Pixel Soldiers: Waterloo

Pixel Soldiers: Waterloo v1.1a

Pixel Soldiers: Waterloo

Overview: Pixel Soldiers: The Battle of Waterloo is a tactical turn-based strategy game. It is a single player game where you will fight against an intelligent AI opponent.

Pixel Soldiers: The Battle of Waterloo is a tactical turn-based strategy game. It is a single player game where you will fight against an intelligent AI opponent.

Become a Napoleonic General and take control of either the British, Prussian or French armies in scenarios starting with Napoleona??s crossing of the frontier into Belgium and ending with the Battle of Waterloo.

Similar in style to Advance Wars or Panzer General, Pixel Soldiers: The Battle of Waterloo is a game for wargamers and casual gamers alike.

*Command your armies with ease.

*Difficult to master in-depth strategy.

*Intelligent AI.

*Morale system: Units that take casualties may go into disorder or break and run depending on their morale.

*Includes British, French and Prussian campaigns, with historical scenarios leading up to the battle and culminating with the assault of the Imperial Guard at Waterloo.

*Many different types of units complete with individual uniforms (see the Coldstream Guards, 95th Rifles and Imperial Guard and many more in all their pixel glory!)

Use the terrain to your advantage: Keep vulnerable units behind ridges or hide them in trees. Turn nearby villages and farmhouses into defensive bastions.

Use your artillery for long range fire support or risk placing them near the enemy to use murderous canister shot.

Place your cavalry on the flanks or keep them in reserve for a devastating counter attack.

Use your various Infantry well. The 95th and Kings German Legion Rifles can outmatch any other at long range, whereas the Guardsmen and Imperial Guard are best suited for close range gritty fighting.

Will you push your troops forward and seize the initiative? Or will you set up a defensive line, await reinforcements and let the enemy come to you?

These and many more questions you will need to ask yourself. There are many ways to win the game.

Tap to select a unit. Tap again to move or attack!

Long press on a unit or tap a unit's description to see more information

Pinch zoom in and out of the battle to get a better view.

Long press anywhere to check line of sight.

These are the basic controls to get you started. There is also a tutorial that can be accessed at any time.

I want this game to be as good and as fun as it possibly can be so if you have any questions or ideas let me know! Email me at jollypixelgames@gmail.com

What's New:

1.1 and 1.1a First time a unit recovers they will regain some moraleIncreased artillery move but penalized them when crossing streams or forest Many new units added for the Prussians and the Young Guard and Swiss Guard for the FrenchFixed scroll graphic glitch Minus defence for units on bridgesCrash bug fixed Other fixes and improvements (See website for full update list)Oh yesâ?¦ the French and Prussian campaigns are included with 6 French scenarios and 4 Prussian Have fun!

  • Pixel Soldiers: Waterloo
  • Pixel Soldiers: Waterloo
  • Pixel Soldiers: Waterloo
  • Pixel Soldiers: Waterloo
Developer Jolly Pixel Last Updated August 25, 2015
Number of Downloads 1,000 - 5,000 Current Version 1.1a
Content Rating Rated for 7+ OS Version 2.2 and up
File Size 7.1M Score 4.5
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Update Ideas

Amazing and totally worth every penny. It would be cool if they added new features like a skirmish mode or scenario builder where you can make a map or even add online multiplayer. The best part is there's no micro transactions. Love the graphics and was exactly what I was looking for. I am waiting patiently for new updatesð??

Ryan Duffy


I have to say Pixel Soldiers is one of my favorite apps, though a skirmish mode would make it so much better and make it replayable. Also, more countries and specific cavalry and artillery types. Like maybe you could do a horse-drawn artillery and dragoons,cuirassiers,that sort of thing. Plus, other wars would be nice too like the American revolution, American civil war, 100 years war, 30 years war and so on. Pretty much anything pre-world war 1 I think would be great! Looking forward to future updates!

Ken Hernandez


The graphics add to the charm of this game. It feels almost like playing a miniature wargame. There are many period popular songs that are well done and add to the feel.

Hayden Norman


This is the best phone game series ever!! Update ideas skirmish mode

David Miranda-Klein

I'll try and send an email w some more in depth thoughts later I think, but suffice that in its current configuration, this game is simple yet challenging. It's cute and fun, with a very good amount of content for 2$,keep up the wonderful work!

D Rice

Fun game

Needs multiplayer.

Bill Hentig

Love it

Love the art style, easy to understand controls, and interesting timeline. But I would like to see maybe dead bodies or decimated areas where fighting took place.

Brian Lindgren


I like the game a lot, but I found it fairly easy to beat, and there are only a handful of battles so there is not much replay value. Having said all that its a super fun game.

Daniel Gavrilyuk


This game is AWSOME but I think you should add a skirmish mode with allows you to decide how many soldiers you want to start with and you can even create your own map and decide were the enemy spawns.

kanalu Stonebraker

I love it so far and have had it for only 3 days. It is a bit tricky with the attackers always seeming to fire first but nontheless is fun as hell. Definitely recommend for all gamers into turn based games to check it out !

I Penguini

We like Pixel Soldiers but it needs rebalancing. The core mechanics are easy to understand and fun, although there are some head-scratching moments. (Our cavalry gets torn apart when engaging artillery in melee? Even when that's supposed to be our unit's strength and their unit's weakness?) The main drawback is a lack of balance. In the Waterloo battle, the French will bring in the Imperial Guard as reinforcements. All you can do is pray that the enemy AI will go haywire and send half of them off in the wrong direction (this occasionally happens - but bad AI with overpowerful units is not the same as game balance) because any sort of concentrated assault will sweep you from the field with little ado. Say goodbye to 1-2 hours of work getting that far and say hello to ragequit. We'll be withholding our extra stars until the game isn't an exercise in wasted time and frustration. Edit: Upon further consideration, we believe our concern is less with balance than with a lack of a way to rewind play to an earlier point. Even saving the game every five turns would help avoid a situation where hours are lost due to an unfortunate sequence of events at a critical juncture.



This games is very enjoyable. There is good balance between you and the ai. It would be cool to see different time periods shown in this game (revolutionary war, civil war, WWI, WWII, naval and air battles would be cool also). All in all really do love this game.

John Wadsworth

Great game guys

Wouldn't mind seeing a naval campaign though, trafalgar anyone? How about different era's, ww1 or 2,roman, Vietnam, Pacific theatre (both land and sea). Looking forward to the update

joe o'mara

Great game. Far too short. Wish this had more battles.

Simon Hudson

Really enjoy the game so far

Just about every day I check for updates. looking forward to the other campaigns and any other changes that get made along the way. The recovery option has changed things quite a bit. Keep going guys. Love it

Jacek Waliszewski

Why only 4 levels?

Would be amazing if there were more levels. Also, to save programming time and create more dynamics, what about simply commanding the opposite forces?


Got some ideas. Awsome game

Wow. I can't believe how this game isn't that popular! You guys should really add a skirmish mode. Decide what country, what map, and starting soilders. You guys should add like a shop and you get like money and you can buy soilders, like canons and horsemen. This game is worth 1.80c

Robert Breyer

Worth it.

Keep the updates coming! Thoroughly enjoyed playing this.

Peter Death

Great game

If you loved north and south on the amiga get this

Christopher H.


Custom battle?