TeamViewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer for Remote Control v13.1.8602

TeamViewer for Remote Control

Overview: Mobile and flexible with the TeamViewer

Use this app to remotely control other devices
Want to remote into this device? > Download the QuickSupport app

Remote into another computer, smartphone or tablet, while you are on the road!
TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure remote access and is already used on more than 1 billion devices worldwide.

Use cases:
- Control computers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) remotely as if you were sitting right in front of them
-- Provide spontaneous support or administer unattended computers (e.g. servers)
- Remotely control other mobile devices (Android, Windows 10 Mobile)

Key Features:
- Screen sharing and complete remote control of other devices
- Intuitive touch and control gestures
- File transfer in both directions
- Computers & Contacts management
- Chat
- Sound and HD video transmission in real-time
- Highest security standards: 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange
- Plus so much more a?¦

Quick guide:
1. Install this app
2. On the device you want to connect to, download TeamViewer QuickSupport
3. Enter the ID from the QuickSupport app into the ID field and connect

What's New:

  • New UX and UI for Chat
  • File transfer improvement:
  • Connect tab allows to choose between remote control and file transfer
  • File transfer icon at the bottom is gone
  • New login screen for Computers & Contacts list
  • New "How to use" and onboarding tutorials
  • The Computer & Contacts list's loading duration is massively decreased as well as the mobile data usage is significantly - decreased when logging in
  • Minor improvements and fixes
  • TeamViewer for Remote Control
  • TeamViewer for Remote Control
  • TeamViewer for Remote Control
  • TeamViewer for Remote Control
  • TeamViewer for Remote Control
  • TeamViewer for Remote Control
Developer TeamViewer Last Updated March 13, 2018
Number of Downloads 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 Current Version 13.1.8602
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0 and up
File Size None Score 4.5
More Info:
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David Do

Most trusted

When looking for a free remote access app I always use teamviewer because of its reputation and security. I don't have to worry about malicious software our ads attached to the software. As long as it's for personal use, it's free which can't be beat. I would definitely recommend this app to others. I've witnessed continued improvement with their programs and have noticed that they have even minimized the data load when it comes to using a mobile connection such as 3G without sacrificing streaming quality.

Chad Zawistowski

Super easy to use

TeamViewer surprised me with a great mobile UI that makes remotely controlling a desktop about as gracefully as possible, given the touch/mouse mismatch.

Chris Porosky

This app needs to catch up to the desktop client asap. Basic features like Windows Authentication are nowhere to be found on the mobile apps. Also, there is no reboot to safe mode option. Why not??

Euwa Jama

so far so good

have not tried it yet using mobile data connection but no problems when using wifi, thank you devs!

Justin Wright

Authentication rejected

The latest update broke the app. Known machines will no longer connect. The app has been rendered unusable and it's currently been over a week. Update - it's been over a month and still no fix for the last update that broke the app. This is really pathetic support. Update 2 - Latest update fixed the connection issue. Great app but poor, slow support.

Nick Lee

Data base error?

I used to be able to access my client pc on my mobile without issues. Now within 5min, the session will freeze on my g4 and I have to shut off the app. Even restarting doesn't solve this issue.. New error 13Dec 2015- now it shows a database error?

Danny Correa

By far the easiest way to remote into a Linux based machine! Setup was simple and I had a connection up between my computer and my tablet and smartphone over 4G in no time. There is one glaring issue that I have which keeps me from giving this 5 stars. When I connect to my computer, I see the desktop just fine, but if I open a new folder or window, it does not render on my remote screen on my tablet and my phone. If i mouse the remote mouse to the location of the opened window, the cursor will change to indicate that there is something for me to interact with, but I cannot see it. If I hit the multiple monitor button and switch to my other monitor and then back, the open windows will be properly rendered until I open another one or close one of the open ones. Then again, I have to switch monitor inputs in order to see the changes. Please Fix!! **UPDATE -- It turns out the video driver on my Linux Desktop was causing the issues. I was using the AMD proprietary driver but switched to the open source driver and now it works perfectly!**

