Heroes of Steel RPG Elite

Heroes of Steel Elite v4.5.5 + Unlocked

Heroes of Steel RPG Elite

Overview: Play the free RPG version "Heroes of Steel RPG" before you purchase Elite and enjoy hours of turn-based strategy in Red Hill for free!

Command your party of four heroes as they fight to protect the last remnants of humanity. Born in a time of warring gods and dark powers, your four unlikely heroes embark on a grim journey set in the sprawling and immense post-apocalyptic medieval world of Steel.

Heroes of Steel is a turn-based tactics RPG in which you build a party of four characters and combine their unique talents, curses, buffs and abilities to make a winning team strategy. Face challenging monsters, terrifying bosses, and constantly changing terrain in the hostile Underdeep. Gain over 60 levels and transform your characters into legendary heroes, choosing from hundreds of Talents and thousands of combinations of equipment.

Play the free RPG version "Heroes of Steel RPG" before you purchase Elite and enjoy hours of turn-based strategy in Red Hill for free! Heroes of Steel Elite includes the entire story (4 Episodes) - easily 120+ hours of epic story and as you battle across the Underdeep. This game features no grinding - all continuous story. Please note there is no transfer of IAPs or character groups from Heroes of Steel RPG to Elite.

It is the dawn of the Seventy First Year after the world has fallen. Four of the Thirteen Gods rose up against their creator, the All-Father, and destroyed him in a cataclysmic event. In the final days before all was lost, under the guidance of an ancient order of druids, the survivors retreated to a mysterious underground labyrinth; the Underdeep. Now, in the Underdeep, the last remnants of humanity are scratching out a living and trying to rebuild a society, but are quickly discovering that evil has followed them beneath the surface.

Savor complete control over character customization, deciding how to increase your attributes, skills, and powerful talents. Equip each of your characters with a variety of weapons, armor, and up to three mundane or magical accessories. As your party explores the dungeons, cities and crypts of the world, you will decide the overall strategy and approach your team takes.

  • IAPs Explained
    All IAPs are permanent additions. Purchasing a Character ($1.99) allows you to add the character to any new group. Purchasing a story Episode ($1) allows any group to play through the Episode. There are no consumable or repeat IAPs in this game.

  • Permissions Explained

  • android.permission.INTERNET is used to send crash reports online to the Trese Brothers allowing us to fix any crash. Crash reports are very small and are sent automatically.

  • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE will enable FUTURE feature to import / export saved games for sharing.


What's New:

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this game E-mail andrew@tresebrothers.com for support v4.5.5 - 2/16/2018

  • Added 16 new Bloodstones to Episode 2 in the Underforge
  • Fixed longstanding bug with misreporting Nikolai's fate
  • Fixed bugs status screens for Sneak & Mystic characters in late Episode 4
  • Fixed map bugs v4.5.3 - 1/26/2018
  • Added 15 Bloodstones across the surface of the City of the Dead
  • Map fixes and improvements for Episode 4 dungeons
  • Heroes of Steel RPG Elite
  • Heroes of Steel RPG Elite
  • Heroes of Steel RPG Elite
  • Heroes of Steel RPG Elite
  • Heroes of Steel RPG Elite
  • Heroes of Steel RPG Elite
Developer Cory Trese Last Updated February 17, 2018
Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000 Current Version 4.5.5
Content Rating Teen OS Version 2.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.7
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Josh Yates

It's a great game, if you're looking for d&d style play with a solid story behind it, this is what you've been looking for

Kingkin Malintang

Good game

John Jolivette

Awesome Game!!!

These people are awesome!!! They are always doing updates, if you email them suggestions, they will return your email rather quickly. I can't say enough of how great this game is. The story line keeps you drawn in. If you don't believe me just try it out, you won't be disappointed.

Luke Cartner

Fun and works well

Only really complaint is paying $2 per character seems a bit high to have options.

David Hines

Hero's of Steel

Reminds me of old school dark sun games. I love this game and play it every chance I get.

William Charmoli

really great game

this is a really great game the only reason i gave it 4 stars is that i paid for the game and there are still things that you have to pay for if you want the better class players if you buy the game everything should be included in it

Mark Jasper Joseph

Very nice game.

They should be making more games like this one.

Jared Pomranky

Best turn based rpg

I downloaded this as soon as it came out and have played several different teams. The story is great and the game play is outstanding.

Bryan S.

Best game I own.

Period. I've been playing HoS since day one, and after purchasing every new character, have played well over 150 unique and powerful groups using the 8 available characters. Not every group has what it takes, and therein lies the replayability of the game. With every group, you learn what works and what doesn't, improving with every play through. One of my favorite parts of this game is the constant combat- minus backtracking, combat accounts for 75% of the game, and makes for a great experience!

Aaron Bonner

Well worth the money

Great storyline, fun development, and neat class abilities. A tiny bit slow on my phone, but well worth it.

Dave Noon

Great rpg!!

Thanks Cory!!! ð??? I still love this game!!!

Nekhron Kirov

Way-back Machine Good Times!

Remember the good old days when everything was less complicated? When you didnt have to read a dictionary sized book to play a game? And when RPG games have good storylines? This game takes you back to that time, in spades. I cannot recommend this game highly enough!

John LaBrie

Almost great.

Game mechanics, skills, story and overall game play are good. Amateurish artwork give it a "fan art" highschool project appearance. Almost great.

Deryl Eldridge


Hey guys I love this game, it reminds me of the old school SSI D&D games playing is just hard enough for this old man.

Mike Duteau

Channels Baldur's Gate

It's a good crunchy tactical rpg. I've been looking for something like this for a long time!

Steven Le Chat

Old-school dungeon crawl

Just what I like.

Patrick Beacock

Fun but regular.

Title says it all.

Malik Bennett

Worth it!

I am still glad I bought the full version several months later. Others have come and gone, but this game offers skill trees that actually result in different ways to fight.

Terry Wallwork

Nice game for rpg players

Very enjoyable game, and small disk requirements.


Intricate game

Very good game!