Lifesum - Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary

Lifesum: Calorie Counter Tracker v6.1.3 [Premium]

Lifesum - Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary

Overview: Discover a happier lifestyle simply by changing your everyday habits. Join millions of people and download Lifesum, one of Google Play's best Health and Fitness apps.

Diet plan, food diary, calorie counter & healthy recipes, all in one convenient place. Reach your weight loss goals with food tracker Lifesum!

Keto diet, low carb or high protein? Wea??ll help you find a diet plan best suited to you. Need a health tracker to keep you going? Fear not. Wea??ve got an intuitive food diary, macro calculator & diet tips to give you a helping hand.

Food planner & macro tracker - TOP Lifesum features:
a? Diet plan & diet tips for any goal - lose weight & eat healthy
a? Calorie counter & food tracker with barcode scanner for easy logging
a? Macro calculator - see your daily macros, nutrition & calories
a? Meal planner - eat healthy food from delicious recipes for any plan
a? Health tracker - stay on top of your fitness & health

Lose weight with your personal diet plan. Take our test to discover which food planner is the right one for you. From keto diet to low carb and everything in between, we have the right plan & diet tips for your weight loss goals.

Healthy recipes help you stick to your plan. Stuck in a keto diet rut? Explore keto recipes to beat the sugar cravings or search keto recipes for snacks to eat. Cana??t decide what to eat? Check out the meal planner for ideas.

Calorie counter & food tracker functions help you see your daily nutritional values at a glance. Did a workout today? Go premium & sync Lifesum with FitBit, Runkeeper, Moves and other fitness apps.

Macros mythbusting. Ita??s easy with our macro tracker - make sure you reach the right type of energy composition with the macro calculator. Simply scan barcodes for macros and nutritional information, or enter manually.

Discover how tracking small habits can make a big difference & join millions on their journey to a healthier, happier you.

Editors' Choice 2016
Top Developer 2016
Android Excellence Apps 2017

Download Lifesum now and get healthier today! You also get daily feedback to keep you in the right mindset and help you lose weight.

Lifesum integrates with Google Fit and S Health, so you can export nutrition and exercise data from Lifesum to Google Fit and S Health, and import fitness data and weight and body measurements back to Lifesum.

For extended features such as specialized diets and detailed nutrition information, and to sync with fitness apps such as Moves, Nokia Health, FitBit, Jawbone, Endomondo and Runkeeper, get the Lifesum Premium membership.

What's New:

We've done some work on the diary to give you more insights into your health journey. Now there's more details, more graphs, more colors, and it shows what diet plan you're on. In short, it's more you. We hope you'll like it! If you have any questions, please drop us a line: Stay golden! Lifesum crew

  • Lifesum - Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary
  • Lifesum - Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary
  • Lifesum - Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary
  • Lifesum - Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary
  • Lifesum - Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary
  • Lifesum - Diet Plan, Calorie Counter & Food Diary
Developer Lifesum Last Updated March 29, 2018
Number of Downloads 5,000,000 - 10,000,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.4
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Amy Webb

Suggestions for improvement

I like the app overall but I would like to suggest ways for me to love it. The widget would be nice if you could display carbs instead of calories for those of us following carb controlled diets. Also the recipes are very repetitive, and probably more "European" than American so I don't know what some things are.

Lijia Lyles

I really like the user-friendliness of this app. I love that it syncs with S Health, most of the time. I have an issue where my exercise is not always importing into Lifesum, especially walking.. Also with the new upgrade every time I open it ask if I want to sync with my S Health and that's a little annoying. Another thing I would like is to enter my water intake in ounces instead of the presets that are there. I use a 24 oz water bottle. :( With all that said, this app has kept me on goal and combined with my S Health I think it will be a great help to me reaching my weight goal. I plan on buying the year subscription and would recommend this to anyone.

Kal Holyoak

Almost perfect

It gets the job done. Very helpful dieting tips, Google Fit sync, and body measurements tracker. However, many foods are incomplete, have mislabeled serving sizes, or reversed title and brand.

cody garray

So far great

Helps me keep track of everything while working out and losing weight, good helpful tips on what to eat and snack on and what not to.

Rob Katovcic

Mostly improved but one feature is frustrating

I don't understand why it needs to prompt me to allow access to S Health almost EVERY time I open the app?!?! Didn't do this before. All other parts of the update are improvements.

fiona keates

Free version is good but...

I like the free version, it's very user friendly and useful. I like the way it syncs with my other app's and devices. But.... I don't like the way it keeps prompting me to up grade, that the up grade is so expensive and that it's a monthly subscription rather than a one off purchase. Otherwise it'd be 5 *

Anders Martinson

Inconsistent grading. One brand is given E grading another us hiven A grading for the same food with same nutrition informatin or just percentage different information. Under recent food you can only see recent breakfasr lunch etc . All differnt food should be easily fiund even recent dinner under recent breakfast you shouln not be neede to rescan bar code for eating the same bread during breakf as dueing dinner. When dinking a glass of tea or milk you are still forced to report a glass of water as well in order to fill up yuor needs but all water based liquids should automatically be reported as water as well.

Tyson Hillyard

It is certainly helping me

I've never been good at diets, but this has kept me focussed on losing wait and eating healthier. Started using the app in August last year, and now lost about 12kg. Takes a lot of discipline, but I couldn't have done it without the app. Few little frustrations with automatic activity tracking along the way, but they seem resolved now.

Deuce Lod

Its cool

Its cool just wish it cross talked w nike fuel band

Jane Overton

I can't delete my account



Har precis börjat igen, använde lifesum innan de hette Lifesum. Prövar igen och första intrycket är strålande...!

Rachel Jennifer Stewart

Reading s health data wrong

It's great that it syncs with my s health but why doesn't it read the data correctly. It transfers double the number of steps for example

christina simber


Kevin Haska

Just installed it

Nothing works. Setup keeps telling me to try again later & every time I log in the App > "Unfortunately stopped working." & no nothing is wrong with my time (updates automatically).

Adam Hill

Fantastic app

Love this app! as a bearer of type one diabetes this app has become a godsend for carb counting to manage my diabetes and it's a shame you hide the carb count of a meal behind the pay wall! I know many diabetics who would jump on this as there go to app if you made the carb total of a meal seen without having to purchase!

suellen cowden

Just started

So I have just started and register with my email and the system blipping and said email already in use but then at the same time sent me welcome msgs and I verified my email and continued then I got a tip to register me email thought strange but went to register anyway and now it simply says invalid email.... What on earth is going on? Not a good start and if I can't back up I'm not all that keen to continue because if I lose it all I'll be furious.

Jon Piehl

Try Again :(

The app won't let me get pass the setup process. I enter my goal, height and weight, then it pops up with an error message to "try again." I've tried several different times with different goals and it still doesn't work.

Grey McGowan

Can't see a way to adjust KJ and macro goals

Apart from paying for gold and doing 5:2 or keto. Is there a custom diet option in gold? Edit: thanks!

Tatjana Long


Is there a way to see more recipes than just 3 a day? As an app that is supposed to help us live a healthier lifestyle it should allow us to select the meals and snacks that we want for the week so we can have a list. If possible incorporate the list into the app as well. Also a section for things we are allergic or dietary restrictions would be nice. Unless this is an option I will not be renewing the subscription.

Michelle Kristiansen

Grear reminder!

The app helps me alot! It reminds me to drink water, makes sure my diet is diverse, and it made me realize that I have a tendency to under-eat â?º