Money Lover: Budget Planner, Expense Tracker

Money Lover Money Manager v3.7.14 [Premium]

Money Lover: Budget Planner, Expense Tracker

Overview: Money Lover is a great yet simple manager for tracking your personal finance, i.e. your income, cash, spending, expenses, all conveniently from your mobile device.

" Best of 2017 App - Daily Helper " - Google Play Store
- Google Top Developer
- Editors' Choice by Google Play Store
- Best of 2016 budget app on Android
- Top 5 best apps, Google I/O 2017

Managing your finance is as important as taking care of your health. But it is such a time-consuming and boring task that you still need to deal with it everyday!. How about making your life better by using Money Lover to manage your money with ease?

Money Lover is the simple way to manage your money, budgets, and bills on your phone. From now on, you're able to manage all your assets in just one place. How easy it is when getting reports of your expenses, sticking with your budget plans, or tracking your banking transactions! ALL ARE HAND-FREE!


From now on, you can easily see the whole picture of your finance including cash, bank accounts and other services with multiple currencies. You can even manually record your credit card transactions. Leta??s manage your finance in the easiest way.


Update transactions and balance from bank accounts automatically. It will label transactions with the right category and give you a full report of your banking transactions. Imagine when you go shopping, every expense you make with bank cards will automatically be arranged, labeled as houseware, clothing,... and finally reported to you in Money Lover.


Easily keep track of your daily expenses and incomes. Money Lover was designed for everybody to manually record his/her expenses and incomes in less than 5 seconds. Furthermore, Money Lover also has a function named a??Scan Receiptsa?, which can scan the receipts and automatically update the transactions with exact labels.


Budget is a plan for your weekly or monthly spending. Money Lover makes it possible for you to create budgets for all spending categories such as Food, Shopping, and Education. The app will let you know if you're on the right track or going to overspend.

Budget forecast shows your spending projects then gives you advice on how to improve it.


You will better understand where your money comes and goes, how much you have spent and how much money you have got in cash or bank accounts as Money Lover gives you easy-to-understand reports about Balance, Total Income, Expense or Total Debt & Loan.
Leta??s open your phone to see how much you paid for Food last week or the total spending this month.


Do you have any fixed income every week, month or recurring bills such as rental or Internet subscription? You can set up recurring templates and then Money Lover will notify you before the due date. It helps you to stay on top of your bills.


- Manage debts and loans
- Set events and savings plans
- Scan receipts
- Set up recurring transactions
- Multiple currencies and wallets (cash, saving accounts, debit card, etc)
- Shared wallets: manage money with your partner or family
- Data backup, share via Dropbox or email
- Currency converter
- Dash-clock extension
- In-app Help & Support
- Built-in calculator

Join our community of hundred thousands of PREMIUM USERS
- Create and manage unlimited Wallets and Events
- Unlimited Budgets and Savings
- Picture sync
- No ads
- Export to CSV or Excel sheet
Upgrade to Money Lover PREMIUM and stay on top of your money forever.

If you have any questions or issues, contact us via in-app Help & Support or email and wea??ll get to you ASAP.
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What's New:

  • Money Lover: Budget Planner, Expense Tracker
  • Money Lover: Budget Planner, Expense Tracker
  • Money Lover: Budget Planner, Expense Tracker
  • Money Lover: Budget Planner, Expense Tracker
  • Money Lover: Budget Planner, Expense Tracker
  • Money Lover: Budget Planner, Expense Tracker
Developer Finsify Last Updated March 13, 2018
Number of Downloads 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.4
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Surapong Maitreejitthaworn

Very good app to manage money and something to develop

It's like my money coach to save money. Although there are something to improve, but I feel very good that developers always keep monitor and develop it in the good way.

Mateo Noreña Pino


Probé varias aplicaciones para manejar finanzas personales y esta fue la que más se acomodó a mis necesidades, y la versión gratuita es muy completa

Hải Nguy�n Ngọc

good app!

Kết n�i dữ li�u v�i ngân hàng chưa chính xác

Rury Noeripah

Cant create event

Hello.. I love this apps so much.

Vikas Kumar

Smoother now.....

Waiting for bank integration. When will it available for Indian banks?

Zoran Malinovic

What happened?

I have no insight in monthly or daily balance? Why have you disabled this feature?

Mohiuddin Mohi

Please Fix It

Everything is okay. But one problem is that the downloaded icons are not supporting in trends and overview reports.

Luke Dinh


Cần liên kết Ngân hàng Maritime Bank! Thanks!

Nhật Nam

Easy use

Link to banking, buy card game mobile, thanks

hari rz

Usefull but..

Please consider that one budget category should be able to be accessed by one or more wallet, so the relationship is many to many. In one family, lets say has one budget plan but each of the member has one wallet that will spend all the family budget category. If aggree, maybe it is worth to count. Plus the bill transaction should be able to be accessed in many devices in wallet sync. Thanks

Muhammad Mahatir

Bagus, tapi...

Masih ada bug di notifikasi untuk android

James Brown Bete

This is what I need.

Love the UI and it has almost all the functionality I need. I never hesitate in buying the app.

Franz Yap

Ok but

Serves its purpose. But i cant seem to figure out how to see the daily or weekly trend.

abdul aziz abdul rahim

Problem fixed

Love it. problem was fixed with the new update.

Quân Nguy�n Minh


Apps needs simple more over

Samuel Maina

Excellent expense tracking app

With start up times greatly improved, this excellent app has gotten even better

Đ� Thanh Tùng

B� sung thêm ngân hàng

Thêm TP Bank vào v�i team ơi, có mấy ngân hàng à :(

Abin Thomas

Nice app

Perfect for managing expenses.. Would b excellent if there is an option to see trend of a category over a graph for groceries or food and beverages.

Vincentius Setyo Kristanto


usefull but i hope can link to indonesian banks

Hong Khanh


Ad xem lai không cập nhật Ä?ược thông tin giao dá»?ch của tài khoản các ngân hàng.