Battlefield Combat Nova Nation

Battlefield Combat Nova Nation v2.5.2 (Mega Mod)

Battlefield Combat Nova Nation

Overview: It’s the year 3,000. Mankind has conquered the stars. New worlds, new technology and a new order: the United Empire, ruling with an iron fist the destiny of humanity.

Earth. Near future.

Knowledge has improved our way of life and our understanding of the universe. Unfortunately, we are not wiser. Even with our superior technology, we were unable to stop a nuclear war for the resources of our dying planet. Battle, war, assaults... the last hope for the civilization lies in the new modern combat commandos trained to fight in the frontline, men and women trained to restore peace and justice in the planet, acting as judges and executioners. You have been appointed as Commander of Nova Nation, the main core of civilization. Will you be up to the challenge and hear the call of duty?

"When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you" - Nietzsche

"Lupus est homo homini" - Plauto

Battlefield Combat Nova Nation is a first person shooter where you will impersonate a sniper assassin, a contract killer and leader whose only mission is avoiding the D-Day for our planet. Fight the Rebels in a modern combat one on one sniper and rifle war, assaulting each other in the frontline of the agonizing planet.

This first person shooter exemplifies what a good modern combat game should always have, like different sniper and rifle weapons, nice shoot control and awesome story. This is the best shooter game you will ever play. Train as a contract killer assassin for the glory of humanity and feel the call of duty in this awesome sniper game.


- Feel the pressure of a sniper or soldier alone facing the enemy in the frontlinea?¨- Endless waves of AI controlled enemiesa?¨- Different weapons, customizable and upgradeablea?¨- Realistic shooting of your weapona?¨- More than 70 carefully designed scenariosa?¨- Real 3D graphics optimized for a wide variety of devicesa?¨- Build your very own base!a?¨- Easy to learn, hard to mastera?¨- TOTALLY FREE.a?¨- A modern combat game you will remember.a?¨

What's New:

Fixed xp bar at level 40 New improved GUI!! New weapons!!. New levels!!.

  • More XP awarded per mission based on accuracy with your weapon
  • Improved FPS on some stages with particles
  • Added new weapons! Railguns, machineguns and the dreaded bazooka :) These awesome weapons last for two worlds
  • Scene loading time greatly improved
  • Bosses missing now are again in place
  • Added new worlds!!!
  • Improved performance experience for low level devices.
  • Best modern combat
  • Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
  • Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
  • Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
  • Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
  • Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
  • Battlefield Combat Nova Nation
Developer Codelabs Studio.Furious Racing and Sniper Shooter Last Updated January 5, 2016
Number of Downloads 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Current Version BFI_2.5.2
Content Rating Rated for 16+ OS Version 2.3 and up
File Size 50M Score 4.0
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juned shaikh


when i am start the game its showing warning under maintained n all wat its mean

Edward Mowry


It's awesome that the game play looks so real and the guns are sick to I would recommend it to anyone.

Reuben Jnr Tangu

Cool Games

love everything about this game, graphics is nice. Must play

Tony Tan

Great game

Good gameplay & reasonable weapon prices

jimmy h

Pretty awesome game

Pretty entertaining game nice graphic

Charms Barneth Guzman

Nice game

I'm amaze

Willy Pittman

Good game

Graphics stumble at times but it's still fun.

Brandi Wilson

Bad graphics but a good game

James Brown

Cool !!!!!!

I really like this game.......

Ritesh Sharma


Mohmmad Irshad


Please everybody don't waste your time very disgusting game .

Josan Ghataney


Dale Welch


mhalou arcinas

God game...

Iman Sufarman

Nice,easy and rocxx

Fred Jones


Great game

Zainudin Hassan

Unable to start the game...i uninstall the game..disappointed...



Earlie Birden


kulwinder kaur


Bad graphics