US Army Military Training Camp

US Army Military Training Camp v2.0 (Unlocked)

US Army Military Training Camp

Overview: US army: Military training camp - complete a training course at a military training camp. Prove that you are worth being an elite forces fighter

The basic combat boot camp training for US army and military training camp has been setup; the drill sergeant is ready to train the Green Beret commandos in this basic US Army and Military Training Camp.

Ita??s time to become a national guard and US marine from just being a civilian recruit in this army-training simulator! Enroll yourself to US army military training camp and army school academy, follow the command and engage to your platoon, step into combat that will leads you to clear physical and mental training.

Follow drill sergeanta??s instructions as they play the crucial part in transforming recruits into Soldiers in Basic Combat Training; conquer all obstacle course to pass the initial entry training in this US Army Military Training School Camp. No assault course is tougher than your will power in this combine US, UK and Russian army and military training school game.

As a boot camp army and military training recruit, you are now in military school academy, once your training is completed in this army military training school boot camp, you will be recruited into armed force as a trained army and military US marine officer. This one-man army training mission game is tasked with testing and molding the physical, mental and emotional aspects of every trainee, these boot camps and military schools represent the upper echelon of military training and this US army training simulator game is the best to perform army training.

Prove yourself and dare to pass this assault course army and military boot camp training and become a tough soldier, join the US marine or national guard or military academy to pass initial entry training in US Army Military Training Camp School. Test your physical fitness and mental disciplinary level by playing this obstacle base fun game.

Ita??s not easy to become soldier of US army or National Guard. Clear obstacle course across different army posts terrain like dense forest, arctic snow and hot desert field. Perform actions like, high jumps, crouching, swimming, hurdle crossing and complete all the courses like, Special Forces training, jumpmaster and air assault training. This US army and military cadet and green beret training course is challenging be the part of one of the best armies of the world like US & UK Army, Pak Army, Indian Army, Russian Army and Chinese Army.

US Army Military Training Camp simulator enables as these military personnel are trained in this US army & military training camp to handle dangerous missions that require not just bravery, but a high degree of skills, trained in these boot camps the who undertake these perilous missions subject themselves to some of the toughest, and most intensive training. Get the best army and military sniper shooting training in this US army and Military school camp, achieve your targets and get the highest points to qualify for further missions. Can you jump over ten-foot wall, swim in arctic frozen weather and climbing nets in desert in intense heat? Some mad and crazy guy can pull this nut job but a normal person cana??t.

Be the best platoon commander and command the world of army in US army military course, clear the course and training with dignity, take charge of infantry platoon and complete your climbing training with dignity, feel the adventure of the boot camp and be the best US army and military training school recruit.

US Army Military Training Camp simulator drill game includes Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Aim is simple; follow the drill sergeanta??s instructions and clear assault course to enlist in US army and marines corps.

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  • US Army Military Training Camp
  • US Army Military Training Camp
  • US Army Military Training Camp
  • US Army Military Training Camp
  • US Army Military Training Camp
  • US Army Military Training Camp
Developer Green Chilli Studios Last Updated December 28, 2016
Number of Downloads 1,000 - 5,000 Current Version 2.0
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 2.3.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.2
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