Hollywood U: Rising Stars

Hollywood U: Rising Stars v2.4.0 [Mod]

Hollywood U: Rising Stars

Overview: Welcome! To celebrate the premiere of Hollywood U, players who reach Level 6 within the first 5 days will receive a bonus reward of 100 diamonds FREE!


Congratulations! Youa??ve just been accepted to Hollywood University, the school for stars. Pack your bags, because fame, fortune, and romance await!

a?¢ CHOOSE YOUR PATH TO FAME: Will you be a Director, Movie Star, or Fashionista?
a?¢ DRESS FOR THE RED CARPET in dozens of high-fashion gowns and on-trend outfits!
a?¢ DATE CELEBRITIES! Jet set to Vegas, attend red carpet premieres, and morea?¦ with ongoing dates that build your relationship!
a?¢ MAKE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES... show Hollywood why you belong on the A-list!
a?¢ BUILD YOUR ENTOURAGE by recruiting Celebutantes, Action Heroes, Reality TV Starsa?¦ and more!
a?¢ IMMERSIVE, ONGOING NARRATIVE penned by the best writing team in mobile gaming!
a?¢ YOUR STORY CONTINUES in new quests released every Friday!

Brought to you by Pixelberry Studios, the same small team that created the Top 10 game, High School Story!

Please note that Hollywood U is completely free to play, but you can purchase some in-game items with real money. If you dona??t want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your devicea??s settings.

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What's New:

Happy New Year! Put on your party hats and welcome 2016 with this new update! This year, you can...

  • Get new OUTFITS to spice up your wardrobe!
  • Add a THIRD workshop at level 10!
  • Meet a suave, sophisticated A-LISTER with a license to thrill! And as always, play new quests each week! Meet friends, rivals... and even a new PROFESSOR! What are your 2016 resolutions? We at Pixelberry aim to keep making a game you love! Help us by leaving a FIVE STAR REVIEW! Cindy Level 23 Screenwriter
  • Hollywood U: Rising Stars
  • Hollywood U: Rising Stars
  • Hollywood U: Rising Stars
  • Hollywood U: Rising Stars
  • Hollywood U: Rising Stars
  • Hollywood U: Rising Stars
Developer Pixelberry Last Updated December 30, 2015
Number of Downloads 5,000,000 - 10,000,000 Current Version 2.4.0
Content Rating Rated for 12+ OS Version 4.0 and up
File Size 66M Score 4.1
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Jose Hernandez

It has been a year and a half of playing this game. I love itð???.

A Gamer

Connectivity issue

The game won't load and says theres a problem connecting after i applyed the new update. Other games were working fine and wifi works with high school story. Even refreshing my device changes nothing. Please fix so i can check out the new update!

Ikcirene Cruzo

Supper califragalistic game

I love it.. Its so realistic.. And its so addictive.. I like this kind of game.. Something romantic and socialistic...

Micah Minierva


I like this game

Koneisha Berry


I just got a new phone last month so i downloaded the game back and since I have done that I have not been able to help my friends like I only have the main thing you get points on I don't have any other extra things please help me fix it my phone is a LG Leon....

Susan Steinhoff

I really like the game.but wish a lot of the things did not cost diamonds.which you have to buy .since it takes so much to get what you need.

Abby Bixby

Not very happy

Really snapshot dates instead of real dates? New quests hardly ever added. I have loved this game but lately all I do is wait for the new weekly quests/dates to come out but hardly anything is ever added. When the latest main quests came out I was just about lost because it was forever ago that it was last updated. And snapshot dates are just an easy way for you guys to say you added something but you really didn't do much.

Ali Hamza

Bug report

I just installed this game, but it closes asynchronously during the main loading screen. And if it gets past the loading after loading is completed, it automatically closes while displaying the starting welcome letter. Please try to fix the issue. So far, I've cleared storage, and memory, restarted several times, but it didn't work out.

Chelsey R.

Time for a much needed update

I have no quests other than the stupid cupid one & I refuse to spend so many diamonds just to recruit him. I also have 0 dates in amour. The snapshot dates were ok the first night you all rolled them out, but they're not interesting. I would like more quests & inexpensive dates that all cost less than 100 diamonds ASAP. The game isn't fun anymore when all I can do is check in to collect cash from the dorms & diamonds from the boutique.

Charity Lundberg

Love it!!!! Praise for Pixelberry!

I love the game, and I hope you make more of them soon. I love the new dating feature, and the weekly goals. That was a great idea! I can't wait to see what else you do with the game in the future! The game is PERFECT!!!!

Dammi Salami


I'm engaged to Chris yet it doesn't even say im dating him and that makes no sense I'm wondering is that a glitch in the game and if it is can you fix it because I can do a quest because of it

tabitha cooper

i loved this game. i would play it all day. until one day i turned it on and it made me start a new game. no! i spend a long time playing this game and im not just going to start over. 3 days before this happened i bought some diamonds from the store for $4.99. and then today February 7, today, i turned it on and now it wants me to start all over. this was my favorite game and i loved it so much. hint lovED. i am so upset that this happened and i wish i could get my money back.

McCoy Williams

Dear Pixelberry

I really hate the dating system i think you should make it the same of High School Story

callum dysdale

My game is gone!!!

I was just playing on the game and my phone battery died, I've put it on charge and turned my phone back on and the game is trying to restart from the beginning!!! I had hours and hours of work done and also paid £7.99 for cash and diamonds and ive lost it all!!

Jerrica Neville

Love this and High School Story

Both games are very fun. Granted I'm stuck in High School Story but it's because I need a gamer. But I was just thinking...maybe you could make a game that takes place in a fantasy world? One with wizards, pirates, kings and queens and other things like that. If not that is fine. I just think that would be interesting.

Lauren McKain

A great game to play and a lil addictive.just wish u didnt have to level you character so much or that it wouldnt take so long.holds up the game and the stories.think that needa to be improved.but stories are good and lovr game otherwise

Madysen Gav

I think I am being hacked

I hate it someone keeps pressing on the button and it is not me also they are trying to make me pay real money and they are wasting my fake money on the game !!!! Trying to help DON'T DOWNLOAD THE GAME I AM SERIOUS! !!!!!!!!!!

Sidney Earthman

Really addicting and in love with this game. But the waiting time once you get to around level 30 is getting ridiculous. Waiting two days for an expanding, and over a day for a character to level up? I think the time wait should go down just a bit if you're up in high levels. But also it would be super great if you did more for this game like Hss. There should be more type of characters like on hss, along with a listers please. Also new classmates like hippies, grunge, gamer, cosplayer, and such.

Iona Watson


I thought you could have a real ' hollywood life ' but you have to read everything. Like what the heck????

Emerence Walraven

Great game and good support

I enjoyed this game a lot but had to deinstall because of Android M and then install again. I seemed to have lost my file (level 32) along with all of my purchases, and contacted Support, very annoyed about this. They did their best to solve my problem, but the file stayed lost. After a while I just started a new game for the heck of it and a couple of minutes later my old file just showed up, unharmed. I don't know what happened, but thanks to the Support team for taking the time for me and supporting me!