Airport City: Airline Tycoon

Airport City: Airline Tycoon v6.3.16 [Mod]

Airport City: Airline Tycoon

Overview: Features:

a?? Create the airport of your dreams in this city building simulator.
a?? Assemble a fleet of cool planes: from private jets to transcontinental airplanes.
a?? Bring back rare artifacts from your flights and complete collections!
a?? Take part in limited-time adventures and get special rewards.
a?? Team up with your friends and form an alliance! Playing together is always more fun.
a?? Send missions to space after taking control of the skies. A true tycoon knows no limits!

Take the reins of power and turn a small town into a prosperous megalopolis with the best airport in the world! Create one of the busiest transport hubs ever: construct infrastructures such as air traffic control towers, runways, and hangars, assemble a fleet of planes, and send flights all around the world! Watch your town blossom into a great city as you improve and upgrade unique buildings, attract additional passengers, and connect your airport to the most distant locations on the globe!

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  • A Walk in the Clouds event is starting in Airport City!
  • Time to surprise, give flowers, and enjoy a romantic atmosphere! Help lonely hearts find true loveâ??dispatch flights full of lovers to romantic destinations, and assemble wedding collections to get the amazing Crystal Manor! MAKE YOUR CITY UNIQUE
  • Visit the store to exchange Candy Hearts for bonuses and unique buildings like the Flower Castle, Lake of Romance, and others.
  • Airport City: Airline Tycoon
  • Airport City: Airline Tycoon
  • Airport City: Airline Tycoon
  • Airport City: Airline Tycoon
  • Airport City: Airline Tycoon
  • Airport City: Airline Tycoon
Developer Game Insight Last Updated February 13, 2018
Number of Downloads 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 Current Version 6.3.16
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.1 and up
File Size None Score 4.4
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Kalen Braun

Early money grab... Ridiculous..

Idk how this game has so many 5 star rates.. honestly it is fun and I would give it 5 stars.. I've played it for about an hour and a half and now I'm already forced to spend money on the game to create certain buildings.. are you kidding me? If there was an easier way around spending tons of money right away like every other game out there.. I'd consider moving my rating up. Right now.. I'm considering the uninstall.. disappointed.

kenneth jenkins

Total ripoff

I thought that it was one of those simulation games.I'll give you five stars if you fix it

Stephen Prieto

All issues have been resolved so now I can return to a 5 star rating. Waiting to see what latest update does.

Joe Ostroski

Good game

To bad it is very expensive to play, if you chose to play this game, it's probably the most expensive game to play! Wish if you were charged for games, it wouldn't cost so much!! In the end, it's not worth it because of its expense! Just so you know, they think of every possible way in this game to charge you! To any reading this review, people, please believe me, it's VERY expensive! Finally you have to be Bill Gates in order to play this game.

Dan Pan

Terrible interface....

Can't mass sell buildings. Can't rotate runways or buildings correctly. Balloon item are lame, alway hit something above it. Slow game play. Hangers need to hold more than one plane. Game play becomes boring really fast. Game requires friends to play otherwise you can't do some missions. LAME!!!!

Adam Jones


Game accused me of being a "Time Traveller" or "Cheater" and locked me from visiting neighbours. I am a legitimate player, but this game is too frustrating, and I am really sorry to say but it is a load of rubbish, unless you have money to burn, so I am totally annoyed by software developers who are more interested in profits than happy customers. If they do not fix this issue "DO NOT INSTALL THIS"

Phee Wenjie

I am not a time travller!!!

Got banded a cheater when I travel real time. 1 hour time difference and I got label as a cheat.... seriously....

janice roach

Once you start you can't stop

Always lots to do.

Sebastian Ludwig

Love the game but

I play on my tablet and I am on level 11. Now I got a new smartphone and want to carry on where i was with my tablet but even when I connect to Google play it doesn't come up with the world from my tablet. Pls fix.

keith hallam

Only playable if you sinkloads of money into it

Not just a few quid, this game needs hundreds to unlock everything

Eddie Rose


I just bought the game money and I never got a refill of the game money please don't go e me a reason to stop supporting the game

Nikki Humphrey

I would rate 5 stars but I have bought the cash and it didn't give to me so either refund my money or give me what I bought

Shannon Griffith

Early roadblock - need $$

Game is very fun to start then you realize every building upgrade needs special items that take forever to find so of course you either stall or fork over $$. Other games don't have this roadblock.

Terance Colquitt


Its a pretty good game until u get a message saying your a cheater lol im like how??? I haven't touched my system at all very disappointing.

Felix Morales

Good game

I think you should be able to turn your run ways instead of having them go only one way

Monty Truth

Way to expensive

Worse out of pocket costs than 2020 my country. You do get far before you need airport cash which you can't earn much of. It may be cheaper to run a real airport.

Mahfouz Love Sarah


Wtf man why my airport is no ok every thing is blocked why cannot buy a rocket cannot add some one why

YJJ Coolcool


On facebook, i played the version 2 of this, and it said that there was a Android version of it. But why can't i find it??? I just have to use this now...

Ric Johnson

Airport cool

Fun crazy stuff

Harry Edwards


The game had not loaded for the last 3 days please update asap