Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Waze-GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation v4.35.1.902

Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Overview: Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join drivers in your area who share real-time traffic & road info to save time, gas money, and improve daily commuting for all.

Always know whata??s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more in real-time. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time.

Why Waze?
a?¦ See whata??s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive
a?¦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time
a?¦ Know when youa??ll arrive - your ETA is based on live traffic data
a?¦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route
a?¦ Drive with Android Auto - use Waze on your cara??s display
a?¦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive

Be prepared, drive with Waze!

What's New:

Fixed a few bugs so itâ??s easier to save time & avoid traffic with Waze.

  • Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation
  • Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation
  • Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation
  • Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation
  • Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation
  • Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation
Developer Waze Last Updated March 9, 2018
Number of Downloads 100,000,000 - 500,000,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.6
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Overall good

Sometimes gets me lost by going on "shortcuts" that are difficult to execute. For example cutting across four lanes of traffic at rush hour to save 1 minute getting off and back on the highway.

Judith Jester

Just ok

Like the app, but every time I use it , it adds itself to my every person in contact list that has Wave. Some contacts have 3 different Wave notes. Annoying enough to make me uninstall.

Martin Echeverria

I don't usually like to give feedback but just had to say how much I enjoy this app I can't believe how much I use it...best app ever ..it has bailed me out of so many traffic Jams and possible speeding tickets

Matthew Jay

Great map app!

Lots of options and details. It isn't the best for finding places, but great for navigation, especially long trips. And the time estimates are more accurate than others.

Gretchen Holton

Never learns

It's suppose to learn my routes. It never has, and I've been using Waze for a very long time. What's up?

Julie Munoz

Better than ur normal gps and sigalert

Informative, and somewhat accurate. Don't like that if someone posts and accident 3 hours ago and it's no longer there, you cant remove. Another thing that is driving me insane... my contact multiplied by 5! 4 being a little waze contact. There's no reason it should connect to my contacts and make so many attached wazes if I never chose to connect to my contacts to waze.

Thomas Neilan

It's a good concept

Great ideas, but the GPS is super buggy. Plus advertising while driving is a terrible idea!! Add posted speed limit of the road currently on. The GPS constantly says "no GPS found" when in LTE and / or 3G. Not working is making this app extremely useless and worthless!!! Used to be a great GPS. app. Now it's terrible!!!!

Kyle Munro


Hasn't been working properly lately. The directions the GPS gives always seem to be very out of the way, and indirect. Prefer to use Google maps, if I need to use navigation function.

Happy Killmore


Never gets passed the "calculating route" process until you get a "server time out" error. Use Google maps or an actual gps the doesn't require special route servers that will only leave you stranded. . This is a cartoon gimmick.

Annie Jay

Waze Works!

I use Waze everyday! I rarely have difficulty with it. Sometimes it takes me off route, but very rarely, and gets me back on quickly. I recommend this to anyone willing to pay 400 bucks for a navigation system... Waze is the same thing only its free with regular updates. Give it a try! What do you have to lose?

Owen Walton

My favourite navigation app!

Been using it for over a year and have only known it get confused a couple of times but this maybe due to my phone losing GPS signal so can't blame Waze directly. Other than that, it's great at predicting traffic hotspots and rerouting. Would recommend it!

Gaurav Chauhan

Great app

Nearly perfect.. I just have a recommendation or something to look into. When I use Google now to change track when I have music on, the search bar lingers on.. Anyway to hide that or is that a system issue?? Other than that, it is a brilliant app

Cathleen Flannery

Massachusetts to North Carolina to Florida

It was very helpful and easy to use. It helped me to find my way to brothers in North Carolina from Massachusetts then from north Carolina to Florida. It would be better if the car drove with the directions like cruise control. Lol wouldn't that be awesome. I'm sure that it will be something coming in our future. So for all you waves out there stay tuned because these are the days of our lives. .

Bertie B

Best Navigation App

Use Waze daily. Predicted journeying time is amazingly accurate. Google & Apple cannot compare. Only criticism reducing rating to 4* is that the address lookup feature is not as good as Google. Otherwise great..

Ken Nestler

Works great - much better than Google maps/ navigation. Some constructive criticism for improvement:1)sometimes there's so many features on the route that it's hard to see where the turn is.2) would like it to ask my permission to change route in progress.

Howard Bandler

I don't understand...

Are these fake reviews? This is the single worst purchase I have ever made in my entire life. This product flat out does not work. Almost always "connecting", even when the item in question (bag, keys, etc.) is close by. Of course, if the connection is almost never made, the phone can't be located by the Trackr device if it is the phone that is misplaced. Yes, the connection is successfully made sometimes, but I'd estimate no more than 5-10% of the time: making Trakr much more trouble than it's worth.


Will Not Work w/just WiFi

Must have cellular data, will not work with wifi...shame wanted to check traffic before I left work/home...

Aleta Bilodeau

Minor issue: I have a new phone & I'm back to being a baby wazer & I lost a lot of points ð??­. Otherwise, I love the choices of routes, notifications of police, construction & accidents! Also, the directions are excellent!! Nothing like other GPS maps. I got 2 friends to join & they love it !!

Dlogcom Dlogcom

Bad as navigation

Just showing me finish flag and nothing more - no route, following, nothing you expect from navigation. Google maps thousands time more practical. It seems like good social network but I'm after navigation

Osamah Anjum

Only great when it works

The worst app for obtaining and/or maintaining GPS lock. On startup, in an open area before getting into the car it takes over 2 minutes to obtain proper GPS location. Then during driving every minute or two "GPS signal lost". And then there's the whole ads while driving dilemma. Whose brilliant idea was it to introduce ads during a navigation route. Who is going to be responsible for the accident when your showing drivers distracting ads.