Droid Automation - Pro Edition

Droid Automation - Pro Edition v3.1

Droid Automation - Pro Edition

Overview: This app allow you to perform actions and automate tasks that were once repetitive.

This app allow you to perform actions and automate tasks that were once repetitive.
User friendly and easy to use, Droid Automation will make your life easier.

Create your profile, add your tasks and select your triggers. That's it !

What's New:

We work hard to provide you with a quality app, but you may run into problems we couldn't anticipate. If so, don't panic, keep calm and feel free to contact us at apps [at] wakdev.com Release notes : http://release-notes.droidautomation.wakdev.com

  • Droid Automation - Pro Edition
  • Droid Automation - Pro Edition
  • Droid Automation - Pro Edition
  • Droid Automation - Pro Edition
  • Droid Automation - Pro Edition
  • Droid Automation - Pro Edition
Developer wakdev Last Updated February 13, 2018
Number of Downloads 1,000 - 5,000 Current Version 3.1
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0 and up
File Size None Score 4.1
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Andrew Staley

One function missing...

API support for third party apps to be able to call the execution of profiles.

Arnab De

Geo-fencing trigger not working.

My device is in 5.1 but still location based triggers never worked for me.. Update: As you suggested I tried with GPS on with High Accuracy.. But still no luck. I have a suggestion why don't you try to fetch location from network or cell id, I think those are more consistent than GPS.

Michael Napolitano

Triggers not working

My schedule-based triggers are not working. Perhaps it may be Marshmallow's battery optimization mode during sleep, but I'd rather have the app's developers experiment to solve the problem. Also, I would love Boolean logic in the triggers. I want to love this app, but I can't now. I just wish I knew of these issue before I upgraded to Pro.

Peter Zidek

Android 6 issues

Goog features, but not working corretly since android 6 update

Larry E

It's a start

I'd really like to see the program get a little more sophisticated over time.

mohan vydianathan

Brilliant app

This app does what it says. It has option to hide toast notification as well. Just love this app.

Sunny Ittoop

Time delay

Hai..app is good and working good.But must need a time delay task also..like screen off after 10 min automatically disabled wife...

Ben Miller


So I set up a few tasks. Play music adjust screen brightness ect. Went for something a bit trickier tried to get it to send an sms automagically. Missed a step. Emailed dev and he responded really quickly telling me what i missed. Would buy app again. Will recommend to friends.

Julian Manciaz


This has made my life so much easier. I LOVE it!

Ed Nafziger


There's some room for improvement. The list of available triggers should be organized by category just like the tasks. There need to be a way to search for available triggers and tasks by keyword. There needs to be a way to reorder the triggers of a profile just like the tasks (I understand this doesn't change functionality of the profile I want to organize the triggers visually). There needs to be a way to backup and restore profiles. There needs to be a way to migrate profiles from free to paid version.

Jake Miller

Overall good app

It takes a bit to figure out but it can do a lot for you. One suggestion though- when you open the profiles it should go straight to the options tab. I enable and execute them much more often than I edit the triggers. Also, a conditional statement checking for screen state or a default answer to a question depending on that would be nice.

Martin KoláÅ?

Thanks.. And few questions...

First of all.. thanks for another great app.. I have few questions: 1) is there possibly to add task to switch launcher? I'm trying to change sony xperia home and simple.. I can't see them in task â??open appâ??. 2) what is car dock trigger? This don't work for me. I have dock which is landscape and I have car holder which is also dock but portrait, both are triggered with classic dock trigger. 3) Is there condition about orientation? This could solve my dock/car dock problem because car is portrait.. Thanks:)

Levu Work

Very useful app...!

Some issues / bugs must still be solved (have also directly contacted the developer), but for how useful the app is and for the amazing quick and prompt reply and support, the app and developer deserve 5 stars, not only for what the app is now, but also for the encouraging it's future development. Keep up the good work...!

Micah Stevens

Pretty good!

Expected conditionals to be in triggers but after playing with it a while this is way more flexible. Would love a GPS conditional like "within X meters of Y"

John Dunn


Trigger set , a task IS made too ensue. A task run ð?? IS NOT THE trigger. A trigger on a motion such AS button airplane â?? mode. Triggers when airplane â?? IS buttonedâ?¦ too THE running ð?? task. So, taskâ?¦ after,â?¦ button ,â?¦ (tagged via trigger) runs onto task set. Task after button which IS by pressing triggers to a set task too run ð?? when there is a trigger that then acts too run ð?? THE task. A run ð?? of the task is not that a trigger is made. But that a press of a button can involve the trigger start.

Amanda Villano


I will re-download and pay again when there is nfc. Pretty basic feature for any automation app.