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Draw Something

Overview: Draw Something is the “World’s Most Popular Drawing Game”. Have fun with your friends and family exchanging doodle art. Sketch a perfect work of art and participate in our contests. Pick up your brush and start painting now.

Draw Something is the a??Worlda??s Most Popular Drawing Gamea?. Have fun with your friends and family exchanging doodle art. Sketch a perfect work of art and participate in our contests. Pick up your brush and start painting now.


a?¢ You don't need artistic skills to have fun with this game. Doodles, stick figures and sense of humor are welcome.
a?¢ Enjoy the addictive turn based drawing game in Draw & Guess mode. Sketch and show your creativity with colors.
a?¢ Guess what other artists have drawn in Guess Something mode.
a?¢ Loads of new and updated words to draw! From Science to Pop Culture, wea??ve got you covered.
a?¢ Make new friends through art. Challenge friends for a quick match or partner up with new ones!
a?¢ Practice drawing and unlock color packs. Wea??ve got all the colors of the rainbow and then some for the best sketching and painting experience!
a?¢ Get featured on our Facebook page if your painting is awesome.
a?¢ Earn badges and unlock achievements for the words you draw.


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- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playdrawsomething
- Twitter: @WeDrawSomething

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What's New:

Get more social with Draw Something! There's more fun to be had from drawing with your friends! Connect with them and enjoy the flawless drawing experience.

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  • Draw Something
  • Draw Something
  • Draw Something
  • Draw Something
  • Draw Something
Developer Zynga Last Updated March 29, 2018
Number of Downloads 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Current Version 2.400.009
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.1 and up
File Size None Score 4.0
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Dave QuietHawk

Great fun. Easy to play. Would like the option to save to continue complex drawing but overall a fun time.

John Hollifield

Good game

Krisi Harris

Not letting me send anything...

I have loved this game for years! I installed it again today, signed in with my facebook and it wont let me send any drawings. It leta me know when it's my turn, and it lets me draw but as soon as I hit send it says "There's an error with data and we need to reload". I have refreshed it, closed it, signed out and uninstalled it. Nothing will let me send the drawings. Extremely frustrating. LG G3. UPDATE: I emailed the developer and they were the furthest from helpful as they could have possibly been.

Samantha Simpson

Game stinks

I have been playing my mother in law and we got to turn 189 and i am trying to guess her drawing and the letters are popping up but not her drawing or the boxes for the letters:( and it takes forever to play someone

amy lawrence

Draw Something

Got way more bang for the buck than I ever could've predicted. Hours & hours of entertainment. I appreciate the artistry & ingenuity that fellow fans put forth. Some folks izz Lay-yay-zee!! Only write words. Sometimes there are no imaginable options, don't know the words, or don't think the drawing is legible. Yes, I have written words, but scrolling through random players, I've found more writers than not. But, sifting through has proven fruitful. I'm happily addicted. It leaves me lifted& smiling.



U played draw something 2 a while back when they had it and it was way better then this,there's only one tool to draw with :/..... they use to have tons... other then that it's alright.. other then limit on ink.

Sven Berkvens-Matthijsse


Works most of the time, but it frequently takes ages to resume a game after your partner has drawn something.

Melynie Bernhard

My favorite

I absolutely love this game but can't seem to find any players that want to keep playing. I don't think that I am that bad of an artist..melneb

Kierstyn McNelley

The app won't let me play!

It doesn't show the spaces where the letters need to be, so when I select them to name the drawing, the letters go nowhere. This just started out of nowhere this afternoon.

Rayla Green

Ad free version is so much better

Draw something is the bomb!

Katie Carson


I bought the paid version of the app cuz I was tired of pop ups and ads. Reduces the but I still see pop up ads which is frustrating to click through when you've paid. Alerts don't work- every time I click on an alert, the app crashes and I have to re-open it.

Matt Magnone

Why rid the color options?

They used to have watercolors and different things you can do with the colors... no more... how lame. Some peoples drawings were really good cause of those. Also daily challenges are broke and giving me the same word like 20 times sometimes.

Apo Calypse

Stop telling me to review your app

Fun app but this annoying popup



Pretty good game. Huge battery drain. (Drains more than screen!) Power inefficiency loses points.

Nd D

Loved it when it first came out. But all my friends dropped out except a few. Not as much fun anymore. I tried random appointments but most just write the words instead of drawing. That no fun

Jeff Liddell

Draw something

I really love this game it's relaxing for me.

Michael Lake

Still loving this game!

I have played this game for 4 years and never get tired of it. The quality of the drawings is amazing.

Rebecca Neuman

I suck at drawing, but it's fun.

Could be for you, too.

heather bruner


Fun way to kill time

Bryan Matthews

This is a game

I like games, and drawing, and the other things