Case Clicker

Case Clicker v1.8.1 [Mod Money]

Case Clicker

Overview: Combination of counter strike case simulator with clicker.


Combination of counter strike case simulator with clicker.
Click, buy keys and open cases! Be the best!

What can be found in the game?
a?? Arm deal contracts, just like in real Counter Strike!
a?? Match betting system!
a?? Jackpot & trading system!
a?? Over 150 achievements
a?? Rank system, from silver to global elite!
a?? Mission system
a?? Souvenir system
a?? Capsules with stickers
a?? Over 175 upgrades
a?? Over 600 obtainable skins!
a?? Over 200 obtainable stickers!
a?? Ability to sell skins for real market prices
And much more!

What's New:

â?? Added the Howling Dawn sticker â?? Added 10 new bots to the jackpot system â?? Added inventory search button â?? Added 8 new upgrades â?? Added "Change View" button to the jackpot item list screen â?? Decreased prices of "Match Betting" and "Trades" upgrades â?? Increased speed of getting combo â?? It is now possible to buy more items in the shop at once â?? Added 4 new statistics â?? Added profit counter to the case / capsule info screen â?? Added quick sell button to the new item screen And many other changes!

  • Case Clicker
  • Case Clicker
  • Case Clicker
  • Case Clicker
  • Case Clicker
  • Case Clicker
Developer Hawk Games Last Updated January 3, 2016
Number of Downloads 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Current Version 1.8.1
Content Rating Rated for 12+ OS Version 2.3.3 and up
File Size 40M Score 4.5
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Mike Last


Its more than just case clicking, there's trading, betting, jackpot, upgrades and so much stuff to do.

Goodness Walka

Good game

I love this game also love CS-GO

Logan Key

Very fun game

Only thing I would change is I wish that there didn't need to be equal value items between players in order to trade.

Andrew Fritchen

It's over 9,000

Michael Frost


MPZelentchuk XlX

Love the game.

I love this game

Joakim Ã?yangen


Kieran DeRosa


Scott Johnson

Easily five stars

Great way to pass time, but I which I knew more about the game, like how to do stuff with guns or if they do anything. To all the people that read this and are thinking that I'm stupid for knowing this, please tell me. It would help me out a lot.

Jordan Hopkins

Fix the RNG

I really loved this game to start, I've put like $10-15 in the game to start off, but you RNG is so bad. It's really annoying the way the jackpots and unbox inge work, I understand it's better than the normal game, trust me I've dumped like $500 into the normal game, but this is just annoying like I still play it, but it's just the RNG could be better, and maybe the battery consumption too, it eats through my battery. Thanks for reading my comment

Lewis Upex


It is a really good game .... but since today every time I launch the game 5 seconds later it says case clicker has stopped , I can't seem to fix it . It has done it over 50 times now plz help

Horny Badger771

Best game on the play store!

Definitely the best mobile game I've ever played. Accurate, fun and does screw you over with ads when you're trying to get a 10X multiplier! Recommended to anyone that likes clicker games or CS:GO!

Q Clay

I lost everything

I loved this game so much... but then it started crashing so I uninstalled it.... I easily had 15 hours on the game and probably over 400000 dollars worth of items won in jackpots and cases... also spent money on it so I WANT MY STUFF BACK OR MY MONEY

Moritz Funk

Two problems

5 stars if you fix the following problems: as other people wrote as well, the game is crashing a lot since the newest update! Pls fix. AND, a major problem is the jackpot system. Again, as other people wrote as well, the jackpot system is NOT fair. Its obvious that at least the offline jackpot is made for taking the skins off the players. This needs to change because I don't see a point in playing the game if I lose my stuff every time even if I have a high percentage of winning.. please fix. Amazing game!

Trackey G40


Fix your ads please they keep pausing my music even after I mute the ad. If I wanted to listen to the ad and not my music I wouldn't have muted the ad in the first place...

Chris Romero

Fun app and love the online jackpot. Something cool I think should be implemented should be something similar to Coin Flip where we 1v1 people and gamble like that!

Venture Gaming


When I first go the game I got a insane about of knives but now I can't unbox a single one after opening over 200 cases now with just one knife. I don't know if it's just bad luck or the updates lowering the chances.

Petteri Pärnänen

Lost 1800$ worth of skins

I sent a 1800$ offer to a guy and 1h and 15 min later I check my trades and only 1 skin in the trade and its 68$ wtf happened to my items pls help

Avizo Clear

This game is good but I bet $3000 and I never got my items, and also I put in my souvenir awp dragon lore MW and it disappeared

Jack Wynn


I'm using an honor 7 and I played it at first and I liked it but when I tried it for a second time it crashes... PLZ HELP ME AND I WILL RATE 5*