesn't work

I loved this app (since it was viral lite), one thing that makes Android superior to iOS. Now I had to pay to get the same app I used to have for free (viral lite), yet the main feature for me which is playback when screen is off doesn't work (on Sony xperia z3 compact) and it crashes all the time. As a matter of fact, I was using it right now and it crashes while I was writing this comment.