Heroes Paradox

Heroes Paradox v1.0.2

Heroes Paradox

Overview: Heroes Paradox is a story of Lugh, become a leader of the heroes against tyranny of the Monarch.

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Heroes Paradox is the story of Lugh, who becomes a leader of the heroes against the tyranny of the Monarch.
One day, he found something big and bad happening in his adventure and decided to go to the castle of King.
He never knew there was a secret of Kingdom.

Now, it all depends on you whether or not Lugha??s party wins the epic battles.

Join Lugha??s adventures and save the Kingdom.
Build your own strategy by selecting your 4 best heroes.
Moreover, in the event stages, you can get even more heroes and epic items to make your team more powerful.

  • 10+ Unique heroes and 12 skills (3 Actives, 9 Passives) for each
  • Easy command : Drag to move, Touch to fire main skill
  • Upgrade main skill for more powerful action and effect
  • Automatically fire two sub skills for focusing on combat
  • 30+ Battlefields and new enemies
  • Various stage types such as run, rush, and ambush based on the storyline
  • 10+ Colossal bosses and cinematic scenes
  • 100+ Items including legendary gears
  • Original sound track
  • No In-app purchases

  • Support Language : English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Russian

What's New:

[New Features] +6 Stages(5 main stages, 1 extra stage) +2 New heroes (Easter Master and Botanical Witch) +1 Boss (Final Boss Finally!)

  • Option for controlling game speed (Normal, Fast)
  • Option for selecting main skill among 3 active skills +3 Support Languages (French, German, Russian) [Enhancement]
  • Upgrade Menu's face order is now by selected heroes first.
  • Dark Mage's "Dark Hole" is now following target enemy. And much more.
  • Heroes Paradox
  • Heroes Paradox
  • Heroes Paradox
  • Heroes Paradox
  • Heroes Paradox
  • Heroes Paradox
Developer WinterBleu Last Updated January 7, 2016
Number of Downloads 500 - 1,000 Current Version 1.1.0
Content Rating Rated for 7+ OS Version 2.3 and up
File Size 91M Score 4.1
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xavier lee

Cant open app T.T

chris manaois

it says can't be installed on storage or sd card. it sucks. i need a refund.. i tried a lot of times but it always says the same.


Kept crashing

Kept trying to load it and it kept crashing. Can see why it is so cheap on the play store

Mike Dice

Excellent well made game

Great graphics and more varied game play. If you like battlheart or Guardians of the galexy :TUW you will like this. It takes the same formula but adds to it. Lot of customization options as far as skills and equipment go. Also you have boss battles and a bit of story to go along with it. Very well balanced as well, you are not forced to use certain characters as they are all good at one thing or another.

Ray Carter

Offline is not working.

I have played it some and it is a great game but I can't play it offline. My date and time is set to automatic and the license has already loaded but it says it is out of date. Please help because the game is fun and I don't want to get rid of it. I bought this game 12/27/2015.

Winston Bui-Nguyen

Fun enough

I'm on vacation so I have a lot of time to burn. You could beat this game in less than 3 hours. There needs to be more challenge/events/gear for better replayability. This is a bit discouraging considering I paid for it, and it's unlikely I ll play it again unless more content is added.

Snap Jaw

Can't play offline

The game is pretty good. Unfortunately, I can't rate it higher than 1 star. After buying the app, you can't play it unless you have an internet connection. As such, I don't get to play it very often. I hope this review helps someone else . EDIT: You cannot play this offline. Every time you open the app, it connects to check for a license. If you don't have a connection, it asks if you would like to retry or exit. Without a connection, you can't get past this point and can't play.

Emanuel Schattauer

5 hours great entertainment

Love the playstyle, great RPG execution. Allows to be over powered if you grind for a few levels. The only problem I experienced was the character selection. Especially during the heat of the battle it felt difficul. I found you have to tab the base of the character. I was playing it in an airplane, so offline was no problem for me.

The Vanguard


Is actually not bad

D Nguyá»?n


Battle Heart style game play and mechanics. The grips can be a little hard to place. Game difficultly goes up quickly also.

André Hajjar Realz

Good but short

The game is real fun and all and I wouldn't have a problem with it if it was free, but it cost 3$ and I finished it in 2h30. Knowing it would be so short, I wouldn't have gotten it.

Adam C

Does not work on Galaxy Rugby