Soo Novi

I've been using Teamviewer on my desktop for a year or so, mostly to assist family and friends with tech issues, I'd never used any of the other functionality like remote printing and file transfer and such. Even so, I found it very helpful. On December 30, 2015 I installed Teamviewer for Remote Control on my Android phone primarily because I wanted to be able to access my home computer when away from home. It wasn't entirely intuitive to use but once I blundered around a bit I found it did exactly what I needed it to do. The remote control interface takes a bit of getting used to but it's serviceable. I love the file transfer mode with only one complaint - it can't see my phone's microSD card. It just can't find it and that's where I would prefer to put my side loaded content. If that were fixed this would be a heartily endorsed 5 star rating.

Daniel Hesse

Terrific App!!! I Would Add One Feature

I think typically when someone is setup a remote session to an android device it's to provide assistance to the Android owner on the other end... Maybe that's just my experience. It would be nice when I move the mouse around the Android screens they could follow it, and or see presses on spots. So when I type to the person that they must click something I can hover over the icon to draw their attention. Even without that feature it's still an awesome app!


The best on PC, awful on Android

Really not sure why this is so well received. If you so-much as minimise the app then go back in it has often dropped your session: don't even think about switching to another app while this is on! Doesn't let you log in using a Windows account password, either. If this app could only resume properly I'd love it, but sadly it's only useful if you're prepared not to do anything else on your phone as you use it. (PC versions are awesome though!)

Matthew Roberts


A bit laggy on my side but I blame my bad internet/pc/tablet combo lol. If you have a good connection, its like having your pc in your hands. Until you get a power outage and you cant use your pc then until you get home ;-;

Jeremy Weston

Accessible, secure, and efficient remote management solution.

Setting up your own self-hosted remote control software and file transfer service can be difficult and confusing to most people. Properly securing it can be even harder. Teamviewer simplifies all of this and does so with an easy to use interface and great connection efficiency. It also does all this with a price tag of free. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs simple and secure remote management software. (Teamviewer is a German company).

Ast Ast

always disappear my history password

Since yesterday onwards, everytime when I open teamview it always ask me to keyin password. Suppose can donot need bcos in setting always activate store history password. Waste my time always need to keyin password!

Grimm Reaper

Great but

One of my home computers has been 'blocked because commercial use suspected' . I have no commercial interest in TeamViewer, I just have 2 PCs, 1 laptop and my smartphone that I often TeamViewer from another room. Please unblock it and I'll give 5 stars.

Paul Thompson

Awesome remote access!

I've been using TeamViewer for years now and I love it. I access my home computers and use it to support my parents computers. Free to use for personal use which is really great of them, thank you!

Milan JajaCZ

Using TeamViewer on my pc for years and now even on android. Great app, does everything I need and much more. Never run in any problem using pc version and this app. Thanks.

Arvinder Singh

Bad scrolling controls

The controls to scroll are terrible and in my opinion the biggest flaw of this app, its uncomfortable inaccurate and requires two hands which results in the uncomfortable feeling.

Shiraz Dindar

Switching to TeamViewer after many years of VNC use in a cross-platform environment (Windows, Linux, Android). It's faster, and generally works better than VNC, and rivals an RDP connection for speed (except allowing cross platform).. As for the Android client, there's just one feature I'd really like to see -- provide a widget which is a direct shortcut to a specific connection. (Just one click and you're connected). My Android VNC client provides this.


Absolutely useless beyond compare

Won't connect. Created account. Won't accept password. No option to retrieve password in case written down incorrectly. Given no such option, created another account. Same problem. Absolute and utter drivel. Don't waste your time and resources on installing it.

Nell B

Waste of time

Didn't work at all, wasted half hr trying synchronised. It changed some browser options and downloaded a bunch of firewall spam. Now I'm going to waste more time uninstalling the crap of my pc.