TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji

TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji v6.1.0.8 build 5106

TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji

Overview: TouchPal Keyboard V5, Feel the speed! The Winner of Global Mobile Innovation Award!

TouchPal Keyboard is a free Keyboard for Android phone that helps you to type fast and easy with curve and prediction. Besides, users can fast input over 1000+ emoji, GIFs, emoticons, smileys and text faces conveniently everywhere.

In 2009, TouchPal Keyboard won the award of Mobile Innovation at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona.

Highlights of TouchPal Keyboard:
- Input Emoji, Dictionaries,GIFs, Emoticons and smileys anywhere conveniently.
- Customizable keyboard color, wallpaper and layout as you like.
- Colorful themes: 400+ Colorful Themes available and DIY your own theme.
- Contextual Prediction: Most powerful error correction: correct mistyping, spelling errors and capitalization automatically.
- Show emoticons and emoji as candidate.
- Over 97 languages supported.
- Text face ( ͡° Í?Ê? ͡°), (Ê?a?¿Ê?) .
- Set personal photo as keyboard themes.
- Cloud prediction: Enhance next word prediction and other predictions by cloud computing.

Other advanced features:
- TouchPal Curve - sliding to input smoothly.
- Copy, cut, paste and arrow key.
- Clipboard for multiple fast copy and paste.
- Auto-pair for symbols like () "". Long press on the symbol to try it.
- Boost Charge - boost the battery charging speed

How to enable TouchPal Keyboard?
- Open TouchPal app.
- Press Enable TouchPal, then check the TouchPal box on the Languages & Settings page to enable it.
- Press Switch to TouchPal, then check the TouchPal box to switch your current keyboard to TouchPal.
- Now you could enjoy typing with TouchPal Emoji Keyboard!

Permission Explanation

- Read Contacts
For importing contact names into dictionary. It will only import names when you manually choose to.

- Read SMS
For learning your typing pattern from sent messages. It will only read messages when you manually choose to.

- Make phone call
For quick dial to a contact - when you type a contact's name, you can long-press on the name and choose to input his/her contact info, dial to him/her or send a message. All in one click.

TouchPal is now availabe on Android Wear
- Isolated version for Wear. The TouchPal for Wear version can run indepently even without a phone connected.
- Swipe typing. TouchPal Curve now availabe on Android Wear devices. You can enjoy the swiping typing on your wrist.
- Emoji, prediction, auto-correction... most of the amazing features on phone version are included in Wear version.

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What's New:


  • Emoji is the old school! Try the new Boom Text -- convert your words into cute and funny animation. Find it in smiley panel.
  • Dedicated edit icon make it possible to edit even when suggestion is displayed.
  • Improve stability and reduce battery consumption
  • TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji
  • TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji
  • TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji
  • TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji
  • TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji
  • TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji
Developer TouchPal Last Updated December 27, 2016
Number of Downloads 50,000,000 - 100,000,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Everyone OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.3
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HO Nknk

Have u seen adverts while ur phone charges?

...notifications about stuff I don't need, adverts on my lock screen while is charging...seriously?

Gabriel Circeag

Best keyboard

Love IT!

JUst SyahMI

Update so many times ?!?!

Why update to many times? it just the same nothing change .. Anoying ð???

Aditya Ruli Delianto, SH


Carlos Simão

This was my main keyboard. Since last update when i have a call in the middle of another the app closes with a error and a log is ready to be sent. Also i don't like this last updates, so i'll freeze the app.

Jason Doherty

What the hell....... .

I've been a fan of TouchPal for a long time but your quickly ruining it with the intrusive ads and taking over the lock screen. The only way most developers listen these days is when I go to Google about it. They will care about what you're doing.

Ciel Strong

Could be better

Really didn't like the Daily Summary and Battery Charge screens that just suddenly started popping up all the time. Took me forever to figure out what was causing them. And honestly, they were highly obtrusive and creepy, telling me how much time I spent on apps, etc. I didn't even know where the summary came from! Also get a lot of weird stuff added to my dictionary, and it types something totally different than I intended far too often.

