The Exocist

The Exocist v1.0.1 (Mod Money)

The Exocist

Overview: Woohee, the exorcist girl, came to the school to solve the mystery

Woohee, the exorcist girl, came to the school to solve the mystery

Shocking truths are waiting for hera?¦

Upgraded visual effects and creepier sounds

Various Hanbok costumes to catch your eye

Multiple endings!


The Exorcist girl Woohee enters the school to chase the evil spirit

Stories of disappearing students are about to be revealed!

a?¼ High-quality story-based mobile game
Mystery horror game with more upgraded graphic designs

a?¼ Play now to reveal the shocking truths
What secrets are the disappearing students hiding?

a?¼ Multiple endings soley depending on your choices
What consequences are your choices leading to?

a?¼ Fascinating ending illustrations
Play now to collect awesome illustraions

a?¼ Various costumes and mini-events
Costumes to make the game more enjoyable
Combine items hidden in treasure boxes

What's New:

  • The Exocist
  • The Exocist
  • The Exocist
  • The Exocist
  • The Exocist
Developer TabomSoft Last Updated November 30, 2015
Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000 Current Version 1.0.1
Content Rating Rated for 12+ OS Version 3.1 and up
File Size 70M Score 4.6
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Saiyan Miku Hatsune

Started the game

I need help to open the locker

Michi Ooi


Please tell me the combination to the code in the classroom!!!

Aisyah Jamil

I'm stuck at second floor . Please give me some hints .

katelynn avery


I'm stuck on the classroom with papers....I can't figure out the combination of the locker

Anika Nurin

Good game.please make more horror games.I love them!!

tophat kittycat

Loved it

Btw the locker combination is 110

gamzee makara


Ok so I got the candle and cloth but I can't find the flower please help me!

Hanis Izyani

Awesome but quite challenging!

Stucked with the beaker stuff :v ergh what i should with the beaker actually?

Black Cat

This game is so much fun!!!

X Tau

Who is lost of mind in 1st floor

The class room with 3 paper is mean "january10th" =the answer is 110

Kyrah Wox

Wow!! Amazing!!

Wahhhhâ?¥â?? i want more game!! :3

kingsley jones

It sucks

Hide and seek was better. The game is too slow

Princess Mardhiah


Help!!! I'm stuck right the first floor...and Ive check everywhere to find clues...plz help me...

Elani Vanya

Finished the game

Do i have to buy items to get the other endings? The game's really good, but i think it would be better if you add more thrill and difficulties just like hide and seek. Anyway, you did a really good job and i'll be waiting for you're next game ð??

Lin Despair


I don't know the combination for the lockers on the first floor (freshman room 3) where do i find it please help!

Alex Washington

Please bring back the old!

I miss when these games where simple, like the first Hide and seek game. Now you guys have made it so not fun with lessing the speed time of walking so that players have to buy everything. EVEN for pieces of the story. I'm sorry but this is begining to get on my nerves. You have lost a fan, will I return? Only when u guys stop being greedy.

Flandre Insfrans 7v7

Help !! I just had found the classroom with the three papers on the tables , but I can't figure out the answer I'm doing something wrong?

adam salisbury


THIS GAME IS AWESOME SO FAR. BTW the combo, the hint on the papers is simple. If you look at the notes in order and you combined the letters together ill give you a for the people that were wondering. The letters is a month, 10 is the day. Lets see if you get it

22 W3rf

Love it but...

I really really love this game but i don't think you should have to buy things to get a good ending. But love what you guys are doing keep it upð??

Jane Nikita


Game is super awesome..but just as i found the classroom with 3 papers on tables..i couldnt fogure out the im lost