Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)

Glitch! (glitch4ndroid) v3.10.4 [Premium]

Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)

Overview: Photo editing app that allow you to quickly generate random and real glitch in your picture without using photoshop or computer!

The best photo editing app for quickly glitch your picture at your fingertips!

Photo editing app that allow you to quickly generate random and real glitch in your picture without using photoshop or computer!

Upload photos from camera or gallery, edit with multiple effect and filters.
Save your artwork or share it with everyone.
Become a digital artist, create real and completely random glitch, to add that "nerd" touch to your pictures!

a? a? a? a? a? Â Amazing app
a? a? a? a? a? Â Awesome updates
a? a? a? a? a? Â Sweet app. Keep up the great work

Imperfection creates uniqueness out of diversity.
By changing the paradigm, that which standardisation views as an error, to the free thinker becomes the unexpected source of a new beauty.

- Gaetano Pesce, Italian sculptor, designer and architect


----- HOW TO USE -----

You can simply swipe several times the image with your finger in X and Y coordinates for generate errors in your picture.

a?¢a??Touching the screen on the BOTTOM-LEFT you'll have your original picture
a?¢a??Swiping on the TOP-RIGHT you'll increase number of errors
a?¢a??Change resolution and image quality for generate stunning combination of glitch!
a?¢a??Try different effects ( VHS scanlines, 3D, Window Lag, Pixel, Wave, Hacker, Triangol)
a?¢a??Make Mp4 or GIF animations and share it via Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram
a?¢a??Hashtag #Glitch4ndroid

----- LEARN MORE -----

In several usages in information technology, the therm "glitch" is a systematic error, typically found in an electronic or computing device.
This bugs, usually keep devices from completing their main function properly


Just like doors of perception, glitches are everywhere and all around us, even if you can't perceive them:
lagged digital decoder signal, TV screens in metro, broken DVD players, bad mp3s or old and damaged SD cards.
Thanks to cyberpunk and sci-fi movies, this concept created and evolved in subcultures and music influences.

What's New:

bug fixes Z̧Í?̨Í?Í?̦̮̭͍̩̰̻̯Ì?Ì?̤A̴̡͝Í?̲Í?Ì»LÌ·Ì¢Ì?Í¢Í?Í?Ì?̭̲̭Ǵ̶̢̧Ì?̳̣Ì?Ì»Í?Ì»Í?Í?O̶Ò?̢́Ì?Í?̻̬̥Ì?Ì?Ì?!Ì?Ì´Í¡Í?̪̺͍̫Ì

  • Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)
  • Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)
  • Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)
  • Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)
  • Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)
  • Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)
Developer Luca Grillo Last Updated February 27, 2018
Number of Downloads 5,000,000 - 10,000,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.2
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Alexa Dunbar


It's fun but I'm disappointed that I paid for the pixel sort when it doesnt work well

John Rose

I have a lot of fun with this app, but...

The pixel sort is not like the photo. It does the entire photo, not just a selected area. Undo button would be nice too. The pixel sort is really really touchy. A slider or a button to tap would be a lot better because one tiny move extra too far and the photo is ruined and you have to start over.

Chris Gallagher

Sometimes loading a video in is buggy, and the effects are too extreme. Is there any way of adjusting it for each frame in videos?

urb4n m0nk

Feb 11th update

It worked great on my HTC Desire 510 (Kit-Kat 4.4.4) but when I upgraded the app when I upgraded my device LG V10 the app does not load images. I'd give this app 5 stars because it was working so beautifully. I love the amout of choices and the selection of databending. I would prefer the option to custom save files w/ the app remembering the file location but now after the upgrade to Lollipop (5.1) and the Feb 11th update there's nothing that works. Fix it please!!

Rusty Bawz

Paid for premium but it's gone

Loved the app..paid for premium and now I've lost the premium add-ons...any chance you guys can help..thanks

Mirel Masic

Great app, dev. I noticed the Glitché app for iOS has a cool effect called scene. Can you implement that one? It can be used to create trippy LSD effects.

Marco Cadioli


Really the best glitch app for Android! Great and always updated effects, it's possible to save glitched images as movies or gif.

Josh Paine

Its a great app , put every time I put the 3d effect it turns the picture black and white

Jas Slater

3* cause of bugs

I loved the app so much that I brought the premium features, mostly for the video option and I can't even load a video into the app? Please fix this, right now I feel like I've just wasted money on it ð???

Alex McAlpin

Pretty cool app, does a lot of really unique amazing things to photos and videos. Definitely worth downloading!

Kirsty Clark

Paid my money for the 'premiums' none of which work!!! Great in theory but so buggy. Such a shame :-(

Lauren Montemayor

Help? - Edit

Somehow its working now... ? Five stars :)

Eric Erickson

Doesn't work.

Sure you can "glitch" the words of the app, but thats pretty much it. It gives you the option to use your camera to take a pic or use one of your pics from your phone, but that feature apparently doesn't work. So whats the point then? None? Figures, completely worthless app.

Allison Laseau

Great app

Worth purchasing for sure. Great effects. Only thing I'd like is step-by-step undo function, otherwise I'd give 5 stars. Also if it were available on iPhone! I'd pay double to have it on my partners device as well!

Castor Luis


But i want video editing to be free. It is so unfair

Matt Ardell

Need more glithes

Such as rgb shift and other like in glitché app on iPhone ð??❤

Christian Gray

Best app ever!

I love it so much! I created an instagram just for my edits. IG: @ cdlxix

Justin Woolworth

needs zoom..

No zoom like wtf



Totally worth it. Somewhat sensitive.

Amanda Huang


Whats the point all we are basicly doing is messing up some words. No offense but really what are we supposed to do with this.