Keith Walters

Favourite keyboard, cautiously

Recent update allows the earlier introduced full screen daily summary (aka Ads) to be toggled off in settings. Shows developer is listening to it's users. However, I'm concerned that there may be similar underhanded introduction of 'features' in the future. I hope not. Hoping that the developer keeps in mind that this app should keep within the keyboard remit, indeed be creative with that, but not stray to non-keyboard related functions

Jerry Antoine Jr

What happened

This app was amazing til the recent updates. I hate the daily rewards but at least I can turn it off. What I hate most is the boost charge that I turned off & it's still there. I don't want a lock screen so wtf is the point of having that BS?! Seriously leave it alone & go back to the old version. I'm uninstalling til then. Thanks Dev Team for ruining the app I've used on every phone for the last 4 years.

eric samples

It is pretty good

It gets a five-star for now until I really check it out then if it messes up I will change my rating

Carl Vaughan

Was the best.

This used to be my go-to keyboard app, but the recent updates adding the weird lock screen and all of the ads has gotten to be a bit much. Loyalty has bought probably a few more days, but I'll be uninstalling if things don't change real fast.

Maureen Desire

WTF are you guys doing???

I'll gladly give you five stars when you give me my charging lock screen back. I've been using TouchPal for YEARS and have been happy with it. Now when my phone is charging, my lock screen has ads and makes me unlock it differently than I normally do. Also, it has my clock now on military time. Why does a keyboard app think it should completely take over someone's phone??? Not okay. Not okay at all.

dean sauer

Pop-up hell

Loved the features and used it for years but leaving it now due to spamming of unsolicited pop-ups , TouchPal I thought you had more class ð??

Laura Lyn

Ads beware!

Keyboard works great BUT it comes with pop up ads. Before the recent update, there was daily full screen ads. I've deleted this app before once I discovered what was causing these pop ups. It also tracks your phone usage of other apps. I do not like the recent update. Now the ads pop up as a lock screen EVERY time I want to get into my phone. It's very invasive and there's no way to turn these settings off. STRONGLY DISLIKE. Suggestion: an option to pay to rid these ads

Amy McLean

WTF is with your updates???

I've loved this app for years, but my patience is wearing thin. How do I turn off the annoying "Daily Summary" that keeps popping up? Seriously, it serves me no purpose. Please make it go away. I'm not sure what update that was in but none of the descriptions said anything about adding ads or pop-ups. NOW THERE'S A POP-UP WHEN I CHARGE MY PHONE??? THAT WAS NOT IN THE DESCRIPTION OF YOUR UPDATE!! HOW DO I TURN THAT OFF??? SERIOUSLY I'M ABOUT TO START LOOKING FOR A NEW KEYBOARD!!

Anthony Gianino

Used to like it but the ADS and Boost Charge screen with ADS pushed me to my limit. I have now uninstalled it and doubt I will be reinstalling unless the Developer changes the now overly intrusive ads. It's to bad too because I liked touchpal.

Andy Severson

Fake lock screen and ads in a keyboard app?!

Apparently the app developers have learned nothing about Android users and continue to push useless garbage in their apps. This is a KEYBOARD app, and a decent one at that. Why you chose to add lock screen charging status display spam into your app makes no sense to me. It is neither useful nor easy to get rid of as you have hidden all traces of the lock screen's tie to the Touchpal KEYBOARD app. Spam must make good cash for the developer, but I'll never download it again. Deceitful at best.

Harsha VS

Latest update

Do not download new update, daily summary feature is back again, I started to dislike TouchPal. Why have you removed the feature to disable daily summary, or is it moved somewhere else. However I cannot find this option to disable, anywhere under touch settings.

Brian Schuch


This used to be the best keyboard for Android but now is pretty much malware. First it took over the entire screen to give a full screen facebook ad along with incorrect usage statistics. This current version replaces the lock screen and it doesn't black out wasting the battery.

Spencer Kelch


Edit: I just figured out that their new stupid summaries and charging screen does not allow my phone's alarm to ring more than once. This is the tipping point, I am uninstalling this stupid app. Changed my 5 stars to one star and you know why... Daily summary, taking over my lock screen.. Stop trying to be more than you need to be. You are a swiping keyboard app. Not a daily summary, customise my lock screen app. If I wanted that, I would install much better apps.