Board Games Collection

Board Games Collection v1.9.0

Board Games Collection

Overview: 30 board games in a single app!

32 board games in a single app!
Play against the computer or in two players mode.
Experience the evolution of chess. Play under ancient rules used 1500 years ago.
Petteia and Latrunculi are even older games and predecessors of chess.
Tafl is a group of old german strategic games.
Play different variants of checkers on 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 boards.

- Tablut & Brandubh (Tafl Variants)
- Petteia
- Ludus Latrunculi
- Indian Chess (Chaturanga)
- Persian Chess (Shatranj)
- Arabic Chess Opening
- Chinese Chess
- modern Chess
- Janus Chess
- Heian Shogi on 8x8 and 9x9 boards
- Sho Shogi on 7x8 and 9x9 boards
- Mini Shogi
- Shogi
- smaller Chess Variants on 5x6, 6x6 and 7x7 boards
- Random Chess 960 and smaller variant 120
- Checkers on 6x6 and 8x8 boards
- german Checkers variant
- International Checkers on 10x10 board
- Connect4
- TikTakToe
- Reversi

Whether you are beginner or advanced player - adjust the difficulty of the chess engine to your individual level of experience or use the automatic adjustment of the level. To support beginners the program will occasionally make mistakes at the lower two levels.

The result of a played game is used to calculate a personal skill level on the statistics page.
There is also the optional feature of an anonymous highscore table. Try to get to the Top10 players
of a game.

What's New:

V1.9.1 Bugfix for setting options and user interface optimization improvement V1.9.0 Two Player Mode V1.8.0 New Games: Chess 960 and 120 Bugfix for devices with smaller screens V1.7.0 Bugfixes for Xiangqi, Shogi and Checkers New Game: Reversi Optimizations and faster game play in Connect4 V1.6.0 New Games: Mini Shogi (5x5), Shogi Bugfixes V1.5.0 New Game: Sho Shogi

  • Board Games Collection
  • Board Games Collection
  • Board Games Collection
  • Board Games Collection
  • Board Games Collection
  • Board Games Collection
Developer MH.StartApp.At Last Updated January 6, 2016
Number of Downloads 500 - 1,000 Current Version 1.9.1
Content Rating Rated for 3+ OS Version 2.1 and up
File Size 5.3M Score 4.1
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Julian Sanders


The level of play may be a bit simple compared to one-game apps, but the chance to play ancient games from historic periods id brilliant. Well done.


A lot of great strategy games!

Improve the graphics on the next update, and please add Capablanca Chess.

David Eddyshaw

Weak AI; rules incorrect

The Shogi rules are incorrect. It is legal to give checkmate with a drop, except for pawns.

Makaii Melissa

get this

this app/game collection is awesome, whether you like a casual familiar board game or want to learn to play a strategy game like Go or Shogi or their ancient predecessors. it's updated regularly too. should be more popular!

Sébastien P

Love it

I love Tablut and it's the only application were I funded this game. The AI are very good when you up on level and having the choice between all those games are just great. Keep the good work. Thanks

Quentin Christensen

Very happy

Dev very responsive and games are fantastic, thank you!

Ed Pegg

Very nice start on a chess variants collection

I've been looking for an Android equivalent of Zillions of Games for awhile, and this is a great start. Nine variants of chess, plus Connect 4 and Tic Tac Toe. I look forward to seeing more variants getting added. In the 7x7 chess, there is a currently typo -- should say "without queens".

William Foster

GENERALLY Very nice, but chinese chess differs fom other chinese chess Would be nice to switch to chinese characters etc

Christopher Setterstrom

Needs Human on Human

A very nice collection of games. With the two player mode now available, it's well worth it.

Maynard Walters

+ plus ancient games

There are games here that have been lost for hundreds of years. And they are better than straight chess. Drawback- as the levels increase the AI slows too much.