Alarm Clock & Timer & Stopwatch & Tasks & Contacts

Alarm Plus Millenium v5.6 build 126 [Paid]

Alarm Clock & Timer & Stopwatch & Tasks & Contacts

Overview: Alarm Plus Millenium is more than an alarm clock; it includes four wonderful apps in a one.

Alarm Plus Millenium is more than an alarm clock; it includes four wonderful apps in a one:
a? Alarm clock with a professional stopwatch and unlimited timers for your daily needs.
a? Tasks & To-do list manager.
a? Contacts manager that allows you to contact them but also to not miss their birthdays.
a? Relaxing music player for smooth sleep with the gradual reducing volume.

1 \ Alarm clock + Stopwatch + Timer:
Alarm Plus Millenium includes the same alarm clock + Stopwatch + Timer as the free version without ads and with ability to skip next alarm up to one week.

2 \ Tasks:
With Alarm Plus Millenium , you can add tasks by a very interactive way:
a? Set up a task with your voice just by dictating the word task and the time.
a? Dictate the task to do.
a? Select whether the task is for a precise date and time or within a certain time.
a? Select the repetition frequency of the task.
a? Define and activate a default task profile.
a? See the scheduled tasks in a chronological order...

3 \ Contacts:
Alarm Plus Millenium offers you a personalized management of your contacts with their birthdays, you can:
a? Add or import your contacts (name, phone number, Email).
a? Add a picture for each contact.
a? Add the date of birth to be notified for every birthday.
a? Call the contact at any time or send him/her an SMS or Email.
a? Send an automatic and personalized SMS or Email after birthday notification...

4 \ Sleep & Relaxation:
Alarm Plus Millenium offers a valuable Android tool to relax during a nap or to help you fall asleep with a very relaxing music, you can:
a? Choose a sound of nature and a relaxing music.
a? Select the duration of playback.
a? Adjust the volume of the music player.
a? Enable the gradual reduction of volume for a smooth transition to the deep sleep.

The Millenium Alarm Plus interface is fully customizable, you can choose the background color style as well as the title bar color.

Warning do not stop the application with a task killer, because it deletes all your alarms and notifications.

For more information, questions or issues, please visit our website or email us.

Website :

What's New:

  • Important improvements.
  • World Clock.
  • Set timers and alarms with "OK Google".
  • Unlimited redesigned timers with new widgets.
  • Google Drive backup. Notice: Please make sure that your battery saver or task killer apps will not prevent alarms from working.
  • Alarm Clock & Timer & Stopwatch & Tasks & Contacts
  • Alarm Clock & Timer & Stopwatch & Tasks & Contacts
  • Alarm Clock & Timer & Stopwatch & Tasks & Contacts
  • Alarm Clock & Timer & Stopwatch & Tasks & Contacts
  • Alarm Clock & Timer & Stopwatch & Tasks & Contacts
  • Alarm Clock & Timer & Stopwatch & Tasks & Contacts
Developer Millenium Apps Last Updated February 18, 2018
Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000 Current Version 5.6
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0 and up
File Size None Score 4.6
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Thomas Guppy

Excellent app with excellent support

Mian Muhammad Umer Rashid

Very good app. Great U.I

Please add picture support, i.e To turn off alarm, you have to go to the pictured place and take a photo. i need this annoying feature to force me to go in other place just to turn off Alarm. Still it deserves 5 stars. Excellent app, and many options.

Amir Efrat

Not working after last update. Alarm won't go off. Galaxy 6 edge

David P


Nice features. Would have been 5 stars but I had to restart my phone to make the alarm stop first time.

David Schott

Great clock awesome support

I love this clock and the fact that it's actively supported versus others that don't drew me to it. I asked the dev a question and he got back to me quickly. I would like better options for dimming the clock in night mode but it's not a deal breaker. Keep up the great work.

Christopher Pilot

Best Alarm Clock App for Marshmallow

With Marshmallow's doze breaking most alarm clock apps, this seems to be the only one that has a dev on top of things to actually have a working solution. All the others are either claiming they work (when the still don't) or they're just ignoring their Marshmallow users' complaints. Although I only use the alarm part, this app is so much more. Very pleased! The only criticism I have is the icon is easy too busy, but that's just personal preference and easy for me to change with a 3rd party launcher.

Aaron Boyce

Thank You Sooooooo Much !

I tried your free version and was pleasantly surprised by its common sense approach. I let you folks know of my tentative satisfaction and appreciation. I ended up buying the "Pro Version" (paid). This is the first time I have actually purcha$ed an app. I owed it to myself to have a alarm clock app that did it's job efficiently, without a bunch of BS rigmarole. I owed it to you folks for support of a job "Well Done". THANX ! CONTINUED Reliable support from Yan at "Millennium". Yan Continues*

Robert Bull


I played with the free version for about a day, then updated to this one. It's that good. Excellent feature set *and* excellent UI to control those features. If you're a former Palm user sighing for Big Clock or PocketDoan, look no further: this is a fine replacement.

Daniel McFarland

AWESOME customer service!

I had previously paid 4 the Alarm Clock app from this Dev & paid to remove the ads. Found out that version had a 1-device license when I got my wife a new HTC ONE M8. I emailed the Dev to see if he could help, late on an Friday night. I received a direct reply (not some auto-reply) in 9 minutes!! Are you kidding? I realized I would need to repurchase the clock to get rid of the ads, but was told he would refund me for my first purchase, then suggested I get the on-sale Plus vers for all my phones! Solution!

Zeno Marin

Very nice

Dear Development Team and users, here are my findings. 1. There is a delay between when the alarm was set and when it goes off. Today it was 3 min. You are still in time for work, but the bug may reoccur with more than 3 min delay. I am worried about this bug! 2. The timer (or nap alarm) is missing the increasing alarm feature. 3. UI and usability are ok, but can be improved. Fix the first item and get 5 stars from me.

navdeep shrivastava

App is good.But.. it keeps crashing!!

Many times the message comes that alarm plus millenium has stopped working.Pls fix this problem

Tee Taylor

Best features ever! ...Absolutely love it!

darryl meyers


It may take a moment to got to work this app but it is still 5 stars

Kurt Parks

Of the multitude of alarms

I have installed, only to uninstall, I have been most pleased with Alarm Plus feature Options...and even mores, the Support! Great job!

Tobi Whitney

Uninstall/install worked

This recent update did not work. When the alarm time comes, the screen turns black and after 2 minutes the app crashes. Please fix! I loved the app before this. Update : I Uninstalled and installed the app. It works. I think it was the birthdays that i tried to add in, which caused it to crash. Maybe there are too many and used up too much space? The app is working fine now. Thanks!

Wael Khedr

Best alarm ever

Just need backup option to take 10 stars

Benjamin Washington

4 in 1 alarm clock

This is really a attractive and useful app. The layout is outstanding. If all the functions work as advertised, this alarm clock is the best I've found. Good job.

george liotta

Extremely Awesome

Well done :) Galaxy note 4

Roger Staff

Galaxy S4

Superb app, display options very good and so easy to use, love it, so good i got the paid version

Achi T

Note2, Note8, SonyZ3

Tried many others, not only I kept this one but also pay for it. Good app!