PaperBoy:Infinite bicycle ride

Paper boy: Infinite rider v1.19 [Mod Money]

PaperBoy:Infinite bicycle ride

Overview: A modern take on a classic game, Paperboy lets you re-live the glory days of retro gaming- but this time in 3D!

A modern take on a classic game, Paper boy lets you re-live the glory days of retro gaming - but this time in 3D! The aim is simple - ride your bmx bike through town delivering newspapers to your subscribers. Make sure not to deliver to the wrong mailboxes- the blue ones are your subscribers and the red ones are not. Try to avoid the hazards and obstacles along the way! Dogs will chase you, cars can knock you off your bike, and road repairs will always make your journey more challenging. Luckily you can improve your chances with the help of power-ups. Collect coins as you go, and keep on riding as far as you can!

Paperboy game is Infinite runner (rider) game that gets you back in the past; deliver newspapers to the subscribers and avoid all the obstacles. Subscribers have blue mail box, and they are your gold. Deliver newspapers to the blue mail boxes, not the red ones.

Have fun with many achievements like breaking the windows, getting away from the chasing dog, and of-course riding as far as possible.

With the help of power ups like precision, magneto, super bike, double coins, armor and more, we hope you would be able to ride more then your friends.

Pimp up your bike and equipment! Not just visual, but also functional ;)

What's New:

1.Added tutorial 2.Small bugs fixed

  1. Fixed gift error
  2. Fixed facebook score, Rate us
  3. Added daily reward
  4. Added hourly bonus, fixed bug with graphics
  5. Fixed lag on some phones
  6. Fixed problems with score on some phones
  7. Pause button moved to the top right position for better user experience
  8. Added settings for graphics quality, so you can lower quality for better frame rate
  9. Added settings for graphics quality on pause screen
  • PaperBoy:Infinite bicycle ride
  • PaperBoy:Infinite bicycle ride
  • PaperBoy:Infinite bicycle ride
  • PaperBoy:Infinite bicycle ride
  • PaperBoy:Infinite bicycle ride
  • PaperBoy:Infinite bicycle ride
Developer Gotta Play Last Updated December 30, 2015
Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000 Current Version 1.19
Content Rating Rated for 3+ OS Version 2.3 and up
File Size 68M Score 3.9
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Kaden Dyer


Awesome game in the world

Steve Jenkins

Doesn't load

Brandi Amey

Will Not load

I can't even play . It says it's loading but then cuts off and goes back to my home screen.

Aleksandar CvijanoviƄ?

Great game

amy bobo

Can't play

Just downloaded it and I click to play after a few seconds it closes!!! You told someone else that the problem was fixed but it's still doing it

TIM Wardley

Paperboy is not the same as it was,

It's slow and rubbish, bring back the original. Un installing it.

Vlada Rancic

Very nice game!


Samsung Galaxy tab 3

Installs fine once you hit open it will show game logo and then it will just close in about 6 seconds of opening it. So it wont let me play it please fix.

Vojislav Ilic


It's hard to stop once you start playing

Sinisa Medic

25+ years old memories

Nice endless runner on the bike

Ivan Kocic



Acount Khuji

very nice apps..

As Inside

an interesting game. good graphics. fun time. recommend to everyone!

Abdul Mohammad

Excellent experience

Sinisa Kresojevic

I love it! Good old days... :)

Nenad Angeleski

not bad at all

topu kan

nice very nice ..


I love you

I understand the situation and then delete this information by anyone who has the best price for your business

Team USA

Same here, loads n then back to desktop automatically after a few seconds

Moto x first gen 4.4.4 android

Scott Setvins

What garbage

Wont load...brings you back to Google play...don't bother!!