Desert Golfing

Desert Golfing v1.10

Desert Golfing

Overview: To see a world in a bunker of sandÂ

To see a world in a bunker of sand
And a heaven in a wild cactus,
Hold infinity in the pocket of your shorts,
And eternity in Desert Golfing.

What's New:

revert! revert! I don't even know any more. Listen kids, when you make a game just avoid all kinds of saving and loading at all. Short play sessions, like Flappy Bird. That'll save ya a lot of headaches.

  • Desert Golfing
  • Desert Golfing
  • Desert Golfing
  • Desert Golfing
  • Desert Golfing
  • Desert Golfing
Developer Captain Games Last Updated August 13, 2015
Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000 Current Version 1.10
Content Rating Rated for 3+ OS Version 2.3.3 and up
File Size 2.0M Score 4.5
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Thanks to Popular Demand

Giles Graham

I saw a single slender pole, and tattered rags around its head. I moved my camels closer to see what this one said. Hole 34. I knew what Ozymandias meant.

James Babcock

Fun and simplistic

Personally, for a game such as this, I don't believe it needs to be 0.99$, but with no ads, I can't complain. If the game was made to subtract a point on a hole-in-one, it would be fun because people would be at a constant struggle to go to 0 strokes. Love the game.

Jonathan Boucher

Great game

Mostly tranquil with bouts of infuriating rage, then tranquil some more. I love the minimalism, love the fact that you can't just retry a level nor return to it for that matter. Great in so many ways. Once you've played it, it's gone.

Dolan Antenucci

Great game, but how about a sequel?

Instead of adding people's requested features to this game, please make a sequel with them. Specifically, I'd like scoring to be on 18 holes and work like regular golf. Thanks!!

Chris Green


What am I doing with my life? You will ask yourself this question on hole 1498.

Mikhail Thomas

Simply Perfect

The simplicity makes this game on my top 10 mobile games.

Chris Rempel

Must keep playing

The update gave me a heart attack after playing 9700 holes but it's all good now. Good game to just relax and clear your head.

A Google User

Mobile Game of the Year 2014 UPDATE: Still the best mobile game available.

Chris Hadgis

Firstly, +1 for Auguries of Innocence reference. It's bitter-sweet that I can't go back to earlier holes. Once a hole is gone, that's it. But I really would like to know, how can I turn off the sound??? Otherwise, great game.

Mike Jones

It's only half a game.

But it's the half I love.

Wynter Knight

Minimalist perfection at its finest.

This is the epitome of mobile gaming.

Ian Bester

Highly recommended

Setting a standard for all simple games. For no ads and endless fun this is prefect. Don't change it. Good job.

Sean-Michael Jonesz

Best mobile game of all time

This game is simple. But this is the desert; the desert is a void that offers only what you bring to it. I don't need to say the physics are perfect because that implies they were crafted and not simply the will of the God of the Desert interpreted by this games creator. The only reward you will find here is that in your own soul. Forget leaderboards or even the score on top. Simply golf. Let the desert enable your golfing: and nothing else.


Currently on hole 15,302. Does it go on forever?..

Mark Thomas

Mark T

A great, easy game to play. Addictive!

Olivia McGann

Hole in One

This game has many of them.

Daniel Haase

is it possible to restart this game? I just want to see if I can do better on the first 200 holes. like it much better now than my first try. :) nevermind, i found it. that was easy, just go into the app manager thingy place and reset the thing.

Sean Hannaford

Need sound when sinking ball into hole!!!

Need sound when sinking ball into hole!!! Its hard to get immersed into the game without it. :( P.S. I really like the "Sinking the put" sound clip from the game Flick Golf on the Play Store.

Deep Blue

Please add an option to turn sound off

A Google User

Not as good as the reviews

It couldn't possibly be. It's better.