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Tools & Mi Band v3.6.1 [Paid]

Tools & Mi Band

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Get the most out of your Mi Band smart bracelet with Mi Band Tools! Set up your own, individual and fully customizable notifications for incoming calls and applications. Energize your brain during a hard day using the power nap feature, configure multi-color custom patterns for each single notification, fine-tune custom content filters and a lot more!

This application works very well with original Mi Fit application (but is no way associated with Xiaomi). This means that you can always have the latest Mi Fit version and the latest Mi Band firmware in addition to great and powerful notification features.

a?¢ Display Text Support (see caller contact names & contents of notifications on your Mi Band 2)
a?¢ Application notifications (configurable per application as well as globally).
a?¢ Incoming call notifications (configurable per contact as well as globally).
a?¢ Continuous heart rate monitoring & notifying, configurable heart rate dashboard charts (Mi Band Pulse, Mi Band 2).
a?¢ Sleep as Android Integration (Mi Band 2)
a?¢ Alarm notifications (including safety sound alarm - vibrations won't wake you up? safety sound alarm will trigger after few minutes).
a?¢ Custom repeating notifications (you can set anything you like, for example: hourly chimes, change workout reminder, take a pill reminders and more).
a?¢ Fully customizable notification patterns (including multi-color notifications, custom vibration patterns).
a?¢ Notification content filters (only interested in SMS notifications for certain people? not a problem for Mi Band Tools).
a?¢ Multiple notifications per application (thanks to this feature, you can set different patterns for single application, for example you can set WhatsApp messages from your boss in red and from your friends in blue).
a?¢ Power Nap feature (need a short nap? Just activate this and Mi Band will wake you up by vibrations when you're done resting).
a?¢ Idle Alerts (you can set an alert so the band will buzz you if you've been inactive for some time). You can also control the interval, time frame and inactivity threshold.
a?¢ Configurable notifications times (even separately for weekends) and conditions (globally and per notification).
a?¢ Advanced settings (disable non-interactive notifications, shake to dismiss power nap, disable in silence mode, disable while screen is on, ...).
a?¢ Missed notifications (notification is not lost when you are out of reach of your phone, you will get the last missed notification on reconnect).
a?¢ Fully customizable widgets (daily fitness goal progress, bracelet battery, etc).
a?¢ Export/Import Settings (to your storage or to the cloud).
a?¢ Tasker, Automagic, Automate and Locale support (advanced and fully customizable action plugins).
a?¢ Designed completely according to Google's Material Design guidelines and best practices in mind.
a?¢ Many of 'those little things', for example, application automatically detects the dominant color of an application icon / contact picture and preselects it for you.
a?¢ Fully supports all original Mi Band bracelets (including the white-only 1A version for which Mi Band Tools automatically adjusts the user interface to match the features supported by this bracelet version).
a?¢ Works on all Android versions from 4.3 to 8.0+
a?¢ Many and many more yet to come!

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If you have any problem with this application, please contact us on before down rating and we will help you resolve your issue.

What's New:

For Amazfit Bip, Arc & Cor, install Tools & Amazfit â?¢ Display Text Support (see caller contact names & full contents of notifications) â?¢ Sleep as Android Integration (Mi Band 2, 1.0, 1A, HRX) â?¢ Text Parameters, Filters & Extractions (easily extract SMS verification codes) â?¢ Heart Rate Interval Monitor â?¢ Widgets & Tasker Plugins â?¢ Mi Band 2: Button Dismiss, Call Mute & Alarm Snooze, Multi-Icon Vibes, Initial & Custom Vibration, Smart Alarms & more, see changelog on

  • Tools & Mi Band
  • Tools & Mi Band
  • Tools & Mi Band
  • Tools & Mi Band
  • Tools & Mi Band
  • Tools & Mi Band
Developer Tools & Wearables Ltd. Last Updated February 9, 2018
Number of Downloads 100,000 - 500,000 Current Version 3.5.8
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.4
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Azhar Pratama

Please add some notification or status for the take a nap feature, maybe for time left or something. Currently it wasn't clear enough whether it's active or not.

