Substratum Dark Theme

aospUI(BlueGray)Dark Substratum Theme+Samsung&Oreo v496 [P]

Substratum Dark Theme

Overview: This is a strongly stock inspired dark theme, it's "the old" DarkStockTheme.

This is the first and most strongly AOSP UI inspired dark theme, it's "the old" DarkStockTheme.
If you like dark themes and you love Google's Android design, this merges the two ideas together.

The theme installs through an app that this app will link you to, IT REQUIRES ROOT (except on OMS rootless, Oreo and on Samsung Touchwiz Nougat/Oreo system).

The theme supports the following systems:
-AOSP/Custom/Google ROMs from Marshmallow, up to Oreo 8.1 DP;
-OxygenOS Nougat and Oreo;
-Samsung Nougat and Oreo stock system (including S series, Note series, A series and J series), but without dark notifications.

Other manufacturers' ROMs aren't guaranteed to be compatible (the more different they are from AOSP or Google ROMs UI, the more they're likely to not be compatible.
In case you end in bootloop flash the rescue zip that you find in /sdcard/Substratum/ (the substratumLegacy one if your ROM is RRO. Only most custom ROMs have OMS, the rest has RRO) and ask for refund, also by e-mail if you need.

Themed elements list (70+ apps):

Thank you all for supporting me. :)


What's New:

495-496: -Added Google Maps (thank you for your votes, it got 46% votes in the form); -Fixes in Google Translate; -Fixes in WhatsApp; -Fixes in YouTube. 493-494: Fixes in Google Phone app. 491-492: Fixes in WhatsApp. 489-490: -Fix in Samsung Contacts; -Fixes in Google Plus; -Fixes in Instagram. 487-488: Hotfix in Google Reply. 485-486: -Fixes in Google Reply; -Fixes in WhatsApp. 483-484: Restyling for theme's app icon. Now it's super trendy, and adaptive. :P

  • Substratum Dark Theme
  • Substratum Dark Theme
  • Substratum Dark Theme
  • Substratum Dark Theme
  • Substratum Dark Theme
  • Substratum Dark Theme
Developer Piereligio Last Updated March 18, 2018
Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.7
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Matt Huling

Love it

My favorite layers theme!

Steven Easker

Lack of a dark theme was the biggest thing keeping me from upgrading to MM. Well I finally took the plunge, and this theme is awesome. Very, very well done and great instructions for getting the un-themeable Google apps themed. Highly recommend.

Jim Schillerstrom

Love it and appreciate all the updates!

Tim Lawrence

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Gorgeous theme. I have several other layers themes that have this type of theme installed but they aren't nearly as well done as this one. Even the smallest details like what colors should overlap darker ones is exceptionally done. This has become my favorite dark material theme, thank you for the work you put into this. It shows.

Priyesh Gupta

One of the best dark theme

Problem with some google cards color contrasts...

Ralph Goduco

Best Theme

Have loved this theme since the first day i got it. Also thanks for adding hangouts quick reply!

Joshua Shade

Updated rating

Recent update fixed hangouts quick reply. Great theme.

Ashwin Karthigayan

Officially my favourite layer theme.

Damn, I should have purchased this sooner as it's amazing.

Chikere Blaise

Well designed and thoroughly worked on

This theme is just beautiful and a great alternative to stock. It's not black but dark enough to give it a very cool look. Absolutely love it.

Rami Hermes

Where is the app

I paid ,downloaded , installed and I can't find the app any where ?????

Rick Carmichael


This is what Google should already have as a stock option. If your on the fence about purchasing this theme don't be, it really is great. The dev is making improvements all the time.

Brad Arbeiter

Continuously improving

Great to see the eBay notification fixed!

Daniel Virokannas

Absolutely gorgeous

Fantastic work - I love how even the little hamburger menus are dark. Keep it up! ð???

Zac Wiltzen

Awesome theme

Perfect, well worth it

Nichol Riccardello


best theme in existence

Jamie Spruce

Should come as standard choice on android - but not without its issues.

Excellent layer. Unfortunately, some of the lighter fonts are unreadable on the occasional light background (within g+ for example). It's also impossible within g+ to see which posts you have "plussed" - it would make sense to have the plussed read counts as a red font, when you've plussed the post. Still, an excellent later.


Great theme. Probably the best dark material theme out there. Very responsive and active dev. Would rate this 10 out of 5 if I could.

E Jackson

Love it...

Like dev says, if Google created a dark theme this would be it! Installed the contact/phone fix from xda, still some white on white text.

Senthil Ramesh

Excellent but

Looks good in big screen of nexus 6p and it is most recommended theme. But few things like 1. Numbers not visible for contacts with more than one number in dialer, 2. Contacts name not displaying properly in contacts lost etc are to be rectified. Also after applying this theme the whites have started to look more Warmer.

Jason Edson

Great theme.

Thanks for keeping it up to date. Awesome look and active development. Would recommend to everybody.