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Simple Habit Meditation

Overview: 5 minute meditations designed by a Harvard psychologist. Reduce stress, improve focus, breathe, and sleep better with meditations guided by world's best meditation teachers. Recommended by Business Insider.

** Google Play's Best Apps of 2017 Winner

What is Simple Habit?

Simple Habit is the best meditation app for busy people to reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, relax faster, calm their nerves, and breathe easier. It takes only 5 minutes of meditating per day to relax, making it easy to fit mindful moments into busy lifestyles. Featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider and Forbes as an award-winning meditation app.

How does it work and who will you meditate with?

Our meditations are guided by the worlda??s best teachers, from mindfulness experts at Google to former monks. Explore 50+ free sessions and a premium library of 1000+ meditations on situations and topics like insomnia, before a meeting, or even before a date. Simple Habit will help you relax and calm down faster to improve your focus or help you sleep better. People who get quality sleep have more energy and are less stressed. Customize your session length (anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes).

Why meditate?

Recent scientific research has shown huge benefits of a daily meditation practice for people who struggle with insomnia, anxiety, or everyday troubles. Here are some of them that Simple Habit can help with:

a?¢ Find calm through any situation
a?¢ Reduce stress and anxiety to stay calm and focused
a?¢ Relax at the end of a long day
a?¢ Effective in helping depression
a?¢ Enhance your quality of breathing
a?¢ Improved focus throughout the day
a?¢ Meditate to achieve mindfulness
a?¢ Get a better nighta??s sleep to improve everyday focus and reduce stress
a?¢ Increased self-awareness and sense of perspective
a?¢ Be an effective leader
a?¢ Be a better listener
a?¢ Tackle different life challenges in a calm manner
a?¢ Enjoy better relationships
a?¢ Reduce insomnia and anxiety by sleeping easier
a?¢ Achieve mindfulness on the go
a?¢ Be happier

Enjoy additional features like daily reminders to meditate, tracking for daily streaks, and more. New topics are updated weekly to help you relax and reduce stress! Meditate with us today!

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  • Simple Habit Meditation
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