Tweetings for Twitter

Tweetings for Twitter v11.13.4.5 [Patched]

Tweetings for Twitter

Overview: A beautiful Twitter client to immerse yourself in the Twitter experience

A beautiful Twitter client to immerse yourself in and ad-free Twitter experience

Beautiful themes, including a full Material Design experience, powerful features and highly customizable.

a?? True Push Notifications - Runs over Cellular or WiFi for mentions, Direct Messages, when you get a new follower, when you are retweeted, quoted or liked, etc. You don't even need the app open! We don't keep connections open to Twitter on your device, our push servers do all the hard work so your battery doesn't suffer. You can even keep track of your interactions in app with graphs and statistics

a?? Never miss a thing for your account activities. In addition to push notifications, real time updates provide a great experience

a?? 38 Beautiful Material Design themes, 19 light, 19 dark

a?? New style Twitter quoted retweet support directly on the timeline. Send quoted Tweets, get notifications when you are quoted and even have them delivered to your mentions timeline.

a?? Support for Android Oreo

a?? Powerful customisation to the navigation of the app. You are in total control of your experience. Don't want liked tweets, no problem, just remove those sections. With Tweetings you can even have a list timeline as your main timeline rather than home.

a?? Stacked timeline. A great new way to view your Tweets. View your home timeline grouped by the user's who posted them.

a?? Bookmarks. Save Tweets or webpages to view for later, directly within Tweetings

a?? Supports Twitter's new extended Tweet and reply format

a?? Post Gifs directly to Twitter using Giphy or Tenor

a?? Multiple Twitter photo support
a?? Clickable links in your timeline, long press links for more options
a?? Long press tweets for quick actions
a?? Animated Gif searching, posting and viewing support
a?? Twitter video posting & viewing support, including up to 140 second videos
a?? Android Wear support! View your timeline and reply directly to a notification. You can also send a new Tweet directly from your watch!
a?? Realtime streaming updates, total optional. Can even run in the background
a?? Beautiful Card UI and Drawer navigation
a?? Wonderful, rich, high-quality image previews, including beautiful parallax effect and swipe down to close
a?? Powerful theme builder, allowing you to create, download and share custom themes
a?? Multiple Twitter accounts
a?? Save as many draft tweets as you want
a?? Internal Web browser
a?? Mute users, hashtags, keywords and clients, with official Twitter mute user syncing and auto-expiry
a?? Muffle users, they still show in your timeline, just less prominently
a?? Clickable links in the timeline
a?? Search your own timelines
a?? Twitlonger support
a?? Tweetmarker timeline sync for Home, Mentions, Lists and Saved Searches
a?? Customizable navigation. Put whatever is important to you at the forefront
a?? Dashclock integration
a?? Chrome tabs support
a?? Timeline and mention widgets
a?? Parallax timeline effect

a?? And a whole lot more...

In app purchase permission is used for a totally optional tip-jar feature. No one is under any obligation to donate and you don't gain or lose any features from doing so or not.

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What's New:

  • Default light theme improvements to the timeline
  • Fixes to the Tweet bookmarks screen
  • Tweetings for Twitter
  • Tweetings for Twitter
  • Tweetings for Twitter
  • Tweetings for Twitter
  • Tweetings for Twitter
  • Tweetings for Twitter
Developer RBD Solutions Limited Last Updated March 23, 2018
Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000 Current Version
Content Rating Teen OS Version 4.1 and up
File Size None Score 4.0
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Basil F

Can't upload video

After the update i can't upload videos, please fix it ASAP

Van TroI

Great app but

It's a great and complete twitter app. It has a bug when a timeline is changed to media and zoom in an image then timeline go back to normal. So I have to set it up again.

Tony Crammond

Unreliable at best

This app is full featured and does some more advanced things really well, but it fails at the basics. It routinely crashes and fails to play and display media. Despite paying for the app I've abandoned it and gone back to the official one; as poor as it is, it works at least.

Jeff Sugar

Great update, 2 big issues

Edit: (1)Getting crashes everything I try to access a custom stream from the bottom of any user profile. (2)Disabling of "swipe to go back to previous screen" seems to not have been implemented correctly, as the only option present is two copies of "disable tab swipe". (3)it would be great if TwitterStorm formatting included something akin to [totalparts] for when one wants to format it so their audience knows the total amount of tweets in that set! ex. [[part]/[totalparts]] aka [2/4]

Adnen Boultif

Not bad

Push notification is the main feature of Tweetings and it works perfectly, i like the app in general but sadly i can't use it, so slow when it comes to media viewing, photos load so slowly, scrolling in timeline with some photos kills the overall experience. Waiting for a better and faster experience update! So i prefer looking elsewhere!

Jenn Walton

What happened to the transparent background? Could u add it back? That would be awesome!

Steven Moxley

2 things...

How do I rid myself of the right side of the screen slide out? I have what I believe to be it disabled in settings but it still shows up. Second is there an update for multiperson dm's coming? Its an essential feature for me as I'm in school and do group projects and need to talk to multiple ppl at once

Rin Tez

Could an option for global font color be an option?

The only way I can see how to have a black background, white tweet background color, and black text make all of the text in everything else unreadable and unusable.

luke haigh

Love it

Got recommended this and it's perfect


Much better than official twitter.

Can you disable the swipe to delete/change screen? I'm sick of losing a typed out message because of this stupid swipe that registers sideways rather than up.. Like the app but features like that aren't necessary.

Rob Rimmer

Can't rate this highly enough

The best Twitter app by far. Push notifications are a killer feature.

CJ Fogler

Several annoyances, but mostly excellent

Please fix Twitter GIF links copying as a thumbnail too. Only real complaints are old mentions that the app refuses to acknowledge as read and continuously notifies me about, and the shake to go full screen is impossibly sensitive. Both on Nexus 6p

Ints Ķiķauks

Best there is.

App itself is good, and the widget is by far the best I have seen around, one thing tho - if the links and hashtags in the widget could have a different color , that would be perfect!

Orson LeBon


Otherwise 5 stars â?¨

mmj mbanze

Buggy but it's still my favorite Twitter app.

This update is a welcome one, tweetings is useable again. Only problem I have now is that I still can't browse online themes. Please look into it.

Kevin Smith

Like it

Unfortunately randomly stalls the UI when scrolling and a picture is loading. Also loading tweetmarker position doesn't seem to always work between my phone and tablet

pillman uk

Becoming the must have Twitter App

Seriously I stumbled across this app looking for a backup to the official Twitter app, and boy is this app good. It keeps on improving too, I'm near the point of making this my main go to app for twitter.

Kurniawan Wirjaatmadja

Great twitter app

So far tweetings is the best twitter app. Just asking, tweetings not support transparent theme anymore?

Surya Oktafendri

Almost perfect

I've tried many alternative twitter app. Tweetings is the best twitter client app. But, it will be more interesting if there's a way to change color of the action bar. Please consider this for the next development.

Ryan Redrummy

It has it's occasional bugs, but the update/fix cycle is rapid, the @tweetings account is responsive, and it's one of the most beautiful, configurable, full-featured twitter apps I've tried. Well worth the price of a fancy cup of coffee for an experience 100% better than the official app.