Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS navigation and maps

Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS v3.30.2 [Paid]

Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS navigation and maps

Overview: Are you keen mountain hikers? Do you love your morning runs? Or bike trips with your family? And what about hunting geocaches on your vacations? Yes?

An ultimate navigation application for all OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS - hikers, mountainbikers, mountaineers, trail runners or geocachers. And not only for them, Locus Map Pro is widely used also by PROFESSIONALS - explorers, travelers or rescue squads all over the World.

Locus Map Pro offers true multi functionality and flexibility:

- advanced navigation capability, supporting online and offline routing services
- unprecedented choice of premium online and offline maps
- advanced map tools - map overlays, offsets, WMS sources support
- tools for monitoring sports activities - tracking, training manager, charts, statistics, support of external sensors (GPS, HRM, cadence...)
- worldwide weather 24/7 forecast
- sophisticated tools for geocaching - location tools, online/offline logging, support of trackables, Pocket Queries, spoilers...

- and much more


- World - OSM based outdoor maps
- US - USGS classic/satellite, ChartBundle
- Europe - Outdooractive Summer and Winter, Freytag-Berndt (Germany, Austria), IGN (France), (Finland), Turistautak (Hungary), Skoterleder (Sweden), Statkart (Norway), Retromap (Russia), UMP and (Poland), SHOCart and SmartMaps (Czech and Slovak rep.) ...
- other parts of the World - GSI (Japan), Visicom (former Soviet countries), Navigasi (Indonesia), NzTopoMaps (New Zealand) and others
- support of WMS sources - meteorological maps, NASA maps, cadastral maps...
Most of the online maps can be DOWNLOADED for offline use.

- whole WORLD - OSM based vector LoMaps with switchable themes for summer, winter, road or city use - first THREE MAPS ARE FOR FREE
- United States - NeoTreks trail maps
- Switzerland - famous quality SwissTopo maps
- Germany, Austria - Kompass, Outdooractive Summer and Winter, Freytag-Berndt
- United Kingdom - Ordnance Survey Landranger and Explorer
- Poland - Compass
- support of SQLite, TAR, MBT, GEMF, Orux or RMAP formats
- support of own OpenStreetMap data or custom map themes


Navigation and guidance
- turn-by-turn voice navigation with support of online/offline routing services
- beeline guidance to a point (on map or by compass) or along a route with notifications

- multi-profile track recording
- charts&statistics
- training manager with audio-commented workouts
- support of Bluetooth/ANT+ external sensors - HRM, speed/cadence, GPS, NMEA
- in-app route planning
- import/export of routes/tracks from/to various formats (KML, KMZ, GPX...) and web services (Strava, Runkeeper, GPSies, Google Earth, etc...)
- customizable bike computer dashboard

- creating own database - order, search, sort
- import/export in many formats, web services support
- OSM database POIs

Map tools
- map overlay, calibration and offsets
- support of various external map formats and coordinate systems
- support of Panoramio, geotagged photos, OSM notes

- addresses online and offline
- Google Places, GeoNames and Wikipedia

- downloading geocaches via Geocaching4Locus add-on
- offline and online logging
- support of waypoints, PocketQuery, trackables, spoilers
- location and calculation tools

Live tracking
- private or public sharing/monitoring of location in real time

- parking assistant, world wide weather forecast, NFC tagger, QR code generator...

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

Locus Map Pro is highly customizable. Everything can be set according to user's needs. Its functionality can be further extended by numerous Add-ons - Augmented reality, GeoGet/GSAK, Pebble, Munzee, SmartWatch II etc.

Help desk:

What's New:

3.30.0 chg: major improvement of handling GPS data - fix speed, accuracy, stability add: completely new initialization system at start of app - faster and more stable add: GraphHopper geocoding add: Turkish translation. Thanks to all translators!

  • Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS navigation and maps
  • Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS navigation and maps
  • Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS navigation and maps
  • Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS navigation and maps
  • Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS navigation and maps
  • Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS navigation and maps
Developer Asamm Software, s. r. o. Last Updated March 15, 2018
Number of Downloads 100,000 - 500,000 Current Version 3.30.0
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.8
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Loved it. Unfortunately, there are no decent maps for Canadians available any longer. It was awesome when you could use Google Maps. Now I have little use for since the old map options are no longer available.

S Buelow

Easy read map

Map is very easy to read real nice contrasting colors. You can zoom out to 3 miles and still see County level roads, and so much more. Going to work great on my tablet on my motorcycle using my GPX tracks.

Nathan B.

Calculated Functional Design

Still number 1 hands down. After several tracking apps and hours of use this one is a true winner. The functionality combines several apps into one with unique capabilities all on its own, online and offline maps are sound, the navigation of the app is simplistic, GPS accuracy is very good, stable builds, and I do not find myself lost within the navigation app! Keep up the great work. You have yet another loyal customer.


Amazing app, and it gets better with every update

You can download many offline maps, most of them for free, but you can also buy if you need more. The app has many options, what makes it a bit complicated to use, but easy enough of you only need the main functions.

John Dabill

A great navigation tool

A well equipped navigation tool that works well for walking cycling and geocaching

Brad Stewart

The BEST GPS app

Has everything you want, anything you don't want can be turned off - that makes it perfect. I have uninstalled GAIA GPS - I wish I had bought this instead for half the price. Thank you dev.

noob alot

Great for offline maps and planning, some issues

Can cache maps for offline use as well as load vector maps (add on). Great when you have no data connection, e.g. traveling. But max map size is 2GB for some reason. Map tile loading/storing gets buggy after that.



TestowaÅ?em liczne. Ten jest najlepszy i stale rozwijany.

Duncan Percival

By far the best mapping app I have found for Android


New phone, keeps crashing

One star untill it stops hanging and crashing.

Matt Lamon

Very useful

I used this for an initial survey of a property and found that it was extremely useful. It has the ability to show what direction you are looking on the map view. You can use satellite, roadmap, topo, and other overlays. There is a good technical screen showing GPS satellites you are connected to, speed, coordinates, etc. I also downloaded maps for use in remote areas without cell or data coverage. This is a critical feature for me. Try all the buttons you find. You can master the app quickly.

Verdi T.

Reply to questions. Make it possible to use and coordinate maps on a computer.

Bast R

Best GPX navigation

The best GPX navigation app , record, then navigation, import export, friendly display, do the same as a Garmin or TomTom, so why spend more.

Kevin Layer

New user from My Tracks.

Wow, wish Google killed My Tracks sooner. It took me a while to find this app, but it was worth it. Even more fun to use, and tons of options to customize.

Rolandas R.

Amazing app!!! Thanks to creator

Miron Jesensky

Good one

One of best outdoor navi system

Dejan Jeremic

better than orux

Jiri Vlcek

The best!

Keith mccann

Great app

aj nikijuluw

Soy Capitan