Yomiwa - Japanese Translator

Yomiwa - Japanese Translator v3.2.1 [Premium]

Yomiwa - Japanese Translator

Overview: Yomiwa is an easy way to translate Japanese with your camera in real-time.

Yomiwa is an easy way to translate Japanese with your camera in real-time.
Yomiwa displays English translations of Japanese characters: single kanjis & full words written with kanjis, hiraganas, katakanas, when you aim at them with the camera . You can also take a picture or upload one from your own files and translate Japanese text in them. Yomiwa also has a built-in drawing feature for you to draw and translate Japanese characters on your touch-screen, in order to learn and practice writing Japanese. Yomiwa also includes a dictionary searchable in Japanese (text or drawing) or English.

Yomiwa works fully offline. Yomiwa can recognize more than 3000 different kanjis and all hiraganas and katakanas.

Yomiwa is perfect for:
- Read and understand Japanese text (newspaper, manga, books,...)
- Learn and study Japanese Kanjis (meaning, reading, drawing, writing)
- Translate Japanese words in everyday life situations
- Instant on-the-go translation when travelling in Japan
- Overcome the language barrier!
- Use as a dictionary

- Translate Japanese characters with your camera or from you stored images (photo gallery, google drive etc.)
- Translate words made of all types of Japanese characters (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana)
- Translate proper names (such as people names, places, locations...)
- Get the Japanese pronunciation of words in roman letters (romaji) or hiragana / katakana.
- Get the meaning of single or combinations of Kanjis
- Draw characters on the screen to translate them and practice writing Japanese
- Read either horizontal or vertical Japanese text

- Copy the recognized characters or their reading by doing a long press on the pop-up
- Open an image with yomiwa directly from an other app by clicking on the "share" button

- Handwriting recognition, dictionary (including additional databases) and word lists are free
- You can try translations from images and live camera feed for free for one week, after which an activation fee applies.

Coming soon:
- Flashcards

Known issues:
- Can't import large images on some old devices (memory issue)

Don't hesitate to contact the developers at android.devteam@yomiwa.net

Twitter: twitter.com/YomiwaApp
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yomiwaapp
Instagram: instagram.com/yomiwa

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What's New:

** Lists import/export ** You can now share your yomiwa lists between devices, including iOS ** Other Changes **

  • Added an "History" list
  • Improved special characters integration
  • Improved dictionary input
  • Minor design changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Yomiwa - Japanese Translator
  • Yomiwa - Japanese Translator
  • Yomiwa - Japanese Translator
  • Yomiwa - Japanese Translator
  • Yomiwa - Japanese Translator
  • Yomiwa - Japanese Translator
Developer Yomiwa Last Updated March 10, 2018
Number of Downloads 100,000 - 500,000 Current Version None
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.1 and up
File Size None Score 4.1
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