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Google Play Music

Overview: Google Play Music makes it easy to discover, play and share the music you love on Android and the web.

Google Play Music provides free, ad-supported radio for what youa??re doing, how youa??re feeling, or what you want to hear. Instantly start radio stations based on songs, artists, or albums, or browse by genre, mood, activity, decade, and more. Bring your own music collection with you by uploading 50,000 of your own songs; then listen to them across Android, iOS, and the web, for free.

Subscribe to get on-demand access to millions of songs and download anything to listen even when youa??re not connected - or sign up for the family plan on Android to provide access for up to six family members for one low price. Plus, subscriptions come with membership to YouTube Red, so you can enjoy YouTube ad-free, in the background, and offline.

Free features:
Radio curated by experts for anything you want to hear Store up to 50,000 songs from your personal music collection
Discover and subscribe to podcasts Smart recommendations based on your taste
*Listen on Android, iOS, and the web

Subscription-only features:
New! The family plan, where up to six family members can enjoy Google Play Music for one low price. On-demand access to over 35 million songs
YouTube Red membership (see for details) Download music to your device and listen when youa??re not connected
*Ad-free, uninterrupted listening

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Developer Google LLC Last Updated February 26, 2018
Number of Downloads 1,000,000,000 - 5,000,000,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Teen OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 3.9
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Jon Medeiros

Excellent app

Easier than ever to use

Rita B


The new update did not fix anything. I can no longet listen to any of my downloaded songs, even when I'm online! You have taken my money for music and are now denying me access to said music. FIX THIS PROBLEM!


It's OK, I would just like some more things

Add more features like length of the album, ability to view the album library by artists names (how it is right now is annoying because if an artist is featured on a song it will title both artists together as a new artist), a dark mode (black background instead of white), and ability to download music at different quality than streaming. I'd like to follow artists & receive notifications when they put out music would be nice. And this app is lacking curated playlists. Not much here for finding new music.

Kevin W

For some reason, the change storage to external setting in the Play Music app is not working on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I have the setting enabled, but my downloaded music is still using up the limited internal storage space and not going to my SD card. ALSO, there needs to be a way to alphabetize songs in playlists, and easily find and delete duplicates. Only 2 stars until these major faults are addressed.

Igal Neshto

Very good app, but!

3 big problems. First, after downloading the songs, they somehow disappear after a few days, and you need to re-download them(big pain in the ass). Second, edited songs instead of explicit one(please Google, I'm an adult, I can hear a few curse words). Third, uploaded albums get garbled up, and the songs sometimes are misplaced. A fix would be nice.

Agata Daneluti

The app diminishes my enjoyment of Google Play Music service

The app lags. Switching between streams/songs/playlists/radio of Google Play Music service is slow. It's a great service, but the app seriously diminishes my enjoyment. Also, the app needs to automatically adjust the volume of played songs like Spotify does. Some songs are loud, others are quiet. This is really annoying.

Sierra Kaylan

I loved Songza. All my playlists were in one convenient place. Now I can hardly find any of the playlists I made. Plus the ads are reeaallllyy annoying. Not cool.

Nick Fairfield

Good but needs a little more

I use this everyday at home, Work and travelling etc and I don't really have many complaints. The only things I think it needs are integrated lyrics, and the ability to like artists rather than just songs, like you get with other music subscription based music services.

David Miller

I like it to a degree. I was really considering using it to replace Pandora, but I've noticed how slow my phone gets when I use it. When it's on my phone really lags and has a serious delayed reaction to touch and swipe. I'm thinking it's a RAM issue.

Umar Arshad

Good app but

This app is good but the problem is that it consumes some much battery it's actually insane. Apart from this, it's a good app. Fix this issue

Sterling Smart

Doesn't seem like feedback is taken seriously

Plays explicit songs even when you block them. Many albums I've seen are missing tracks, and there's not an easy way to report it. When I do report it, it doesn't seem like anyone does anything about it.

Gerald Reu-El

Background process?!

Still active,even after close it.Eat up to 20 mb ram...

Francisco Sanchez

Recent Update has a major issue...

I can't stream any of my online music for some reason. It says that I am not connected to wifi even though I am. The app only streams if I turn on the mobile data setting. I can't download any music either. I have never had this issue before. I have tried everything I could to try to fix it. Adjusted the settings, restarted the phone, & reinstalled the app countless times. I think it may have something to do with the the new Android marshmallow update and the app, they may have some compatibility issues...

Jimmy Bray

Finally managed to update it.

I don't overly use it, as I don't really download music on my phone. But I rather keep it up to date, just in case.

Paul Trinh

Missing Purchased Albums

Most of my purchased albums no longer show up in My Library! What's the point of buying songs in the Google Play Store when you can't access any of them?

Naresh Muppavarapu


Why album art zoom in playing songs please update that like old Google play music version

Tyler Ridley

Its messed up

All of than 3 albums have no cover art anymore. Please fix this and the albums have a download button

Celeste Nuanez

I miss Songza!

This app is okay. I definitely don't like the ads but I guess that's the world we live in. I had been using the app Songza for a very long time so when I learned that Songza was turning into Google Play music I was heartbroken! But I was assured that this app would be identical to Songza... It is not! One station I absolutely loved is gone. Plus I can't quite fall asleep to this app because of how often there is an ad.

Ryan Terry

Bring back 5 star ratings! I'll never be able to use this as my go-to music app so long as all it allows for is an egregiously over-simplified thumbs up/down.

Rashell Comstock

Music keeps disappearing

My music will be there one moment and gone the next and I have to uninstall it and reinstall it 3 or 4 times a day. Must have a bug that needs fixed please figure it out soon