Cardinal Quest 2

Cardinal Quest 2 v1.17 (Mod Money)

Cardinal Quest 2

Overview: Explore challenging dungeons! Encounter dangerous enemies as you grow in power and avoid the ever-present threat of death!

Root for loot in dangerous dungeons! Encounter dangerous enemies in melee battles! Cast magical spells to help you grow in power and avoid the ever-present threat of death!

Challenge yourself in this this retro roguelike RPG! Alchemist, fighter, or thief: play as all three!

Cardinal Quest 2 is an approachable yet challenging pixel roleplaying game. Crawl into fantasy dungeons with unique characters and climb the leaderboards until you hit the highscore.



-Challenging roleplaying gameplay
-Choose 1 of 7 unique classes (Seriously! They all play radically differently!)
-Customize your character with loot and spells you find on your way
-Explore a deep achievement system with almost 150 achievements that will test your skill
-3 different acts present different monsters and environments to overcome
-Explore the tower which offers a deep and exhausting endless mode
-A unique morale system allows you to power-up your characters between dungeon dives and adds further customization

What's New:

-Spells now have per-Act drop rates and may be more or less common in particular Acts. -Improved performance. -Balance improvements to the Tower. -Various balance changes to classes and abilities. -Added a new spell, available in Act 3 and The Tower. -Various bug fixes. See full notes here:

  • Cardinal Quest 2
  • Cardinal Quest 2
  • Cardinal Quest 2
  • Cardinal Quest 2
  • Cardinal Quest 2
  • Cardinal Quest 2
Developer Kongregate Last Updated January 4, 2016
Number of Downloads 100,000 - 500,000 Current Version 1.17
Content Rating Rated for 7+ OS Version 2.3 and up
File Size 36M Score 4.3
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Slade Wiltshire

Very fun!

I've spent a lot of time playing this and I'm still not tired of it

Surat Tantrakul

incredible game !!

Easy to understand and have all the classic rpg elements, with a better control system this game is becoming Legendary.

Leonardo Romero

LG G2 mini

Neat game, hands down.

Skyler Burk

Great game love all the little achievements

Brett Kirkconnell

High quality roguelike with good replay value

Chris Jaberwock

What you'd expect.

A good, well developed dungeon crawler.

Jacob Costner

Great roguelike

Easy to pick up and enjoy

Christoph Herrmann

Keeps crashing

On my xperia z2.

Tanya Mac

Love it

Jamie Blackmore

Love it

Very fun

peter montgomery

Rogue Heaven

Not the deepest gameplay, but one of the, if not the best rogue-like dungeon crawler on mobile

David Russ

Fun and truly free

Although you can buy morale which is the premium currency, each class has their own different ways of getting it (for example, the fighter gets 50 morale each floor while the mage gets 5 every kill with the fireball or ice blast spells). My only complaint is that when you are tapping or sliding to move forward, you can also accidentally hit the character and it will wait a turn.

Aqua Dracos

Great game, just a few suggestions.

I love this game to death, I really do. The only things I have to say about it are really nitpicky and small, but they are things that I would like to change nonetheless. First off, the ranger and the alchemist classes need to have a buff to them, without it they are weaker than the rest. Second, the mage's unique mana bar is an amazing idea in concept, but not in execution. Spells like the summon wisp and the enslave will permanently decrease your max mana, and that is broken. Other than that, 5/5.

Алексей Ð?Ñ?гаÑ?

Doesn't work

Black screen on Galaxy S 2 with android 2.3. If the game doesn't support that, make it unavailable like others do...

Thomas Ek

Digging the dungion.

Only had to go through a minimal grind to get me charicture strong enough to get Act 2

Adam Mangan

No hunger mechanic = win

Struggled with melee, but having fun with ranged, without hunger the game is totally playable and quite addictive.

Ivan Gomez

Warning: ADDICTIVE!!

Fantastic game with enough depth to keep your attention for hours. The permanent death system and random spells and potions you find make every run a new experience. Explore. Defeat enemies. Loot. ENJOY!

Alejandro Herrera

Awesome fun!

Have had no problems with the app itself and a great game to kill time! I love the pugilist, such an op character!

Dave Neri

One of the best rougelikes for on the go.

Interesting class/item combinations with punishing gameplay make for an fun game you will want to return to. Lacks the depth of more famous games but this traslates well to mobile systems. Perfect if you need to kill a few minutes or an hour.

Alexander Lloyd

Really fun!

It's not an easy game but as you get used to it, it becomes tons of fun. I highly recommend playing.