Money Manager (+PC Editing)

Money Manager (+PC Editing) v.3.8.1 G.P (patched)

Money Manager (+PC Editing)

Overview: “Money Manager” is an optimized application for personal asset management.

a??Money Managera? is an optimized application for personal asset management.

a?» PC manager function
You can view a??a??Money Managera? application using Wi-Fi. You can edit and sort the data by date, category or account group on the screen of your PC. In addition, you can see fluctuations of your accounts indicated on graphs on your PC.

a?» Applying double entry bookkeeping
It facilitates efficient asset management. It does not just record your money coming in and out of your account but deposits your money into your account as soon as your income is input and draws money from your account as soon as your expense is input.

a?» Budget management function
You can manage your budget. It shows your budget and expense by a graph so you can see the amount of your expense against your budget quickly.

a?» Card / Debit Card management function
Entering a settlement date, you can see payment amount and outstanding payment at asset tab. You can arrange the automatic debit by simply connecting your debit card with your account.

a?» Passcode
You can check passcode so you can safely manage your account book.

a?» Transfer, direct debit and recurrence function
Transfer between assets is possible, which makes your asset management more efficient. In addition, you can manage you salary, insurance, term deposit and loan more easily by setting automatic transfer and recurrence.

a?» Instant statistics
Based on the data entered, you can instantly see your expense by category and changes between each month. And you can see change of your assets and income/expense indicated by a graph as well.

a?» Bookmark function
You can easily input your frequent expense all at once by bookmarking them.

a?» Backup / Restore
You can make and view backup files in Excel file and backup / restore is possible.
Google Drive backup is supported.

a?» Other functions
- Change of starting date
- Calculator function (Amount > upper right button)
- Sub Category ON-OFF function

What's New:

3.7.x Subcategory budget added Month start day - weekend setting added Budget graph improved User custom currency added Other bug fixes. 3.6.x Fingerprint function added Assets daily amount accumulation function added Asset grouping function added transfer expenses - statistics function added Other bug fixes

  • Money Manager (+PC Editing)
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing)
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing)
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing)
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing)
  • Money Manager (+PC Editing)
Developer Realbyte Inc. Last Updated February 13, 2018
Number of Downloads 50,000 - 100,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.6
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Santiago Fernandez Devoto

Excellent Money Manager App.!!

It's a very usefull app. I use it all the time. Great look with material design. Totally recommended

Mustafa Mamdouh

Simple and Powerful!

It does what it should do simply and efficient, Mininmizing clicks as possible is one of great features beside it offers customization in eveything to fit everyone. I had tried too many financial apps till I got this one and finally I'm happy user, I wish if they add sync and collaboration feature with multi devices and option to create multi users.

Sepur Hore

Please add comma in numpad.

Dishant Pandya

Fantastic App...!!!

Really Loved It...! Heartily Thank You to the Developers.... :) :) :)

Wong Victor

Nice App

It is well design and I very appreciate the app always have great update after years.


Best Personal Finance App

Very user friendly and excellent option to back up and restore data

Pooky Yuen

Some of the updates do not make sense

Latest update saw the removal 2 decimal spaces in the display screens. Most bizarre for a money app.

Yao Yi

I love the app, but

Screen turns total black when open the app, please fix the bug .......â?¦................update...............: seems like the latest update finally fixed the bug .â?¦...................................................... the blackout still occasionally happens. Samsung Galaxy note 3. Fix this will get back to five star.

Pitarn Harnpanichpun

Great app

I find the an expense manager app that can back up to cloud and easy use. This app is my desire

Fadi Mendo

Great app

If you could add to transfer page a place to put the exchange rate that would be perfect

Suyoung Park

So far so good

Easy to use

Ndukwe Onuoha

Just Got better

The weekly & customised duration statistics is just excellent.

Yixiang Li

Amazing app!

Good to use

Solo Han

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ì?¤ì ?ì?ì?? ì?¸ì?´ë³?ê²½ ì?µì??ë? ë?£ì?´ì£¼ì?¬ ê³ ë§?ê² ì?µë??ë?¤! ì??ë??ë¡?이ë??ë?? ì?ë¬¸ì?¼ë¡? ì?°ê³  ì?±ì? í??ê¸?ë¡? 써ì?¼í?´ì??ì??..

Jonathan Martin

Cool app

Thanks realbyte

Triandono Sutanto

So so

When category name is different but its have same name.. I can't distinguish that name from different account. And also sorting from expense tab is not alfabetical... Pardon me from my bad english...

Japhet Penaflor

Best money managing app

Very user friendly


I do always thanks about "Moneymanager"


Balash Niftaliyev


I cant manage my debts, bank credits , can you add a function to manage debts? Remain debt, sum of debt like this functions.

Haryanto, Darma

Very handy app

Would love to see an improvement as a widget