Jeremy Pulcifer

Must Have Tool

Makes my Mi Band do 100x what it was designed for. Regular updates, great support.

Batu A.


design is good, features are satisfactory and still improving. if you have a mi band definitely buy this app. activity tracking may be added because i don't want to use original mi band app at all.

Endre-ElÅ?d Muzsi

very good

everything is working fine

Brain Freeze


Works perfectly

Wei Wen Lai

Notification doesn't work

After download this apps notification doesn't work. I tried many times and its look nothing happened when receive any of message from apps. Any solution for this?

Krishna Mummina

I don't want to give negative impression to others because of your reply. I am giving you 5. I hope, next time, I will get some proper reply.

Diep Nguyen

Less feature

Its good to measure heart rate and time of nap. But i expect it should have other features to combine in 1 application, such as synchronisable to Google fit to calculate burned calories; measure a last night sleep. Hope a new version would be enhanced soon with those additional features. Thanks. If this app still keep remain, i prefer to refund and buy another application. Regret that no trial version for testing before purchase. I trusted to reviews to buy this app.ð???

Idan Harel

This is best app i ever purchased.

The amount of features are huge. And it is working very well, i wish there was a similier app for android wear watches.

Nikkhil Sachdev

Really like this app

But can you add a feature to stop/start tracking of activities? Because the band also tracks activities while driving. Stop/start tracking would be of great help.

Rishabh Gupta

A must have app if u r using multicolored band

Would love if some hack to band LEDs thru app for color control.

Tony Savage

Amazing app, brings new life to my Mi

This app does everything that you wish the MI fit app did and more. Took 15 mins to setup all my alarms and notifications events. The descriptions for some actions are spot on and help you understand limitations due to the MI hardware, not software. Thank you for making my $10 band do more than I could have hoped.

Adam Belamri


Firstly Thanks for the wonderfull APP. I cracked the APP at the first time but i felt bad so I decided to buy coz your efforts are much than Xiaomi Invest In their own App. I would Like to ask You of its possible to use the capacitive Touch Sensor on the tap like for skipping music or Taking photos it would be very nice. Also for example shaking hand to skip or Measure the heart rate. I know Xiaomi Didn't released An API yet which makes it more difficult but your job is more than a Api. Thanks For the App

Fexjo Osx

The Best! Please add a feature..

I love this App so muchh! it almost perfect.. but please add anti theft alarm for Mi Band | Make the phone ring at max volume (use Alarm Volume, don't use Media volume) when the Bluetooth signal is low with Mi Band.. and Make the Mi Band VIBRATE. THANKS!

Asís García Chao

A must have for Mi Band owners

Amazing app, with lots of useful functionality. Also, very well maintained and frequently updated. Just two suggestions for the developer: please, change the toggle buttons colors (I always doubt wich direction is "on". I have to read the labels to get a clue xD). And, please, please, let the user choose how long to wait until the safety alarm sounds. That's it. Thank you so much for such a good app :)

Google User

Best App of It's Kind

This is the best featured app for use with the Mi Band. It also has the best user interface. Powerful features are easily accessible to any user within moments. No significant learning curve required.

Miroslav Smola

must for mi band

perfect customization. lot of aditional functions. very active developer. with proper setting you dont need to regulary check your prone or to have smart watch.

Shopping Siegl

Get most out of your Mi Band

Worth the money. Works like a charm. Small problems with custom vibration patterns(sometimes they're not reproduced correctly), but I assume this is Mi Band hardware limitation and very hard to fix by developer.

PK singh

My band keeps on vibrating with out any reason

My band is vibrating every few seconds. Can't seem to get it working. Please issue a refund.

David Csomor

Awesome app, a must have for miBand users.

Continous updates, enables you to unlock the full potential of both normal and 1S Pulse miband. Thanks for this awesome app, couldnt imagine managing my miband without it ! Keep up the good work:)